Altidore Scores First Premier League Goal As Hull City Upsets Man City

Had you wagered with any American soccer fan back in August that Landon Donovan would score his first Premier League goal before Jozy Altidore, he probably would have taken you up on it. You would have won that bet, too, as Altidore has struggled to find his form in his first Premier League season, leaving many Americans wondering why he hasn’t succeeded in England like he has in CONCACAF.

That might be changing. Since his return from compassionate leave in Haiti, Altidore’s form has soared, and he was rewarded today with his first Premier League goal in Hull City’s 2-1 upset of Manchester City.

Altidore opened his league account in the 31st minute, thanks in part to some fantastic hold-up play by Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink, who collected the ball in the box with his back to the goal and set up the young American’s brilliant strike. It was Altidore’s second goal for Hull and his first since August 25, when he scored in a Carling Cup match against Southend United.

Altidore’s strike, however, was not the most brilliant of the day.

In the 54th minute, George Boateng scored his first goal for the Tigers with a spectacular volley that found its way through a crowd and into the top right-hand corner of the goal. Man City was able to pull one back five minutes later when Emmanuel Adebayor scored a mad scramble in front of Boaz Myhill’s goal, but that was all they could muster, as Hull City stayed on the front foot for most of the day and held Roberto Mancini’s side off at the end.

It was the second massive result of the week for Hull, who earned a 1-1 draw at home against league-leading Chelsea on Tuesday. Altidore and Vennegoor of Hesselink have started up front for Phil Brown for the last three games. The Tigers are unbeaten in those three and have lifted themselves 3 points clear of the relegation zone. Altidore won a penalty for Hull against Wolverhampton a week ago, which Stephen Hunt converted.

Will this forward tandem, combined with some excellent midfield play from Hunt, be enough to to keep Hull in the Premier League for another year? Time will tell, but for now, supporters of both the Tigers and the U.S. National Team will be wishing for Altidore to have many more days like today.

19 thoughts on “Altidore Scores First Premier League Goal As Hull City Upsets Man City”

  1. Go Jozy!!!

    With Davies and Gooch healing quickly, Dempsey looking to heal soon as well, Donovan playing beautiful full 90s for Everton, and Jozy hitting his stride — well, we may be looking good for SA after all.

  2. Damn when United picks them off 4-0 a little while ago I thought they were out of it but holding Chelsea to a draw and teaching the rich retards at City how to win a game.. not bad form.

  3. ” leaving many Americans wondering why he hasn’t succeeded in England like he has in CONCACAF.”

    Dave, are you going to pick up where Kartik left off with the head scratching statements?

    1. I am fully aware that the likes of Wolves and Bolton would probably wipe the floor with the national teams from El Salvador and Trinidad & Tobago. Doesn’t mean other fans aren’t wondering why Jozy hasn’t scored more goals this season.

      1. Now you’re going from the confusing to the down right silly.

        You are “fully aware that the likes of Wolves and Bolton would probably wipe the floor with the national teams from El Salvador and Trinidad & Tobago” ? REALLY? – Wolves and Bolton?

        It’s this sort of condecending, naive, arrogant statement that most Americans that actually know about something about (international) football, to their credit, now try to avoid.

        Are you aware that Altidore is only 20 years old?

        Are you aware that 99% of his professional experience was with the MLS?

        Are you aware that the English Premier League, like it’s counterparts in Italy and Spain, is more than just a step up?

        Are you aware that he is playing for a club that can provide half-way decent service to its stikers in the best of times?

        Were you expecting him to bang in 7 goals in his first 8 matches?

        Do you know anything about football?

        Get it together Fella – quick.

        1. I can’t believe you just called someone else condescending, you’re a complete bell end.
          If you didn’t understand the intent in Dave’s comments you’re not as smart as you think you are. In fact I suspect that gap is quite a large one.

          1. Tone aside, everything brn442 said was true. Jozy’s a promising talent, but he’s just 20. Sure the likes of Rooney and Cesc were lighting up the Premier League when they were still in their late teens, but that doesn’t mean Jozy should be doing the same thing.

            He’s by far our best young prospect, but it will be some time before a young American takes one of the big European leagues by storm right from the off.

            As for trying to compare club teams to national teams, I don’t really get it, Dave. Sure, Jozy scored some goals in qualifying, but it wasn’t like he dominated every game. He scored a hat trick in one game against a pretty poor Trinidad and Tobago team, but other than that, I don’t know what he did that you thought was so successful.

          2. You’re 100% right. I am a complete idiot or a “complete ball end”, sorry, I’m over 30 so please be patient as I have no idea what that is either.

            I apologize to you, epltalk, and the writer. I was trying to reconcile the contradictions in his inference that Americans who (actually) follow the sport are wondering why a 20 year old player who scored goals against teams the writer dismisses as so poor that even the likes of Wolves “would wipe the floor with” (who was I to think that was condescending) should simply walk into one of the best leagues in the world on a team like Hull (with little service) and start scoring like he was Fernando Torres. Obviously, according to you, I missed the point.

            Maybe you can enlighten me.

        2. I don’t agree with your tone but I agree with everything you’ve said.

          He is a very young man and hes playing in a pretty tough league against good teams.

          Your getting on him like hes a seasoned pro that has played in the best leagues in the world.

          He will take time to adapt to the league and its pressures.

          1. Cheers Grant and Tyson. I assume you guys actually follow the sport. It’s a shame that some people on this site assume that all American soccer fans are naive, with unrealistric expectations of their young players.

  4. Glad to see Altidore score. I also though Donovan was Everton’s only real threat today. Which isn’t really saying much but I thought he had a pretty good game.

    Boateng’s goal was sick. One of the goals of the season for sure.

  5. I feel sooooooo much better about Hull’s chances after watching today’s game. So many players stepped up. Jozy looked the best he has all year. Now to build on it!

  6. As a English fan, I’m very happy for Jozy. He’s showed great spirit and attitude with Hull. He deserved to finally score. Good on him.

  7. As a Hull City fan I’ve been waiting a long time for Jozys first goal but I was patient as I knew he was only young and coming into the Premier League is totally different to anything he has experienced before.
    Although he hadnt scored a goal I watch him every him every week and he has been playing well and has done everything but score a goal. He has played his best football in the last three games after Phil Brown has finally decided to play 4-4-2 and use Jozy and Hesselink up front up together. I would like to see Jozy play with Zaki but I wouldnt change the team at the moment because no one deserves to be dropped.

    Hopefully Jozy can build on this and add to his tally, 5 goals from now until the end of the season would be a great return for him and Hull.

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