Questions Please for Andrew Cole, Dwight Yorke and Shaka Hislop


If you’ve ever had a question you’ve always wanted to ask Andrew Cole, Dwight Yorke or Shaka Hislop, here’s your opportunity.

Later this week, I’ll be sitting down separately with each of the three football legends for one-on-one interviews to discuss their careers, their work in broadcasting and some of the highlights of their life such as, for Yorke and Cole, winning the treble in 1999 (including the Champions League) with Manchester United, and, for Hislop, playing in the 2006 World Cup. All of the interviews are being recorded for the EPL Talk Podcast, the free daily podcast that features interviews with some of the biggest names in football.

The best questions posted below in the comments section will be asked to Cole, Yorke and Hislop. And your name will be mentioned on air.

The deadline to submit your questions is Thursday, February 4 at 5pm ET/10pm GMT.

In the meantime, stay tuned to EPL Talk for exciting news in the next 24-48 hours including even more interviews with football celebrities as well as news regarding a special trip EPL Talk is embarking on. Plus, we have another scoop regarding Fox Soccer Channel, which will be announced tomorrow morning.

17 thoughts on “Questions Please for Andrew Cole, Dwight Yorke and Shaka Hislop”

  1. Andy Cole,

    What player in the premiership today is the most exciting to watch for you? and Why?

    How do you think the double winning Manchester United team of 2008 would stand up to the treble team of 99?

  2. For Andy Cole: How did he endure those first few years at Old Trafford, overshadowed by Cantona, Sir Alex Ferguson’s attempts to unload him, the pressure of living up to his massive transfer from Newcastle, etc.?
    Also, why does he think his England career never took off despite his fine form in the Premier League?
    for Dwight Yorke: Considering that he left the club after being in the limelight (with Katie Price) too much, and considering that David Beckham left after similar circumstances, does he think Sir Alex Ferguson has a problem with players becoming celebrities or just too much of a control freak?
    What made his partnership with Andy Cole so special?

  3. Yorke – Does he think that Randy Lerner / Martin O’Neill have the ability to make his old club Aston Villa genuine title contenders in the next 3 years as they were when he was at the club in the early 90’s. Related to that, does he think that his compatriot Kenwyne Jones needs to go to a “bigger” club, as he did “to achieve things”

    Yorke/Cole: Are they amazed that their ex-teamates: Giggs/Scholes are still playing for Manchester Utd at a high level 10 years since the winning the treble.

    Are there any current strike partnerships that impress them and do they think many modern managers (Liverpool/Arsenal) are making a mistake not using two out and out strikers at the same time.

    Hislop: Why did he leave West Ham to come to the MLS? and what does he think of the current state of the sport in the US. Will he be working as an ESPN pundit for the World Cup?

    Hislop/Yorke: What do they think about the future T&T football, Jack Warner, and the state of football in Concacaf?

  4. Cole – You scored 34 league goals in 1994, what was your killer attribute that contributed to that amazing goal rate, and would that attribute be enough in today’s premier league to score that many goals?

  5. Yorke and Cole,
    has any situation similar to the current John Terry / Wayne bridge situation ever occured during your time at Manchester united, Sunderland, Aston villa etc? (Horner man situation).

    Shaka and Yorke,
    Any John Terry type situations ever occured during your time with the Trinidad and Tobago national team?

  6. Yorke, Cole and Shaka, Did any of you ever consider playing in Italy or Spain during your prime years? If so, which club or clubs would you have liked to play for?

  7. Yorke and Shaka, who did you trade Jerseys with in the 2006 world cup and why?

    Cole and Yorke, You guys have played against the best players in the world and you guys have dominated them too, especially in 1999. What kind of conversations did you guys have with players like Zidane, Rivaldo etc. Were you star struck or were they star struck? Were they afraid of you guys?

  8. Yorke and Shaka,
    1. What was different about coach Leo Beenhakker with respect to his relationship with the players?
    2. Why was he able to do what no other Trinidad and Tobago coach has ever been able to do…qualify a Trinidad and Tobago senior national team for a world cup?
    3. Do you think we will qualify again in the near future?
    4. Do we need a Beenhakker type coach to qualify again? why or why not?
    5. What is your current relationship with coach Leo Beenhakker?

  9. Andy: Did you and teddy sheringham every manage to reconcile? If you two could get past your differences and play at a high level, shouldnt John Terry and Wayne Bridge be able to if picked in the same England team?

  10. Dwight, Andrew & Shaka,
    1. Which player during your era did you admire the most? and why?
    2. Which player during your era did you dislike the most and why?
    3. Who was your favorite player when you were growing up and why?
    4. Did you ever get to meet or play against your favorite player when you became a professional? If so, what was that experience like?
    5. What was your most memorable moment at the club level and international level?

  11. “All-night” Dwight: Can you give us an anecdote from your time in Sydney (specifically Star City Casino) which explains to us how you earned this nickname?

    P.S. The Cove (and Sydney fc) still loves you.

  12. Dwight Yorke: How do you reflect on your time playing in Sydney? Did you leave English football to early and what did you think of the standard of football in the A-League?

    Andy Cole: During your loan spell at Burnley could you see the beginnings of the promotion winning side being put together? What do you think the chances of a side the size of Burnley staying in the EPL?

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