Arsenal v Manchester United: Open Thread


Share your opinions about today’s heated game between Arsenal and Manchester United in the comments section below. What was your opinion about the final result?

Also, the surge of web traffic from the game resulted in EPL Talk crashing under the weight this morning. My apologies for that. We’re getting two brand new servers to handle the traffic! Thanks for your patience.

27 thoughts on “Arsenal v Manchester United: Open Thread”

      1. Yeah, I’m aware of the injury issues as a United supporter. It’s just that, with the exception of the odd wondergoal, the past two seasons for Nani have been very sub-par; to the point that injured or not I’d lost nearly all confidence in him doing anything besides taking the ball, dribbling in a circle, letting the entirety of the defense get back behind the ball, and then losing it. In short, he was playing like absolute shit for a LONG time.

        Seeing him pull the Ronaldo tapback between two defenders and fake out the last defender was something I hadn’t seen him do before. Perhaps it had just been a really long time since I’d seen him play but the quick dribbles that he’s been able to complete where he actually gets between defenders instead of running by them is something that he’s done little to none of for United.

        Looks like the club team Nani is becoming more like the NT Nani. He’s obviously got loads of skill and it looks like he’s finally learned how to use it. For instance, he hasn’t provided service like what he gave in the City game for quite some time now. That cross on the volley in the CC semi? Crazy. I hope he keeps it up.

        1. Sam Nani has only been at Old Trafford for 2 seasons with this being his third.

          In his first 2 seasons Ronaldo scored 9 league goals.

          Nani is just coming into his own like Ronaldo did I think this guy has a very bright future but it is extremely unfair to ask of immediate results from any player.

          This isn’t the first time players have come to United and taken a season or two to acclimatize to the competition. In fact a lot of the players that are playing for United at the moment didn’t really get into their stride until the 3rd or 4th season with the club.

          He really is an extremely talented player though I’m willing to be quoted he will be worth three times what Ferguson bought him for in another 5 years.

          He has the leg muscles of a sprinter and also the speed. He has the flexibility and agility of a gymnast(just watch his goal celebrations) and the skill of a supreme player.

          Everything hes done recently is completely within his ability it just takes a while for players to mature. I think the next 2 years will give us a more mature Nani that has adjusted to demands of the PL and what Ferguson asks of him.

          I’ve been rooting for him for a while though and I really do honestly think he is that good.

  1. As a Chelsea supporter, I hate watching ManU turn it on at this time of the campaign. They looked solid today and if they continue to play like they did today, they will take the title. Arsenal had more than a few chances to score but didn’t seem to really want it. They looked weak and lacked the fire of a champion. Arsenal will be out of the chase in a matter of weeks. Good job, Arsenal. Thanks for giving ManU the boost. *sigh*

  2. No complaints – United were the better team on the day and had flashes of brilliance when it mattered. Arsenal now been hammered at home by United and Chelsea 4 times in a row which shows the gap between the sides and Wenger will have to look at how to address it. Height, power, the belief of Rooney/Ballack/Evra/Drogba etc… something to force it over the line.

  3. I sure am glad we sacrificed the FA Cup for this.

    This is probably an overreaction, but I’m starting to think these dominating losses in big games are an indictment of how the entire club is run.

  4. We should quit talking about the “big 4.” It’s obviously now the Big 2. Arsenal is slightly better than Man C, Tottenham, AV and Liverpool, but not much. There are two battles in the EPL — Chelsea v Man U for the top, and the other teams for the third and fourth CL spots………….

  5. At times Arsenal looked confused out there. I think they just had a bad day. Makes the upcoming match with Chelsea a must-win.

    1. No freakin way does Arsenal come away with a point Sunday. They will need a telescope to see the top of the table….

  6. Are you watching, “United will finish trophyless” people?

    Glorious performance from United today. It took one unlucky moment in the area for Arsenal to get a goal. Other than that, United were MILES ahead of Arsenal.

    Chelsea will not have enjoyed this match for two reasons: 1.) United are clearly coming for top spot and 2.) Arsenal will be looking for redemption next weekend. It’s all set up for a massive clash at Stamford Bridge next Sunday. I’ll be hoping for a draw.

    Keep watching, folks.

    1. See my above….

      I really wanted to see a draw or an Arsenal win…however, there really are only two great teams in the EPL. And Arsenal is not one of them.

    2. Well said.

      I think people that have said United are old or its game over are wrong.

      Chelsea are great competitors but discounting United and saying they don’t have a chance and all that crap that has been said is just so far from the truth.

      United are a good team and can do well and though Chelsea are going to be tough competition United have every change of winning the PL title this year.

  7. Nani was a monster–is this a reincarnation of Ronaldo emerging?

    Arsenal just seem soft to me. They are attractive to watch, but too soft and pretty. Why didn’t Nasri take that shot? What the hell was Denilson doing jogging down the pitch while Rooney was blazing down behind him? Wake up, guys. Man United isn’t Man United for no reason. Arsenal need to rebuild. Change of philosophy, change of manager…? IMO, half of Arsenal’s starting XI wouldn’t make it in the ManU nor Chelsea squad.

  8. Arsenal fan, in all honesty we deserved the thrashing, it might just show wenger that we still aren’t strong enough and too inconsistent, last season we were undefeated by united, this season we lose both matches. Buying inst always the answer to everything but we CLEARLY need more men. I got more to say but im using on screen keyboard

  9. Rooney is absolutely brilliant. The run and goal of the season. Nani must have been threatened with being sent on loan to Preston and the ginger ninja can still control midfield….overall Man Utd deserved this victory…Chelski had better be warned…

  10. Great match. Nani is coming into his own. What has happened to Obertain?. Rooney is un-stoppable. Hope he keeps this form going into the world cup. Fergie needs to rest him against pompey.
    As much as I hate to say. Terry should be able to keep his captaincy. What he did off the field is between him and his familly. There is no excuse for what he did.
    Come on United.

    1. Would you want to play along side the bloke that nicked your girlfriend??? I doubt it. He can no longer captain England.

    2. Obertan has only played 2 games. Fergie is rotating Obertan, Valencia, Nani and Giggs but its proving a tough rotation at the moment.

      I mean who would you play in that situation and how often?

  11. Damn nani blew me away.what a game he had.we went a bit on the defensive and that’s why arsenal had so many chances, and ofcourse, because they were at home we were more under pressure.but we handled it well overall.a nervous last few minutes though.we definitely found a replacement for neville in rafael.great game guys,keep it up.

  12. Hard to not tip your cap to United today. They were great. With that said, there need to be some serious changes at highbury.

    1. Arsene Wenger: Has been a great manager for arsenal for well over a decade. Hard to find a better manager out there. HOWEVER, if you have the funds, how can you blame anyone else for a “small squad”? the guy refuses to buy anyone, and then complains about the schedule, as if he didn’t know there would be fixture congestion. If you dont want this to happen (heres a hit, Arsene–it happens to EVERY OTHER TEAM), buy a big enough squad. You have to win trophies. All respect to the young man, but Jay-Emmanuel Thomas should not be playing in FA Cup Matches unless the word “youth” is somewhere involved.

    Further, its remarkable how much is tolerated from Arsene when it would not be from any other manager. You think that United fans would be fine with City winning a trophy before them? I have news for you, fellow gooners, Sp*rs have more trophies the last five years than we do. Sure, it was just the league cup..but that’s still more than we have won the last half-decade.

    The team isn’t good enough, and it seems that everyone on earth, except for AW, knows it. This is a disgrace. There are a couple players I’d like to single out:

    2. Denilson is awful. His lack of effort is disgraceful. He should have just played his final game in an Arsenal shirt. On United’s 2nd goal, his jogging back (and failing to mark the only United player who truly terrifies me, Rooney) was responsible for that goal. But yet, AW continues to play him.

    3. Manuel Almunia. What can you say. The guy is just an average keeper. He’s probably the 8th or 9th best keeper in England. Somehow, AW thinks this is good enough for Arsenal. Here’s a hint Arsene: Its not.

    4. Andrei Arshavin. He should never, EVER be the lone striker. Sure, he had a couple of chances but the reality is that this guy should be on the wing, and we need a big, strong stone-cold killer up front. They don’t have that. You don’t think Huntelaar would have helped this team today?

    5. Gael Clichy. Maybe it is time to add a left back to our needs this summer?

    While this may sound like an overreaction, the reality is that Arsenal have been doing the same thing for years. The lack of trophies, the getting throttled in big games time and again has become a trait of AW’s squads the last four or five years. And the only person on earth who seems not to notice it is Arsene Wenger. If Arsene can’t seem to buy, maybe it is time to consider moving him upstairs. Arsene, for all his talents, cannot allow Arsenal to go an entire decade without a trophy. Indeed, for the 5th season in a row, it seems likely.

    1. Nice piece. Very well written. I’m not 100% in agreement but still insightful. I think too much is made about what Wenger is spending. His bang for the buck is still the best.

      to me this game came down to power over passion. Not that either side lacked passion but Arsenal’s skill game was over powered by Man U. They have the team speed to stay with the Gunners and the power to knock them off the ball. Frankly, Arsenal looked scared at times.

  13. United were better than us today where it mattered. I think most pundits and fans are overreacting (or, just using this as an impetus to argue for previously held views with a bit more gusto). The match was competitive, Arsenal looked good for substantial stretches of the match. United won because they took their chances and played some strong defense in the box. Fair play to them, they deserved the victory.

    But we need to be careful not to generalize from a sample size of one. Far too often I think fans and pundits use these games as if they were a test of character, as if close analysis of the result today will tell us what will happen over the rest of the season. The sample size is far too small for that. And for the arguments that are based on a wider sampling of games, the fact that this loss hurts more does not suddenly add extra support to them.

    Where is Arsenal now? Not out of it. We were further back from Chelsea in November, and there is plenty of time left. That said, we clearly have a ways to go – further than two teams ahead of us. As such, I certainly don’t think we are a good bet to win the title – but the rush to declare teams out of it is stunning in the coverage of the Premiership. How often are teams “out of the title race” or are dealt a “sore blow to their title hopes”? As an Arsenal supporter, this one hurts, but the season is certainly not over yet. No need to overreact just yet.

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