Helpful Advice for All Of Us Who Want Fox Soccer Channel in HD!


The vast majority of questions and concerns over the past month in the American soccer viewing world have nearly all been centered on the availability of Fox Soccer Channel in High Definition. With today’s reported release of Fox Soccer Channel in HD on Dish Network, soccer fans in America are either fuming or cheering, depending on who your cable/satellite provider is.

So, while most of us are hating all you Dish subscribers right about now, what’s a soccer fan in America to do? Here’s my advice. I’d love to hear yours!

Chill out (but not too much!). Just because Dish has FSC in HD today doesn’t mean DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, etc. won’t have it sometime soon. It also doesn’t mean that they will have it soon, if at all. Personally, I have DirecTV and since they sponsor just about everything on FSC, and since they seem to hate Dish, I’m expecting it to be showing up in my living room in HD sometime before the next EPL season starts.

Contact someone at your service provider. However, don’t expect them to give you too much information. Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) cannot and will not give you information on HD channels that may or may not get released “in the future.” They’re going to give you some standard response about how they “have no plans to offer FSC in HD at this time but we are constantly updating our HD lineup to make viewers like you happy.” And don’t forget the “check our website at for updated information.” Or the best one: “I have forwarded your comments along to our Programming Department for review.” These types of responses are borderline hilarious, and to be expected, but that doesn’t mean you can’t call or email 47 times each day and annoy the crap out of these people. All I’m saying is that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Use logic. Okay follow me here, Fox Soccer Match Day is “presented” by DirecTV. DirecTV shows UEFA Champions League AND Europa League in HD on dedicated HD channels every match day. DirecTV hates Dish Network, obviously. As of today, everybody on Dish is watching FSC in HD (still “presented” by DirecTV). Do you really think DirecTV won’t be offering this channel in HD at some point in the future? I think we’ll be fine.

Use logic again. I know, I know; all you cable people are saying “but I will never get FSC in HD because I have cable and my provider sucks.” Yes, you may be somewhat correct based on your past experiences but there is hope! Time Warner (just an example) offers multiple channels in HD that DirecTV doesn’t (or that DirecTV doesn’t offer at all, like Versus). Call your cable provider and complain or just switch (if you can!).

Don’t rush to judgment. If you are calling up Dish Network right now just so you can get FSC in HD, hang up the phone. Set a reasonable goal for getting FSC in HD on your provider. My personal goal is August 1, 2010. That’s just before the start of the 2010-2011 Premier League campaign. Yes, it will suck if I don’t have it between now and then but the season is coming to an end and ESPN/ABC will be carrying every World Cup match in HD (and possibly 3D) this summer. I’ll make it until then. But after that, all bets are off.

Now, if we could just get some info on Fox Soccer Plus!

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  1. I’ve contacted Direct TV twice and they have told me “Direct TV has no plans for bringing FSC HD. They will be launching new HD channels but FSC HD is not on the list.” That’s what they said about 5 months ago, and that’s what they have told me yesterday.

    1. And that’s exactly what they’re going to say all the way up to the day they announce an “all new HD lineup.” They’re just not going to give us any information. Definitely frustrating but also definitely a reality. We’ll just have to wait and see–and hope!


  2. August 1st? Are you a DirecTV spokesman/damage control specialist or something? August 1st would be absolutely unacceptable, if Dish has it now.

    I’ll give em a week. As someone who forks over $100 per month for DirecTV, I see no problem with being demanding. But like you said, they sponsor half the shows on the freaking channel, it’d be kind of embarrassing if Dish had it in HD for any significant period of time, while DirecTV did not.

    1. Martin,

      I guess if all you care about is soccer, then yes, I would say switch now. But it seems rash to switch just for one channel when there hasn’t been a reasonable (IMO) amount of time for major providers to role out new HD content. I personally prefer DirecTV as a whole but I am definitely jealous of Dish right about now!


  3. My recommendation would be to send them tweets through Twitter. Your chances of getting a response are much better that way. It may not be the response you want, but DirecTV or Comcast (or other TV providers who have official Twitter accounts) will notice.

    The Gaffer

  4. If all you care about is the Premier League then by all means switch to Dish, but if you are a fan of La Liga, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, Europa League I wouldn’t do so. GOLTV, on top of the La Liga, and UEFA specialty channels gives DirecTV subsribers more outlets and opportunities to see the beautiful game. CSR’s are unreliable and we’ve heard it all from them. With the launch of the D12 satellite DirecTV will have that up and running by the second quarter either in late March or early April. There is a chance DirecTV can add it sooner with the demand for the channel. I agree with The Gaffers deadline of August 1st. I was told by a CSR we may see it as early as Tuesday, February 16th, possibly by March 1st with a simultaneous launch with FSC Plus HD. Or sometime in late March or early April when the D12 satellite is up and running.

  5. Im in the east coast with Dish and no hd yet:-
    I kno it might take a bit to convert but c’mon its been almost a month of this dish bs.

    1. you need a dish pointed at 129W or 72.7W to get the new HD channels.

      Some east coasters can point a wing at 129, but most need an Eastern Arc (1000.4) mpeg4 setup.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I still love DirecTV (NFL, FNL, still the best HD), and think it’s the best option out there, but that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about it. Kinda like my little bro – I can pick on him, but you damn sure better not.

    Does kinda make me sick that my friends with Dish, who could care less about soccer, will have that channel HD, while I, who would probably pay a premium to get it in HD, will not.

  7. I am talking with some ass from the dish dept, and now they say they know nothing about fox soccer being in HD….wtf! This is absurd!
    Anyone with dish have FSC in hd yet?

  8. Everyone with DIRECTV, please relax! The newest DIRECTV HD ready satellite was launched on December, 28th. This new addition to the DIRECTV constellation of satellites will bring an additional 80 HD channels to the mix. All right, DISH Network has FSC in HD Today – Big Deal!! No one in his right mind thinks that DISH will out maneuver DIRECTV on the HD battle, and besides, as the Gaffer has pointed out, DIRECTV is a major sponsor of FSC! Believe me when I tell you, when D-12 goes online in late March or April, we will have numerous new HD channels available, including more HBO, FSC, FSC Plus, MSNBC, BBC America, etc. Just hang on!
    Here’s the web site for tracking the newest DIRECTV satellite; bookmark and follow the progress over the next few weeks.

    1. what a bunch of rubbish! Dish has been the HD leader for awhile now, no special maneuvering necessary. MSNBC – had it! BBC-A – have it! Versus – got it! more Premium movie channels- had them for a long time! Oh, by the way, Dish will be launching new satellites also, and that only brings MORE HD! You can bet on the future (like the Direct commercials tout) or you can have it now. Your choice.

    2. and oh yeah, how was that match on FSC in HD today? That’s right, you didn’t see it! Sure seems like being a major sponsor, that they would care about their subscribers, doesn’t it?

  9. I am pissed, apparantly I have to get a higher priced package to have FSC in HD?! What is this!?
    Idk if its because of the snow in my area, no HD channel works now, only SD so maybe thats it? But no way in hell will I pay more for HD!

  10. FSC HD is great and all, but I’m still MUCH more concerned about FSC +. There still have been no official announcements on where it will actually be available come March. I’m a DirecTV subscriber solely because of Setanta so it is paramount to me to be able to watch all EPL games. HD is the icing on the cake, but without full coverage, there is no cake. Any word on FSC + being available right away on DirecTV? If it’s roll-out is as good as the FSC HD fiasco has been then we are screwed.

  11. I’m in Texas and can confirm that I started getting the HD version of FSC earlier today :) The wolves-spurs match is on right now on it in glorious HD!!

    WELL DONE DISH! Be the first to get 3-D Footy as well up here in the US 😉

    1. Uhhh, you can’t get 3D on a standard TV, whether HD or not. A 3D accessible TV will run you 8-10K. Glad you have the cash. :-)

  12. Dish apparently lean its lesson from dropping Goltv, but I am not sure if I am willing to go their rout since they launch FSCHD a couple of weeks before. They still do not have Goltv.

    I waited this long, I can wait a couple of more weeks. Keep in mind that the CL is going to be free this year. Fox did make a great move with this decision.

  13. Well, we all have to complain; all the cable/satellite providers always come up short and they are inconsistent when it comes to the HD issue. Trust me, as a DIRECTV subscriber, I’m a bit pissed as well. The irony of this; I signed up for DIRECTV ’cause they offered Setanta Sports, whereas, Time Warner cable didn’t!!
    It’s a bloody mess for us football fans, yes?

  14. As a Directv customer am outrage but my contract doesnt end until Oct so i have to take for now. But all that crap of being the leader in HD and in sports is just crap!

  15. I am chuffed, Dish normally lagged behind directv, but this is awesome. Finally we also get BBC America in Hd and they will be showing the 6 nations rugby, yeah c’mon. France vs Ireland this Saturday.

    Here are the 9 new hd channels launched:

    363 – Indieplex HD
    365 – Retroplex HD
    9430 – Tru TV HD
    9450 – BBC America HD
    9474 – E! HD
    9482 – Hallmark (E)]
    9483 – SportmanHD]
    9512 – Showtime West HD
    9520 – Fox Soccer Channel HD

    1. Not that it makes me feel any better, but I’ve had BBC America HD for months now (TWC, Wilmington, NC region). So there!!

      On the other hand, I may never see FSC HD. :-(

      You suck! 😉

  16. Honestly, i really dont feel left out og not having Gol TV, i can watch all those spanish games in ESPN Deportes, and the game that ESPN usually shows on sundays.You will be surprised by all the spanish games ESPN Deportes has on the weekends.
    Oh yeah, Dish will ASLO launch a new satellite in a few months, so that means more HD. All those commercials about Directv being the leader in HD is all RUBBISH! I rather have FSC HD today and not next season. AND in Dish, you can get FSC HD on a much lower price! I have Dish latino Max. 45$ a month, 55$ with HD, and i get FSC HD, ESPN Deportes, Fox Sports en Espanol and so on…
    Its just amazing how misinformed on HD and where its available at a cheaper price. Dish has been the HD leader for a long time now. C’mon mates!
    Gaffer, i usually love your articles, but on this one, you just seem like a Directv spokesperson…

    1. My bad dude, i totally missed that, i just saw the article, saw one or two of his comments and assumed it was him…
      So now this Fletch Spinger kid, you are wrong kiddo..
      Thanks Civrock! =)

      1. Orange County,

        First, this article is my opinion, so it is, by definition, not right OR wrong. Your opinion also falls under that same definition. Having said that, how am I sounding like a DirecTV spokesperson? I commend Dish for getting the jump on everyone else and I’m definitely jealous but, I’m sorry, I’m just not going to flip out over one channel that will be in my living room fairly soon (IMO). If I switched providers every time one of them added or canceled a channel I liked then I would have gone through every one of them in the past year. Truth be told, I’m actually more miffed that Versus is not available on DirecTV at all than I am that I’ll have to wait a bit longer for FSC HD. And if that doesn’t come relatively soon, then I’ll switch.

        Also, one more thing. I’m not a kiddo. Very much an adult.


  17. Directv has more soccer then Dish. Directv shows all the Champions League games in HD live. They have the Europe Leage games in HD live. Directv also is showing a total of 114 Spanish League games live that aren’t being shown on Gol TV.

    Yes, it does suck Dish got FSC HD before DirecTV customers, but I can’t complain that much with all the free soccer DirecTV has shown this year. The Champions League mix channels made up for the continued waiting in my opinion.

      1. I’m also a Dish subscriber and while I’m very happy to get FSC HD, in the bigger picture, this is just consolation for dropping Gol TV.

        If I wasn’t tied to them contractually, I would already be a Direct tv subscriber by now.

        1. I’m a Dish subscriber, too, and like you I was upset when they dropped GolTV. I didn’t realize that DirecTV had all the Champions League games in HD live, Europe League games in HD live, and a total of 114 Spanish League games live, as David pointed out. Once DirecTV offers FSC-HD I will seriously consider switching over to them.

  18. I thought the extra UEFA channels in HD on DirecTV were to end their coverage with the group stage. Maybe I’m wrong but I checked the guide last night and there is no mention of any UCL coverage for next week. I see a lot of matched scheduled from Europs but no Champions League.

    1. That’s because there are only 4 UCL matches each week now. Fox/Setanta,FS+/FSN will show them all live. No need for extra channels on DTV.

  19. Got em! after a lengthy call to Dish they needed to send a signal to my DVR and now FSC, BBCA and the rest are in HD
    What is a riot is the technician at the other end had no clue they had new channels and had to put me on hold to find out!
    When I asked him about the Setanta/FSP switchover, he was clueless.I asked if I could order Setanta and he said, yes, its still available as a premium channel.
    I am gutted that I may find myself without matches in March

  20. thank god at least UEFA Champions League is on FOX, I hope they will show it on FOX-HD as well … (btw, I think FOX already has HD)

  21. Funny thing I noticed yesterday… the DirecTV ads on FCS HD… were in HD. Why the hell would I switch AWAY from the provider that is giving me FSC HD?

  22. The DirecTV website states…
    “Setanta Sports will cease to exist as a service after February 28, 2010
    Beginning Mar 1, 2010, much of Setanta’s programming rights, including premium soccer games and rugby events, will be transferred to Fox and made available on a new channel, Fox Soccer Plus.” So, I would say FSC-Plus will be available on DirecTV Mar 1. BTW, DirecTV provided Versus-HD last summer, just in time for the Tour de France. Stunning in HD.

  23. Here is my chat with a Comcast (Chicago) rep:

    Claudette(Thu Feb 11 13:35:48 CST 2010)>I have checked and verified that it will be available by March 13, 2010, Mark.

    Claudette(Thu Feb 11 13:35:51 CST 2010)>Is there anything else that you want me to assist you with today? Please, feel free to ask.

    Mark_(Thu Feb 11 12:36:14 CST 2010)>Is that both FSC HD and FSC Plus?

    Claudette(Thu Feb 11 13:36:34 CST 2010)>Yes, Mark, you are correct.

      1. That is good news for Comcast subscribers in Chicago. It doesn’t mean they will be carried by Comcast anywhere else. Cable companies do not have nation-wide channel line-ups. Final decisions are made locally.

    1. How were you able to chat with a local rep??? I have been on the chat a few times asking about FSC HD and got told the same stock answer, but I just assumed that all the chatting was done with someone at some centralized place that handles customer support for the whole country.

  24. DirecTV better get on the ball. I’m willing to wait until start of next EPL season, but if I don’t have it by then I’m switching to Dish. Nothing is more frustrating as seeing the lame HD channels that ARE available (I mean seriously, I can watch rednecks bass fishing in HD but not EPL soccer???) while ones like FSC-HD are still not there yet. :-(

  25. I think I’ll switch to Dish in the next 2 months.

    Versus is no longer on DirecTV, so I can’t watch WEC or UFC.
    And now they don’t have FSC HD, this is getting silly.

  26. No new info on Minneapolis Comcast. Chicago is supposed to be different region.

    Comcast people are aware dishnetwork stealing the show yesterday. Many people in Minneapolis have called in including me 6 different times claming to be a Latino, an East African and a Bulgarian. Couldn’t get nothing.

  27. I was on the phone this evening with DirecTV, Office of the President on a different issue. I asked about FSC HD and was told negotiations are on going. Nothing has been signed and they are very aware that Dish Network launched it yesterday.

    It will be launched as soon as they have a contract in place. DirecTV has a very good relationship with Fox, especially for soccer coverage and they wil work it out.

    1. If Directv had a “very good relationship” with FOX it sure does not show, considering there direct competetor (Dish) has it up first! Bravo Dish, just another reason to hate Directv!!

  28. Well I got this from Comcast chat today when inquiring about Fox Soccer Channel HD (Im in NH)

    “I do see here that they are, but unfortunately its not giving me a date to when its going to be published.”

    Well see… Im in a contract until the end of May, If its not there Im going to Sat. I just wish that I could get FSC HD without having to sacrifice Versus or GolTV.

    1. Following up today with the chat they told me FSC HD would be available by April. When asking about FS+ they didnt see any listings. So I have some slight hope.

  29. Just called Comcast myself (St. Paul system). Woman first tried to tell me that the channel “does not exist” but quickly changed her story to “we don’t know” the second I said Dish just added FSC HD. She then quickly “looked” on her system just to chirp at me that “well I don’t see anything and its not coming.” Gee…. thanks for the help. Glad you are earning that paycheck ma’am for doing NOTHING.

    Also ComcastBonnie on Twitter tells me in a “wink wink” way to use the comment card on to demand Comcast to add FSC HD.

  30. Anyone got any more info on when and/or if Cirect TV will start broadcasting FSC in HD. Watching the man utd / milan game now and a game like this is just crying out for 720p or higher!!

    1. I’m pretty confident that we’ll see FSC HD and FS Plus HD on DirecTV when their new satellite (D12) is operational. It’s about to drift to its final location, initial testing was successful. We should see new HD channels sometime in April.

  31. Sweet. Just found a few threads like this: the under currents of everything I’ve read is that it will be available when this new satellite is operational. I can’t wait! No more crummy EPL resolutions!

  32. Any word on FIOS??? Seems like the other providers are coming thru. Comcast has i, t and Direct TV is imminent. Dish has had it. FIOS of course is dead last. Man, they suck.

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