Fox Soccer Channel Now Broadcasting In HD

fox-soccer-channelFox Soccer Channel is now broadcasting in HD, according to several reports from viewers nationwide. The 24/7 soccer network has added the HD symbol to its coverage and is now available to all carriers nationwide. However not all programming shown by Fox is HD content, and not all carriers have added the HD feed as of yet.

The next step for cable and satellite carriers will be to manually add a HD channel (cable) or HD sub-channel (satellite), so while Fox is now broadcasting in HD, the ball is firmly in the hands of the TV carriers nationwide.

DirecTV is receiving the HD signal from Fox Soccer Channel but DirecTV has not yet added the HD feed, a source confirmed to EPL Talk on Thursday.

In additional news, FSC HD showed up in the uplink reports from DISH Network yesterday. Basically this means a link has been made for the channel and then DISH will “flip a switch” to make it viewable for their customers. Fox Soccer Channel is on channel 149 on DISH.

If you’re a Fox Soccer Channel viewer, please post in the comments section below whether you’re able to see FSC in HD.

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  1. Still nothing on Comcast, and with their lack of HD programming it probably won’t be available until atleast late 2010/2011.

  2. No idea if it’s broadcasting HD because it’s showing a replay that was not in HD. It does have the HD symbol next to the screen logo.

    I have Comcast in Utah.

    1. I will take the over on that guess. I don’t think they have added an HD channel in the nearly two years I have had them since I moved to madison.

  3. [b]Dish Network[/b] has just uplinked a new HD channel that is mapped down to Channel 149. Channel 149 is Fox Soccer Channel, so that means the new channel is an HD simulcast of Fox Soccer Channel.

    [b][i]The new channel is not yet available to any customers, it is currently in testing.[/i][/b].

    [b]The logo on the current SD channel of FSC on Channel 149 now states “FSC HD” which indicates that the SD channel is now a downconvert of the HD channel.[/b] This is technique that is used to avoid having to duplicate uplinks and downlinks.

    Dish Network previously announced plans to add around a dozen new HD channels, possibly by the beginning of February (since that is the same time as the annual price increase).

    Also uplinked in testing mode were channels that map down to BBC America, Tru, Outdoor Channel, Hallmark and E!. (Again these are not yet available to customers.)

    [i]It seems possible that the introduction of Fox Soccer Plus HD as a Premium $$ Channel has allowed Fox to lower their price for FSC-HD in order to get it added to systems. Dish previously stated they were considering FSC-HD as a possible addition.[/i]

  4. I have direct tv and it shows the hd symbol next to the fsc logo, but the image is not in hd. I’m watching the epl review show, so I dont know if the show is in hd. Let me wait for commercials and I’ll let you guys know. cheers

  5. I have Dish Network…it currently shows the HD symbol next to FSC when you watch the channel, but the current broadcast (EPL review show) is not in HD. Waiting anxiously until the HD feed comes in.

    1. Comcast in Florida has the HD symbol next to the FSC, but no true HD. The picture is somewhat clearer than before. But Comcast isn’t very good at adding HD channels

  6. Comcast in Tallahassee. No HD feed, though the logo has changed. I called Comcast several weeks ago to ask if they knew when FSCHD would be available and they said no. They also said they’d call me when they did know and I’ve yet to receive a call.

        1. In Tallahassee as well, still showing the “HD” symbol but no HD service. I just checked Comcast online for the channel, but it is not available in HD yet. Similarly, checked for FSPlus, still not available either.

          Also, Go Noles!

    1. Yes – logo in Chicago (I accidentally found myself watching a women’s football match the other day!) but the broadcast was definitely not in HD. Watching Birmingham vs Spurs today – no HD in the logo and the studio segment is not HD.

      1. Just chatted with Comcast rep – they “don’t know” when FSC will be in HD here (Chicago). So apparently they don’t plan stuff, it just happens 😉

  7. Nothing yet with Cox Communications in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The “HD” emblem is next to the main logo, but no official HD channel as of yet.

    I did contact Cox Communications however and told them of the change. I was informed that it should be roughly a week before a HD channel is available. According to the rep, it may be by the “beginning of February” before any changes are made. He added that other HD channels were going to be added at the same time. Apparently new channels are added once a month…

  8. i guess they just put the hd logo so they can say that hd started before february. But the reality is that nobody has the hd feed.

  9. How I see it… Fox Soccer is broadcasting in HD-only now, thus the logo (really don’t think they’re ‘faking’ it), and all the carriers are downscaling until they (the carriers) add the HD channel (cable) respectively sub-channel (satellite) manually.

  10. DirecTV in St. Paul. And it looks like I am seeing exactly what you guys are seeing. No HD right now.

    Realistically, our first real hope of seeing HD will be over the weekend. As long as it is sorted out by Sunday for Arsenal-United, I will be content with watching Sky Sports and what not in SD

    1. Only if we had Sky Sports in the States… They’re showing Arsenal v Man Utd in 3D, yes 3D. HD as well I would think.

      And the HD logo on FSC went away for the time being here in Utah as well. Comcast.

      1. Well, I bet my area will never get it (rural Ohio), but this gives me at least a tiny bit of hope. Bet this guy is in a big time market with lots of ethnic people though..

      2. In San Diego, CA. I saw the FSC HD logo and it is in clear and perfect HD quality. The have taken out the logo now, but the matches are being shown in HD.

        1. Post a screen shot of some 16×9 HD programming. Are you sure you don’t have your TV in stretch?

          I checked the TWC and Fox Soccer websites and neither list FSC HD.

          If yer watching chanel 405, its SD

          The HD version will appear somewhere in your 700 block of channels

          1. It’s in stretch, but in HD as well. FSC hasn’t made a specific channel for HD, but it is in, as they call it, “fan-friendly HD”, where the quality is HD, but not the lenght due to it mixing broadcasts between standard definition and HD.

  11. Same as “Civrock”. It’s HD from FOX to DISH, but Standard def from DISH to customer.
    I just sent DISH a scathing letter yesterday about their lack of football options. They need to get the HD signal to the people within a week!

  12. I have Bright House Cable and just got off the phone with one of their reps. I called to request FS+ and also asked about FSC HD. He said FSC HD is on their upcoming schedule to launch (no exact date), but he did say it could possibly be available within a month or 2.
    He had no info on FS+, but he did forward my request to whoever is in charge of that department.

    1. Dan, I assume you’re in the Tampa Bay area? That would be great news. I’ll call them too, the more that call the quicker they’ll add it, I hope.

  13. Comcast rep here in Bay area told me two weeks ago that FSC HD should be available on January 29..31. I asked Comcast today the same question and rep told me that he does NOT see FSC HD in list of upcoming HD channels. Only FSC+.

    1. That is typical from Comcast. I can call them 10 times in one week and get 10 different people and they will tell me 10 different things. Know one seems to now anything and they all seem to have their own agenda. I’m not just talking about FSC in HD. I’m talking about anything you call them for. They are rubbish!!

      1. Their outdated promo recording when your on hold with customer servive (UFC fight from back in August of 2009) says everyting about Comcast. I feel your pain mate!!!

  14. By the way I live in the Philadelphia area, specifically Montgomery county and a couple of weeks ago they added over 30 HD channels. The good news is that they added HD for all the channels included in the sports tier package which includes FSC as well. Unfortunately when they added these channels FSC wasn’t availabe in HD. So I’m hoping this means they will be adding it soon. If not, there is going to be hell to pay. LOL.

  15. I have TWC in Dallas, I see the HD logo but I’m not holding my breathe since TWC seem to add to their HD lineup about once a year.

  16. same here with the HD logo but no HD for Comcast south of Boston. Its like theyre sending out a teaser. Why not just say “Arsenal v ManU” live on HD for all to see. Or something more concrete like that instead of rubbishing around the paying customers…..tossers!

  17. DirecTV (Dallas) Channel 619 FSC

    Looks exactly like it has forever. No HD anywhere on the Channel.

    What are other DirecTV people experiencing?

  18. I have nothing on my TV – Fios in NNJ. Also, as someone mentioned above, the HD logo is there. Fox is doing a horrible job of promoting this and letting people know the updates. I’ve just done a lenghty search on cable providers and I can’t see anyone who is carrying either the HD or the upcoming Fox Soccer Plus. Someone has to tell the consumer what is going on. Fox should issue some press releases, as should the providers. As much as I doubt FIOS will add either channel, it would be nice to know who is carrying it. As a fan I would hate to go back to wondering if I will be able to see a game like Man U vs. Chelsea etc. Sad, sad, Sad.

  19. Watched the review show on Cincinnati Time Warner today and the HD symbol was visable on the reviews, but as of yet, I don’t see a HD channel.

  20. No Logo on my set yet – – There are reports that Sky will be broadcasting the Arsenal/Man U game in 3-D at selected pubs in the UK/Eire, lucky them.

  21. No FSC HD in Northern Virginia on Cox either…

    For those who were seeing the HD logo, was it on their typical SD version of the channel, or there is a new channel that has shown up?

    Here’s to hoping this weekend that the SD feeds turn to HD!

  22. DirecTV hiding behind the bandwith issue is absolute nonsense!!!

    They broadcasted what, 40-50+ Champions League games in HD, on newly created channels. They have all kinds of sports-related extended programming, including major golf and tennis tournaments, routinely with 4-5 dedicated channels for incidental special programming.

    I am sick of waiting, and I really don’t understand how they can provide above-and-beyond HD service for various individual events, but can’t lock down HD feeds for premium packages.

  23. Time-Warner in Buffalo, NY – The logo is up in the top right corner but no FSC HD channel as of yet. I called TW and asked for any info, they had nothing, but I can confirm the Fox Soccer Plus HD will be carried by Time-Warner in the Western NY area beginning March 1. Hopefully we can get FSC HD in time for Arsenal-Man U.

  24. The SD Feed will not magically turn into HD – providers will have to add the channel as a separate feed. Im sure most know this, but it seems some people just think a switch will be flipped, its not that easy… well for DirecTV and Dish it is, but for someone like Cox they will add it to their HD section, and lord knows that doesn’t get updated for months at a time.

  25. I’m curious to hear if anyone else in San Diego can confirm that they are receiving FSC HD. Thus far, the one report here is the only one I’ve heard of anywhere. It seems very strange that FSC would only be available in HD in one market from one provider.

    1. I have TWC in San Diego, however I don’t see a FOXSCHD channel in the 4,5, 6 or 700s. I also don’t see an HD symbol on the SD channel but Sky Sports News is on right now so it might not be showing b/c of that. Anyone know if COX or ATT have it in San Diego?

      1. I have Cox in San Diego (Downtown) and HD Logo shows on the SD feed (which is slightly clearer) but not HD Channel in the 700s as of yet.

  26. have heard that the FSCHD channel has been added to some Time Warner customers in NYC (yes, a completely new channel from the SD version)…this from a message board and completely second hand though.

      1. Its not bad, I was never able to get Setanta or whatever but everything else has been pretty solid. I just dont know if they are going to add the FSC HD any time soon. I havent asked anyone with Charter about it yet though.

  27. I’m watching Burnley vs Bolton Replay and it’s in a weird 5:4 aspect ratio with black spaces on the sides, is this part of going HD? Sky Sports News were ok just moments ago, and so was commercial. Anyone else having this?

  28. Just spoke to a rep at Directv and they said no plans on FSC HD on their part and no info on FSC+ either so i guess all that crap of being the leader in hd is nothing but crap.

    1. Their upcoming HD lineup, only information regarding HD additions available to 1st level DTV CSRs, hasn’t been updated since early last year.

    2. DirecTV CSRs give that response for any channel that isn’t currently live. They are the last people that I would turn to for info on whats upcoming

  29. All I saw on FSC SD in Beaverton, OR this morning was an informercial (no logo.

    May be unrelated, but when I switched to Setanta (the last few mintutes of MU vMC in Pseudo 9X16). I noticed that the Setanta logo was covering what looked like the top an bottom of the FSC logo. After the game, the picture went even more sqashed and under the hidden FSC logo was the work new.

    I an guessing Setanta viewers may be the first to get FS+ in 9X16 SD.

  30. On the status of FSC HD being on Time Warner, here is the email i got from their VP of communications:

    —–Original Message—————————————-
    From: Moel, Robert []
    Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 9:45 AM
    Cc: Jacobs, Carolyn
    Subject: FSC

    Dear *TxGun*,

    Thank you for your interest in the Fox Soccer Channel. We are constantly reviewing our channel options and customer feedback is always valued. Regrettably, we have no near term plan to add this channel in HD. Clearly, this can change in the future. We appreciate your patience and patronage. Thank you for chosing Time Warner.

    From Robert Moel’s Blackberry

  31. i wonder if when the rebroadcasts of games on fox hd local area
    channels it might be in hd i hope so.i spoke to my brother who works
    for directv and he is in the dark,he did say they were launching a new
    hd satellite soon.i dont think we’ll see anything happen until march
    at the earliest

  32. I’m often accused of being inpatient, but please, please, please, someone tell FSC they do not have the muscle to pull this off. They should just give everything to EPSN who could probably get and extra HD channel on double quick time. I hate to be negative but FSC is making a complete hash of this and alienating the only people who care about football in America.

  33. It doesn’t make sense that someone from Time-Warner told you they do not plan on adding FSC HD anytime soon because when I do the Fox Soccer Plus HD channel finder on the FSC website using Time-Warner and my zip code it says that it will be available on March 1. Why would they have Fox Soccer Plus HD but not FSC HD? That doesn’t make sense.

  34. looks like Time Warner in Brooklyn/Queens has added channel 824 and will make that the HD Channel, but as of today just the standard signal. Of course the ‘customer service’ at TWC don’t know a thing..

      1. On Time Warner Manhattan the SD version of FSC has always been on 824 as well as 124 – this will not be the HD channel. No sign of any HD on TWC New York although Christian Miles is still talking about it for Arsenal – ManU tomorrow.

  35. what clowns at Fox Soccer. not only is their production subpar but they cant even give out any information on when to expect HD. I know its up to the cable providers but FSC should at least shed a little more light on the issue at hand. The channel is complete shite in my book. The only reason people watch it is because we have no better option. F them

  36. I can tell you that in Atlanta on 848 (the fox regional sports HD channel slot that only shows HD content pulled from the Fox Sports South feed)…late late at night they will show EPL matches and EPL review show in HD… I DVRd a few last week include the Everton v Man City… not sure if that is just a cop-out to say that they are showing some matches in HD>..

  37. I live in Ipswich, MA. I have FSC through Verizon FIOS cable. As of this morning I couldn’t find the FSC HD channel – it’s usually in the 500’s or 600’s in our channel offerings – just the usual channel number plus 500.

  38. Been watching for the FSC HD feed on DISH but no sign as of yet. Hoping it will be available for Spurs/Birmingham – wishful thinking. Anyone else have an update on DISH?

  39. Anyone else watching the PL Preview show??

    The Aspect Ratio has shrunk a little bit and I am having to do a “digital zoom” to get the picture to normal…

    I hope this isn’t FSC’s idea of what HD is…

  40. Why is it so hard for some of you people to understand that it’s up to the cable providers now to add FSC in HD? It’s out of FSC’s hands. Their channell is available in HD but until cable or satellite companies provide it in HD we have to wait. Everyone knows cable and satellite providers don’t add one channel at a time. My guess is most of us are going to have to wait for a while. Maybe it will finally be pushed out once FSC Plus is availabe on March 1st.

    1. Jeff has the bottom line. What is it you don’t understand? This is going to be a soft roll-out. Providers that think they can make money will add it right away. Those of us in rural areas can cool our heels. We’ll never see it.

      Despite our passion, soccer is a niche sport and always will be in the U.S.

    2. I agree and disagree. I fully understand the difference between FSC and the cable company, however, Time Warner here in Buffalo, NY does add HD channels one at a time, that’s why I’m keeping my fingers crossed to wake up tomorrow morning like Christmas to watch my Spurs in HD.

  41. It’s been quite painful watching some of FSC’s programming on DirecTV today. The downscaling from HD to SD seems to be incorrect for the games and some other shows and, in addition to the regular SD pillarboxes on HDTVs, we’re getting another row of said boxes plus above/below. Looks ridiculous.

    1. Am with you i called directv and they blamed FSC, said they want to much money and they said they didnt had a time as to when they will have an HD channel. Sucks!

  42. For thos of us who have fios i found this from a verizon fios forum some this is wart one of the guys from the verizon Verizon Telecom
    Fiber Solution Center said.

    While there do not appear to be any short term plans to add Fox Soccer HD, I can assure you that the folks who are in charge of TV content are CONSTANTLY working with channel providers to add new and exciting content to our FiOS TV package. I know that there have been many requests to add this channel come launch and that the good folks at Verizon will everything they can to add it. I will keep you posted if/when any information crosses my desk!

    This tells me one thing and that it will be years befor we see fox soccer hd on verizon fios and also fox soccer + in sd and hd.
    To read the rest of the therd hear is the link.;jsessionid=E4B175907D6909184BEBB2D089CBF7EC

  43. Gaffer,

    Do you know if we Setanta subscribers will automatically be switched to FSC+ or will we be dropped from coverage and have to reup on the 1st?

  44. i just saw a commercial that said “YOU ARE WATCHING FSC IN HD, LIVE IT HERE!”
    So yup, i guess Dish will carry it next week either Wednesday or Friday.

    1. I’m in Los Angeles with Time Warner Cable and saw the same commercial earlier today while watching FSC’s SD channel. I checked to see if an HD channel had been added to the lineup, but nothing. Keeping my fingers crossed, though.

  45. I know this isn’t much, but is promoting the Arsenal / Utd game as being available in HD right on their homepage. Hopefully this is a good sign. Now, don’t F it up, Comcast of Ann Arbor.

  46. I think the cable companies are downscaling it from HD to SD and I actually think the quality looks better. I haven’t watched a match yet but the preview show last night looked much better than before.

  47. This is shaping up to be another BBC America HD fiasco….If a network launches an HD channel and no cable provide picks it up, does it really exist???

  48. They’re saying that the Burnley-Chelsea game will be available in HD, and it’s a big moment for them. So I’m presuming it will be the first game ever to be broadcasted in HD on FSC, so we’ll have to see.

    Unless they said the Birmingham-Spurs game will be in HD as well, which I dont recall.

    1. As mentioned in various other comments before… FSC is broadcasting in HD now, to all carriers, and a lot of games are being advertised with it. However this doesn’t mean that the carriers added the HD channel respectively HD sub-channel yet, meaning you get the regular SD channel, downscaled from HD.

      We’re waiting on carriers now, FSC HD is up.

    1. At least you have Comcast… I recently switched from Charter, and I live in a rather unprofitable area for them, which basically means you get everything months if not years later, if at all. I really hate how cable markets work, based on interests and all, which is why I switched to DirecTV.

      At least here I know it’ll be added for sure, just a matter of time. No having to live in a market with a high percentage of hispanic population to get decent soccer programming, heh.

  49. As someone who works in the television industry (on the technical and somewhat creative side), it is absolutely amazing to me that the picture quality of the standard def feed of FSC got worse as the channel upgraded to HD.

  50. Comcast (Atlanta) rep said they will soon be deploying a new range of HD channels (e.g. b/w channel 400 and 499), at which time an updated sports package with HD versions of all available channels will be pushed out as well, but…no dates or 100% certainty that would actually happen, although he did seem to think it would, and sometime soon, so…who knows.

  51. So FSC is broadcasting in HD but no carrier in the U.S. is actually showing the feed yet? Awesome.

    Just heard them say that the Arsenal/United match tomorrow will be in HD but judging from what I’m lookin g at right now on my TV, the scenes from inside the tunnel are definitely NOT in HD.

    I mean, clearly regular FSC on DTV (619) isn’t going to automatically become an HD channel (is it?) and it’ll probably end up being a 619-1 type of deal but it still incredibly annoying that they’re now saying that all of these games will be in HD but that NOBODY is actually going to be able to see them in HD…anywhere (at least for the time being).

        1. Dude, I hope you’re not just saying that because of the logo. If you’ve got DirecTV recall the way the CL games looked on those special 400-number channels. Compare with the CL final on ESPN from the past two years. Compare with ANY OTHER HD CHANNEL THAT YOU HAVE ACCESS to. It’s not a matter of it being “poor HD,” it isn’t even *close* to HD.

          I don’t believe that DirecTV just switches previously SD channels to HD and thus the HD version would most likely be a 619-1. That isn’t available yet.

          This is NOT in HD.

          1. I agree with you – but they are running the HD feed through their normal setup, so yes, it is not full fledged HD, but it also isn’t SD. WE are in the middle. I’ll take it as an improvement and wait to see when the -1 channel is launched for a full HD mix.

      1. I am assuming that when they go full it will look better still, but they are running the HD feed through their system. Kind of like WGN HD for Cubs games.

        The feed is superior to the earlier game on FSC.

        1. repeat…. it is NOT HD…..if you think it is or even close, you need glasses, or a new TV. You obviously do not know how this works….

  52. Just to echo everyone else – very annoying for FSC to be pushing the “available in HD” line (Nick Webster must have said it a dozen times in the build up just now to the Burnley v Chelsea game) but it is most certainly not available here in Houston on Comcast.




      1. AND you must be some thick moron.

        How the f*** do you know what is showing on my television??

        They have placed a 1080i picture into a standard definition channel (480p)…

        So next time take your little comment and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

          1. Cox Communications in Oklahoma City…channel 262…

            Not my fault you have a sh*t carrier…probably for being in a sh*t city.

    1. I don’t know why I’m getting so irritated right now but…enjoy your “HD” then buddy.

      This looks as bad when zoomed out as GolTV does. I don’t even know what it would take to convince you and I don’t really care to try. Just know that there’s a very good chance that your 100% wrong in thinking that that’s HD quality. I mean, you have eyes right?

    2. Anyone who thinks they are watching FSC in HD must not have an HD setup right now. They are probably using an SD receiver with an HDTV and going, “LOOKS AWESOME, DON”T IT!”

      FSC is not being broadcast by ANY provider in HD right now. You are NOT watching HD. Sorry….

  54. Chelsea-Burnley is in HD but there isn’t a FSC HD channel yet. So the 1080i game is being shown on 480p channel. It looks better than the normally carried games on FSC, but without the HD channel, what’s the point? Hopefully this is only because the HD channel only came out 2 days ago that by weeks end the cable carriers deliver.

    1. The point is that it is better quality than a completely non-HD setup. If I can get some improvement until they get the full set up of HD channels released I’ll take it. They could choose to not do even this much.

      What is DISH doing?

  55. SD for Comcast in San Francisco. Comcast is total garbage. It will be probably be months/years before they get FSC HD or FSC+. There will probably be some prolonged contract dispute between Comcast and FSC, and Comcast will lose another trillion customers to DIrectv. My GF won’t let me switch to Directv. FML.

  56. Im watching it on cablevision in new york quality is much better than the tottenham game that was on b4 but this is by no way in full HD as someone else said up there we are getting a scaled back feed from true HD it will need its own channel…thats why the players at times seem blurry on movement even though the picture is clearer. i hope we get the new channel by tomorrow that will be amazing

  57. Ok. Yes, the game is being broadcast in HD, but I have yet to hear a legitimate claim that anyone is actually SEEING the match in full 1080i HD. I’m curious if any commercial establishments have it.

    If you claim to be watching in full HD, give us a photo of your television with the match airing. Even in a photo, the difference between and HD feed downscaled to SD and a HD feed delivered in HD will be clear.

  58. This has got to be probably the worst PR roll out of an HD channel of all time! I have DISH – Burnley/Chel is a slightly better pic, but not much. Why tease us -” either put up or shut up”. Do they know who they’re dealing with? These are “Football MAD” supporters!! I say we storm the offices of FSC, or just give our man Rupert Murdoch a call!!!

    1. That’s the thing though its not Fox it is the cable and satellite providers that have to negotiate with Fox for the High Definition version of the Channel.

      And if I hear Nick Webster say available in High Definition one more time I will lose it, about as irritating as those Sylvania HDTV commericals.

    2. The only thing we can do is bombard our various service providers demanding they pick up Fox Soccer Channel HD, or they’ll just sit on their ar$es and make us wait forever.

      I remember on my system when the MLB Network was launched about a year plus ago it was provided in HD around launch time on my system Cablevision here in New York City.

      On the other hand some systems in other parts of the country just got MLB Network HD the other day.

      So its all up to the respective carriers being proactive.

      I hope Fox negotiates to have as many carriers pick up FSC HD when they negotiate for FSC Plus HD as well by the March 1st launch date when Plus is supposed to debut or service carriers will take their precious time to add FSC HD.

  59. I would guess that they are all deciding how the FSC HD will fall into their next HD rollouts. I will not argue that this is “Full HD”, it isn’t. But it is not SD. Will be waiting for the full 619-1 as was noted above.

  60. i find it insulting to directv customers that directv themselves sponsor FSC and their logo is all over the pre-match and half time shows, yet they are not only making us wait for god knows how long for FSC HD and the Plus channel, but no one at directv seems to know ANYTHING about this issue. i am worried that as of 1st march when setanta goes off air, footy fans in the USA will only be getting half the matched they previously we getting due to directv dragging their feet on this.

    1. Presuming FSC + will be replacing Setanta, why would Directv not make it available to make the $15 a month they currently are receiving from Setanta subscribers, who will mostly leave Setanta when the soccer content leaves. Relax, it isn’t in their best interest to do what you suggest. Enjoy the upgrade and get ready for better in the near term future.

  61. def not true HD, unless there is a dedicated channel its just being scaled down…which is still better than we had so i cant be to mad right now

  62. I’m on Fios here in Baltimore (FSC Ch. 84) and the game at Turf Moore is definitely a cleaner picture than what was shown at St. Andrews in the previous game.

    However, Fios HD channels don’t start until Ch. 500 anyway, and FSC is currently not listed with the other sports channels that begin at Ch. 750 with ESPN HD. So this current game is obviously being down converted.

    I’ve heard that the standard FSC HD channel will be free once it’s added, but Fox’s other channel will have a premium cost. Any truth to that?

  63. I dont know what you mongs are crying about but this is same quality ESPN2HD used to have when they showed “champions league” games with black bars aside…open yer fookin eyes mongs. god bless.

  64. below is the reply i got from FOX Soccer customer service earlier this week:

    “Fox Soccer Channel will have their HD signal up starting this weekend. The rest depends on your cable or satellite provider to pick up the signal. Please contact your local cable or satellite provider for more information.
    Thanks for your Support and keep watching Fox Soccer Channel, Live it Here”

    so i have to beg Time Warner now..

  65. Sheesh. Some of you people on here are morons. I’m sorry but it’s true. It’s not freakin HD and it’s not FSC’s fault. They have to rely on the freakin provider (ex. Comcast, Verizon, etc.) to add the freakin HD channel. They are not going to simply change the SD channel to HD because people who don’t have a HD box will not even be able to see it a picture at all. Why is that so hard for some of you to understand??*#)*)(#Q???

    1. With that said it might not be SD but it is certainly not HD. I agree it is probably somewhere in between. But again IT IS NOT HD.

      1. I’d swear the picture quality on my 37″ HDTV is actually worse than it was for the earlier match.I also have a 27″ and that picture looks to be the same as always.

        1. Ummm I have directv on a 42″ plasma and I thought the Burnley game looked worse then the first one – in fairness though I had DVRed and watched the villa proper HD game between the two games which might have clouded my impression

  66. EVERYBODY with directv and a twitter account please tweet @directv and demand they begin broadcasting the feed, call them, email them. we can bitch and moan all day on here, but that won’t get anything done.

    they obviously have the bandwidth…. the past couple weeks they were airing 6 aussie open tennis mix channels, all in HD. it’s just a matter of prioritizing soccer over fuel hd, bravo hd, planet green hd, etc – which they seem reluctant to do, even though there is a tremendous difference in viewing quality with soccer compared to whatever planet green and the other miscellaneous HD networks broadcast.

    1. I actually did that earlier today. No response.

      Not to start up another poo-storm on the list, but to me, the Burnley-Chelsea did look to have a better picture than usual. It’s clearly not HD though.

  67. so painful that Nick Webster just said” Chelsea vs. Burnley in beautiful HD”… IT’S NOT HD YET ON DIRECTV. COME ON!!

  68. Yeah as others have said the picture is clearer but its just a downconverted HD signal.

    Ugh, Nick Webster is pissing me off with his constant mentioning of the games coming up in HD, especially Arsenal-Utd!! :(

  69. every carrier should have a new HD channel for FSC if they are carrying, but i can’t find it for TWC in NC.. did any one contact TWC or other carriers .. i gave up on TWC, it is always busy..

  70. Fios online customer support is closed on weekends. :(

    Webster just mentioned during HT again that this game is being broadcast in HD. It’s kind of funny, in a sad, sad, sick way that they’re (Fox) doing their part in all of this, but the providers are dragging their feet.

  71. Guys I’m laughing at you all arguing about HD or not HD. Look its simple

    First off Fox/News Corp High Definition Networks are usually 720p HD (Fox HD, National Geographic HD, FX HD, Fox Business Network HD,etc.)

    Fox Soccer Channel has launched the High Definition channel but

    From what I can tell 0 carriers (Directv, Dish, Cox, Comcast, etc) right now have the High Definition channel available on their system anywhere in the United States, no matter where you live.

    Until your service provider negotiates with Fox to pick up the High Definition feed of Fox Soccer Channel HD, we are not seeing High Definition, but the FSC feed being delivered to us on the standard definition channel.

    The picture of the Burnley vs Chelsea game is much cleaner than the earlier Birmingham vs Tottenham game, because the Burnley vs Chelsea game is a High Definition feed, but we aren’t seeing the HD level of quality because it is not HD on our end via the various carriers we have.

    P.S. The 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time / 7:00 AM Pacific (3:00 PM British Time) games are never High Definition in the UK, the other time slots are though.

    The 7:30 am Eastern Time in the US (12:30 pm UK) games on ESPN are HD in the US, the weekday games are HD, but the 10:00 AM games never are covered in HD in England.

    This morning for example the Fulham vs Aston Villa game at 10:00 on the East Coast was a 576i-16×9 widescreen game, but not High Definition

    It is a 576i-16×9 Widescreen feed that is used a lot in Europe, but is not High Definition.

    HD is 720p, 1080i, 1080p
    SD is 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p

    When we do get Fox Soccer Channel HD on our respective cable or satellite system it will most likely be a 720p High Definition channel in the US ala ESPN.

    Hope this answers a lot of questions, what we are seeing now on our systems is Not HD at all, it looks good because the originating feed is HD, but it will look much better when the actual FSC HD channel is available to us from our service provider.

    1. Great post Macfan – I wanted to say something like that but didn’t have the technical knowledge to back it up! With SD vs HD it’s either one or the other – there is no in-between.

      1. Having said that, what is a bit naughty/confusing is that they have the HD logo showing on a SD channel. I don’t know any other channel (e.g. ESPN) that shows an HD logo on the SD version of their channel.

  72. Just got off the phone with a CS’r at directtv…her politeness almost made up for the fact that I was left on hold for 20 minutes and forgotten about the first time. My FSC picture on Directtv in chicago actually seems worse during the matches with the new ‘skinny’ mode. Paying $100+/month for a premium service and not receiving our favorite station in HD upon launch is bad enough, but what really sucks is that their people are not disseminating any info about *when* we may be able to get it. My guess is because they are currently negotiating to carry the channel and don’t want to make their customers promises they can’t keep.

    The most we can do as footy fans is call them incessantly – BLOW up those phone lines- ROCK that twitter- STUFF their inboxes – ask questions, have them take a note of your request. Tomorrow’s the big game, folks.

  73. I’ve sent a message to @DIRECTV on twitter. I hope everyone else does as well. I am of the opinion that if we bug DirecTV enough, they might just get off their arses and do something instead of waiting until March.

  74. Well, I have mediacom so obviously there’s no HD here…and will not be until, oh, I guess 2018 (and 2028 for 3D).

    FSC is in the low bandwidth area of my digital cable so the picture is fairly bad no matter what, I’m just trying to figure out if this HD feed makes the normal blurred 480i picture a bit better and I think it does, but it’s still subpar…but I do think it’s a bit more vibrant, if not necessarily much crisper.

  75. That’s some interesting info about the Villa game on ESPN Macfan. I thought it looked a bit off, but didn’t pay any mind to it. Most of their games look ace.

    And damn it!!!! Fletcher scores for Burnley. 😐

  76. U-Verse in Los Angeles, HD Logo up, slightly better resolution on Standard def channel – Called sales department, no info on when FSC HD will be up, they just said they’re probably in negotiations with fsc and made me fill out a feedback form.

  77. Whoever carries FSC HD first will get more customers switched to their services. I have some friends who are with Comcast ready to switch!!!

  78. I wish FSC would have waited for all of their HD talk. At least have confirmation that you have carriers ready to switch. Don’t start advertising it when you have 0 idea if anyone has it or not. It’s a two way street, advertise it when both parties are ready, not just you (FSC)

    1. Maybe they have been negotiating with cable and satellite companies and are getting knowhere with them. Maybe they are advertising it and saying it’s in HD so people like us willl start bugging the providers more. I don’t know. It’s just a thought.

  79. “That’s some interesting info about the Villa game on ESPN Macfan. I thought it looked a bit off, but didn’t pay any mind to it. Most of their games look ace. ”


    yeah I figured that out a while ago about the 7 AM pacific / 10 AM eastern / 3:00 PM games in the UK not being shot in High Definition. The feed is a standard definition 16×9 widescreen picture that we saw on ESPN this morning, much softer than an HD feed.

    If it was a 7:30 AM game / 12:30 PM in England it would have been HD on ESPN and the Stoke City vs Sunderland game will be in HD Monday on ESPN

    I think they said folks go to the pubs to drink or something like that from someone I asked. :)

    As for FSC HD the only thing we can do is bombard our various service providers demanding they pick up Fox Soccer Channel HD, or they’ll just sit on their ar$es and make us wait forever.

    I remember on my system when the MLB Network was launched about a year plus ago it was provided in HD around launch time on my system Cablevision here in New York City.

    On the other hand some systems in other parts of the country just got MLB Network HD the other day.

    So its all up to the respective carriers being proactive.

    I hope Fox negotiates to have as many carriers pick up FSC HD when they negotiate for FSC Plus HD as well by the March 1st launch date when Plus is supposed to debut or service carriers will take their precious time to add FSC HD.

  80. From @DirecTV: @AmplifiedtoRock when we have more details, we’ll share it here.

    My reply: @DIRECTV I appreciate it. Do you know if it’s something that might happen soon or if we’ll have to wait for DTV12 to go live?

    Fingers crossed.

  81. Nick Webster and the Sylvania HDTV commercials don’t help much either.

    Presented to you in beautiful High Definition, well not for me it isn’t Nick. :)

    They even have the text saying this game is available in HD during kickoff and the HD live logo on the top of the screen.

    Its like a woman teasing you and then leaving you hard with blue balls. :)

  82. It now seems like Dish network will be the first major carrier to get a hold of the HD channel. They have added it to their uplink, all they have to do now is flip the switch. Seems like it might be this Wednesday or Friday. Thats from the satellite website.

  83. Just like BBC America, FSC put out a bunch of hype in order to pressurise the cable providers in negotiations. But let’s face it there are really not that many of us watching on the tele in America judging by the ratings. I for one am not holding my breath, and will actually hope ESPN is able to somehow by some miracle get the rights for CL back asap…I’ve enjoyed FSC for years but they do not have the muscle or will to make this happen on a large scale. ESPN as we’ve seen can bring both when they wish. FSC is a joke as broadcaster. But then again their owner is a joke too.

  84. Macfan’s post is right on. Everyone needs to read it a couple of times. I am in the TV industry and hav access to the FSC HD distro feed and it is active and in 720p. No carriers have picked up the feed at this time. The SD version of FSC is simply a downconvert of the HD feed.

    Note – some of the EPL games are widescreen SD – ESPN has aired a few if these this season. Widescreen doesn’t always mean HD people

    1. Dave – Can you tell us about the FSC HD feed that you have access to ? Is it as good as the CL games ESPN show in High Definition ? Could you possibly post a screenshot on here ?

  85. Dave – Can you tell us about the FSC HD feed that you have access to ? Is it as good as the CL games ESPN show in High Definition ? Could you possibly post a screenshot on here ?

  86. Yes I have time warner cable in NYC and apparently it is in HD with Nick Webster confirming that the Burnley vs Chelsea game as well as the upcoming Arsenal vs Man UTD game are in HD. However, after comparing it to ESPN’s HD , this is not HD at all. All they did was add HD to the FSC logo and enhanced it very minimally

  87. just what I was thiking. it’s up to directv to send the HD signal from FSC to customers. fyi, another poster on this topic 2 weeks ago mentioned that Directv is in the process of expanding capacity in order to provide more HD channels. this story must be interesting behind the scenes… but this was probably expected…. where did this push for HD originate? could we all be thanking Sepp Blatter, UEFA, the EPL, and to a lesser extent, Serie A directors?

    1. I think the push comes from the fact that the EPL & CL games have been broadcast in Europe in HD for at least a couple of years now (I think Sky used EPL as the enticement to get customers to sign up for HD in the first place). And as we’ve all got (?) 105″ super plasma LCDs and the effing Food Network is in HD, why not footie? In fact, Sky are going to be showing 3D matches this year!

  88. TWC in NYC, just got off the chat from them, here is what they say:

    Randall(Sat Jan 30 19:50:06 EST 2010)>At this time we do not have any information about the broadcast of that channel in HD.

    Randall(Sat Jan 30 19:50:15 EST 2010)>However you can make a request for that channel

    Randall(Sat Jan 30 19:52:26 EST 2010)>You can send a letter to Robert Watson.

    Randall(Sat Jan 30 19:52:37 EST 2010)>He is the VP Programming, New Business Development.

    Randall(Sat Jan 30 19:53:00 EST 2010)>At the following address: 120 E 23rd Street 9th Floor
    New York, NY 10010

    Are they kidding me???

  89. Comcast Orlando Update: Tried the online chat and they couldn’t answer a simple question of when FSCHD will be available. Currently, it’s on channel 728 and should move to the 400s once Comcast makes it available. Spoke with a rep on the phone this evening and she was able to verify upcoming new HD channels that will be flipped on in March (FX,FOXNEWS,ABCFAMILY,SPEED) but unfortunately, no FSC-HD. I guess we all in Orange/Seminole counties in Florida need to keep submitting requests through FSC’s interface on their website. Money talks and so do upset customers. Cheers!!

  90. Just chatted with AT&T U-Verse support about the FSCHD channel and FS+ and when about to expect it in Milwaukee. Person couldn’t give me any information about the two channels but did give me a phone number to call to ask about it and also you can make suggestions. The TWC feed here in Milwaukee doesn’t list the channel yet but the games this morning at the pub where I was watching did have the FSC HD logo on them. I have heard from people out in the Waukesha County area of WI that Dish Network lists both channels but the HD screen is black and the words “Coming Soon” are displayed.

  91. It appears we are all getting the same response from the various providers…….”we do not know when/if the programming will become available, but you can try contacting xxxxxxxxxx and request it as we want to bring you the programming you want because gosh darn, you are really important to us!”

  92. the guy running FSC should be fired for this crap.. FSC is not a free to air channel. only way anyone can watch this channel is through a cable or satellite networks.. FSC doesn’t have deals with any carrier and they are advertising it as available. i hope ESPN gets EPL and CL next time the bids go up..

  93. Guys – Would you be up for creating a massive Facebook group in which everyone on here invites their entire friend- list onto – asking them all to simply click on a link to the FSC HD Feedback form and just submitting a request to get it in HD ?

    Obviously not everyone that gets the invite will bother – but it would only take a few minutes and I figured if we do it right and everyone on here contributes, that’s a hell of a lot of friend lists, and a couple of hundred people at the very least.

  94. Remember – The more requests the companies get, the more pressure they will be under to wrap up negotiations as soon as possible.

  95. Arghhh, this is soooo fecking annoying. I probably wouldnt care as much if they didnt keep rubbing it in our faces and mentioning we’re watching FSC in HD when we fucking aren’t!!

  96. Hey all you who THINKS they are watching HD!-

    Anyone who thinks they are watching FSC in HD must not have an HD setup right now. They are probably using an SD receiver with an HDTV and going, “LOOKS AWESOME, DON’T IT!”

    FSC is not being broadcast by ANY provider in HD right now. You are NOT watching HD. Sorry….

  97. “In fact, ALL of the EPL games broadcast in the UK by Sky are widescreen, whether HD or not.”

    Warren is right about this, when we do get the Fox Soccer Channel HD feed picked up by our respective carriers.

    *FSC HD will be 720p

    *The 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time Games in the US will be 16×9 widescreen but not HD (it will be the 576i widescreen feed from the Sky Sports in the UK upconverted to 720p)

    *The other time slots, such as weekday games, 7:30 AM EST US games, 12:30 EST US Games will be HD, like the Arsenal vs Man United game at 12:30 today.

    Sounds like the folks at Dish will be getting it first from what some posters have stated, then Directv. Us cable saps will be waiting a long while it seems. Yet have to hear Nick Webster say this game is available in HD and the FSC logo saying HD Live. What a tease.

    1. “like the Arsenal vs Man United game at 12:30 today.”

      Edit: should be like the Arsenal vs Man United game at 11:00 AM EST today (is HD) since its Sunday.

      EPLtalk should add a commentary edit feature.

  98. “Guys – Would you be up for creating a massive Facebook group in which everyone on here invites their entire friend- list onto – asking them all to simply click on a link to the FSC HD Feedback form and just submitting a request to get it in HD ?

    Obviously not everyone that gets the invite will bother – but it would only take a few minutes and I figured if we do it right and everyone on here contributes, that’s a hell of a lot of friend lists, and a couple of hundred people at the very least.”


    That would be cool Wayne, for too long soccer tends to get the shaft in this country, a country of immigrants who probably played soccer from where they came or their family :)

    Carriers will drag their feet to add the HD feed thinking no one will notice anyway.

    b.t.w. did anyone see that Max Bretos is now on ESPN (I saw him doing ESPNews this morning) looks like he left Fox.

    I can’t stand that new woman Fox hired on the FSC Report, her voice annoys me not Terry Leigh the blonde, she is cool, but the brunette Canadian is irritating. She can’t even pronounce the players names and teams correctly. Sounds like they hired her right out of college as a pretty face for male viewers. :)

      1. Really she’s American, sounded Canadian when she pronounced some words.

        Yeah I might be a little bit harsh on her, guess she’ll get a better grasp of the player names and team pronunciations s as as time goes on. As you said I don’t mind Terry Leigh now after all.

        Sounds like she is a talented lady, not to sell her short or anything. :)

  99. I’m not sure why so many are angry with FSC. They had to have the HD signal up and running before any providers would contract for it. So, that’s been done. Now they can promote “Available in HD” so soccer fanatics will inundate their providers demanding that it be added to the channel line up. Yes, the “available” thing gets old, but what else would you have them do? FSC certainly can’t force anyone to carry the HD channel.

    The HD broadcast just started and it’s going to be a while before providers decide to pick it up based on their view of the economic rewards of doing so. Given the less than stellar TV ratings I’d say there aren’t a lot of providers who are going to be in a real hurry. Satellite customers (who all receive the same feed) have the best shot at FSC HD and apparently Dish is about ready to go. Those of us on cable have to understand that just because TWC (or whoever) says “We’ve got it,” doesn’t mean every regional manager across the country is required to carry it. Larger population centers will see it first. Where I live? Don’t make me laugh. There are more island horses than there are soccer fans.

    So, lighten up. Have another beer and at least enjoy the tremendous access we have to matches on a weekly basis.

    Oh, I hope no one’s really too pumped up about getting FSC+ come March 1 because it’s going to be the same thing all over again. It will launch. FSC will tout it. And we will wait…..some of us forever. 😉

  100. I’m in Austin Tx using AT&T Uverse…..FSC is on channel 654. The programing is still being broadcast in standard definition today, but in the top right hand corner it’s displaying ‘FSC HD Live” So I’m assuming we’re waiting for Uverse to flip the switch and give us FSC in HD. Can’t wait!! The Man-U vs Arsenal match would have been the perfect ‘first HD’ game on FSC.

  101. So basically to get the channel carried by satellite providers they’re inadvertently asking fans to do the leg work.
    Do you guys think this is a smart strategy by fox? Would most cable networks carry the channel otherwise? Or is fox just being lazy/cheap with this one?

  102. Not only are FSC shoving the ‘now broadcasting in HD’ down our throats, but those Sylvania commercials that have been airing for well over a year now are even more infuriating. Just because you buy a new (crap) HDTV doesn’t mean that the broadcast is suddenly in HD!

    Anyway, it’s clearly still an SD feed here in southern California on Cox Cable. Doesn’t matter if they stick an ‘HD’ next to the logo, or have Nick Webster say the word HD six-hundred times, it’s still the same-old FSC until Cox picks it up.

  103. You have to remember that we live in a country where the majority couldn’t give a f**k about football (or “Sarcar” if you prefer). They show ‘Fighting on Ice’ (NHL) in HD for god’s sake.

    The fact that I can watch The Beautiful Game in this country AT ALL is more than enough for me, and the fact that I can watch Burnley v Wigan in HD on ESPN2 is a bonus.

    Basically if you want to watch every game in HD you’re going to have to emigrate to the UK. Take an umbrella.

    California Gooner
    (ex-Pat Brit)

  104. Watching the ManU vs. Arsenal game I think the picture is actually worse, if that’s possible. The lines on the pitch are so jagged it looks like Fifa 95 on the SNES. I think often about cancelling my Comcast TV service. Maybe after the WC.

    1. That’s for sure. Watching that damn game gave me a headache. For a while there, I thought something was wrong with my tv. Nice job FSC.

      1. Oh yeah, one other thing about the Man Utd v Arsenal broadcast. Thank you so much FSC for putting your damn annoying advertisements just to the right of mid screen and leaving them there for about 5 minutes at a time. Really added a lot to your crap broadcast.

  105. From dish…same old crap
    “Thank you for your email. I understand your concern. We would like to add Fox Soccer Channel in HD sooner to make viewers like you happy. However we do not have any specific information regarding your inquiry. Please understand that it is our intent to add a variety of programming and services to please current and future subscribers. We will gladly forward your request to our Programming Department for further consideration.
    We thank you for your input as we continually review our options in order to provide a compelling lineup for our viewers. Please use Charlie chat on channel 101, Dish Home on channel 100 and or logon to our website for future programming announcements.”

  106. ok, so here is my two cents. I do have some inside knowledge on how negotiations with distributors work since that was my job working for a cable channel providing services to Latin America. Rumor has it that Fox wants more money from the distributors to carry the HD signal. The cable companies “distributors” such as TWC and Comcast do not want to pay extra. Paying extra for the HD fee means a higher charge to customer like you and I. They want to maintaing their price margins for this year, but they will eventually add the channel sometime this year. However, Fox is gambling that die hard fans like you and I would put pressure on the cable providers, so the providers can see how much leverage they have and consequently this will help with their sub per basis rate in the future.

    The bottom line they want to use this HD fee as leverage for future negotiation on a higher sub rate. This translate to a higher subscriber rate which you and I would eventually end up paying for it. Believe or not, all cable providers want to keep the rates down so they can have higher subscriptions. But if the prices go high, and will end-up in lower eyeballs which translate to lower add revenue for them.

    This difference will be payed by you and I.

    So Fox is basically teasing us so we can put pressure on the cable companies so they can raise our fees in the future.

    Some of you will be ok with this, but the majority of us would not be able to pay for either PPV football events or a Setanta like subscription.

  107. Jose makes some good points. A couple more . . .

    You have to keep Fox Soccer Plus in mind here as well – many of the companies are negotiating to carry FS+ in the place of Setanta, and that will factor into the speed by which carriers agree to carry FSC HD. DirecTV made an announcement yesterday via their Twitter feed that they are in negotiations for FS+, but I didn’t get a reply when I inquired about FSC HD.

    If the carriers are generating revenue from the FS+ PPV channel, they might be more willing to carry the HD feed sooner than later. A Comcast representative on Twitter told me that he was a big fan of the game, but he didn’t expect the HD feeds to be picked up until summertime.

    I don’t expect to see FSC HD until next season . . .

  108. @Tom: ‘Not caring’ about MLS is a little harsh. I’m not a big fan of the games themselves (they consist of poor quality teams, generally) but anything that gets kids interested in football/soccer in the US is good in my view. For one, it makes getting HD coverage easier if more people want it! I’m not a big fan of domestic European football either, Champions League is different obviously, and being English the Premier League is the only one I have any affinity with. But good on you, and anyone who has an interest in The Beautiful Game, regardless of the league/teams that you follow.

  109. So you wanna see FSC HD? Check out ESPN News. They showed highlights of the MANU/Arsenal game and they were in HD! So ESPN is picking up the HD signals… My guess is that tonight’s Sports Center will also show the highlights in HD. Currently, the Pro bowl is showing (9:30 PM CT). “Sports Center is Next.”

    1. Um, no the highlights I saw on ESPNNews HD were 4×3 Pillar Bar SD highlights. The PQ was 10,000% better than the FSC SD channel I get, but they were not 16×9 and not HD. Just because you see the FSC HD logo, doesn’t mean its the HD signal…

  110. DirecTV SF BayArea has no FSC HD yet.
    Get with it, DirecTV!! The English and Sky Sports are way ahead of us. What’s with that?!! ‘Ill go with the first service to offer Soccer in HD, as will all my friends.

  111. Dish network WILL get about 10-14 new HD channels this week, the uplink reports showed Dish having FSC HD up. So generally speaking, Dish network WILL be the FIRST carrier nationwide to get the HD feed of Fox Soccer Channel. Now it will either happen Monday 2/1, Wednesday 2/3, or Friday 2/5. Trust me…

    1. This is a complete mess. Fox is purposely confusing customers in the hopes that confusion will lead them to call there sat/cable company. The scroll “available in HD” is enough to let people know.

  112. As of 1/31. FSC in HD is not available on Dish Network. Called their customer service. No info available on if and when.

    I’d suggest other subscribers call them, but I doubt any calls of the sort are logged and would come in in sufficient numbers to add fuel any urgency.

  113. go man u!!

    fox just restructured all of is management positions a couple of weeks ago, it looks like this new guy doesn’t know how to make a deal…or even close one! his name is david hill…i’ll look him up on twitter or facebook so we can flood his emails…let me check…here’s the article i read

    here’s an interesting article on him

    wow, doing research on this guy it is said he serves on board of directors for fox and directv, but i still can’t find an email or twitter or facebook or something that we can flood!!

  114. Comcast in Baltimore city, MD. I called Comcast twice yesterday (01/30/2010). The first time I called they told me to check back later, because it was supposed to be ok by last night. The second time I called (at around 11PM) they told me that the are currently “migrating” the channel to high definition, but the migration will take a couple more days. If you are in this area (and even if you are not, please call comcast or chat with a representative from their website and ask them again, because Im not really sure that they are really following up on this. Please post comments on here if you hear more details about this.

  115. I have DirecTV in Houston. The ManU/Arsenal Game had the logo but definitely not HD. I pay the shitty 14 quid or so for Setanta and it is free on FTA sat 101. So if FSC+ goes on that channel I will have it on my FTA for free? That will be something.
    People in England have been enjoying the beautiful game in stunning HD for long and the richest country in the world has didly squat. Lovely!

    1. #1-Setanta was never available for free(legally) anywhere, and that sentence about you paying for Setanta and then having it on your FTA for free makes no sense
      #2-You are right about the USA having didly squat(didn’t realize it was 1955) as far as HD is concerned. I mean, the 76 HD channels I have on Comcast is a television abortion, it’s shameful.

      1. I can confirm that Setanta Sports has been free (LEGALLY) for quite some time. Before you bash someone do you research first. There are other alternatives to TV
        programimg other than your local cable company or DTH provider (cable in the sky).

        1. I’m sorry mate, care to elaborate on how and where Setanta is available for free?? I thought I did enough research, but I mean you seem to be aware of something I missed. Do share…..

          1. I believe lyngsat lists Setanta on AMC 101 W as being unencrypted, which I believe has only popped up as an unencrypted signal in the last few weeks. I know in the past that Setanta used 101 W(I believe) to share their premium channel feed with pubs and bars. Either way Setanta being recently available for free over the air(intentionally or unintentionally) on 101 W is in no way a prediction of FSC + being available FTA, which is a ridiculous assumption.

  116. San Francisco/Bay Area-Comcast

    CSN(comcast sports net) on channel 720 has been sneaking in at least a match of two from FSC usually mid-week. Arsenal v. ManU in HD on CSN this afternoon-true HD not upscaled.

    1. Intersting because CSN in Chicago played that match yesterday but it was SD with the CSN logos as banners either side of the screen, making footage itself 4:3. The channel is HD, but the actual match wasn’t.

  117. Comcast-San Francsico

    Just finished a chat session with Comcast & the rep said they were not allowed to talk about FSC HD in the bay area at this time. End chat.

    Some sort of negotiations must be happening…

  118. thanks for the tip, CuChulainn’
    any ideea what matches CSN/FSN/MSG+ will show this coming Monday and Tuesday.
    I just checked MSG+ listings and it just says “Barclays Premier League” for Monday at 2PM and Tuesday at 12 PM. I hope both will be in HD and one of them Chelsea v. Arsenal

  119. any idea if this is coming to bell express vu or rogers digital cable in canada???
    all serie a games are in HD correct>

    i gotta watch Serie A games in HD ….cant go back to sd /

    1. Don’t get too excited (at least about the HD aspect!). Man U v Arsenal was shown on CSN Chicago this week but it wasn’t HD (I mean the game itself). The channel is HD but they just showed the SD footage that FSC had. In fact I think it looked a little lower quality than the FSC broadcast, especially the on-screen graphics.

  120. Yeah, they always used to show the re-runs(EPL, UCL) in SD on the CSN/FSN channels (I’m on DirecTV) but I figured now since FSC has the HD feeds that would mean HD re-runs…
    also CuChulainn’ said Arsenal v. ManU was in HD on CSN. Can anyone else confim this?

  121. I just tried the Comcast chat and they claimed that they are working on it and will start offering it in March 2010. She said she couldn’t say when it will be ready in my market though. I do wonder if she was talking about FSC + instead of FSC HD now that I think about it. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait and see along with everyone else but I really don’t understand why this information is so damn hard to come by!

  122. I have cox and I waited on hold for 20 minutes today while they checked to see when I would get FSC in HD. The Conversation ended with a big I DUNNO…

  123. Just chatted with someone from Dish and they said they had no info….I dont understand why this is so top secret.
    The guy said that the channel should just convert if it will be hd…I remember waiting for MTV to go HD and it did on a Weds around this time last year so that might be good news.

  124. YEAH!
    I got DISHNET in Chicago
    yesterday i watched Milan – Udinesse to be honest i dont like serie A but i was stunned, picture Q was amazing the same what we receive on ESPN2 with morning EPL matches so watched all 90 minutes :).
    hope for the rest that FSCHD will be available everywhere soon!

  125. Comcast-San Francisco/Bay Area

    ok, just got off a chat session w/ comcast, & FSC HD’s launching March/April!!!

    Here’s the chat:

    cullen(Wed Feb 17 16:11:13 PST 2010)>i just got a letter stating Setanta would no longer be available as of 2/28/10. will you be getting Fox Soccer Plus, and when will you get Fox Soccer Channel in HD???

    analyst Jason has entered room

    Jason(Wed Feb 17 16:11:44 PST 2010)>Hello cullen, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Jason. Please give me one moment to review your information.

    Jason(Wed Feb 17 16:11:48 PST 2010)>11

    Jason(Wed Feb 17 16:11:50 PST 2010)>Hi, how are you today?

    cullen(Wed Feb 17 13:11:37 PST 2010)>ok

    cullen(Wed Feb 17 13:12:01 PST 2010)>i’m good, how are you??

    Jason(Wed Feb 17 16:12:27 PST 2010)>I’m fine, thanks for asking.

    Jason(Wed Feb 17 16:12:40 PST 2010)>I see here that you are have channe inquiries, is this correct?

    cullen(Wed Feb 17 13:12:31 PST 2010)>yes

    Jason(Wed Feb 17 16:13:14 PST 2010)>I’d be glad to assist you with that.

    Jason(Wed Feb 17 16:13:54 PST 2010)>For the Setanta channel, that is correct. Setanta has already removed itself from our channel lineup. However, new talks have started to meet Setanta’s demands.

    Jason(Wed Feb 17 16:14:58 PST 2010)>For Fox Soccer Channel on HD has already been planned on adding it in the California region. This is part of Comcast’s XFINITY upgrade that brings more HD channels, more On Demand movies and higher internet speed. I see here that the markets are currently upgrading their system for them to cater the XFINITY channels. Once everything is completed, new HD channels will be rolled out and it will be included in your service automatically.

    cullen(Wed Feb 17 13:15:10 PST 2010)>any idea when that will be??

    Jason(Wed Feb 17 16:15:49 PST 2010)>That will be next month or April.

    cullen(Wed Feb 17 13:15:45 PST 2010)>also will the Bay Area be getting Fox Soccer Plus in place of Setanta?

    cullen(Wed Feb 17 13:16:27 PST 2010)>Ok, is there a link to a listing of the new HD channels we’re going to get next month or some time in Apil?

    Jason(Wed Feb 17 16:17:33 PST 2010)>For Fox Soccer Plus, it will not be an exchange for the Setanta. However, Fox Soccer Plus is included in our XFINITY upgrade so it will be included along with the new FOX sports HD channels.

    cullen(Wed Feb 17 13:17:40 PST 2010)>Great, thanks for an update…finally

    Jason(Wed Feb 17 16:18:04 PST 2010)>The channel line-ups has not yet been updated and it will only be updated if the new HD channels have rolled out already.

  126. I don’t know what you’re all talking about. I have DishNetwork. They have not yet established an HD version of Channel 149 for FSC. I’ve called several times and the CSR’s who I’ve talked to concur that DishNetwork is not yet providing FSC with an HD feed.

  127. I have Direct TV and I am pissed to see HD logo on FSC but poor quality picture….i am thinking about switching to DISH network soon!

  128. i have time warner, i called them and according to them they “have no idea when they will begin to transmit FSC in HD on there channel”…..weak

  129. I also have Dish and I can confirm that I do indeed have FSC in HD as I can see both non-HD and HD channels and the difference between the 2 is oh so clear!!

    1. In what country? If the US, in what state? In Massachusetts, Dish Network is DEFINITELY NOT providing the HD feed from FSC. Sure, the video shows the “HD” emblem, but that’s because FSC is broadcasting in HD, NOT because Dish Network is allocating the bandwidth to provide the HD feed to its customers.

  130. still nothing in central Oregon, guess I need to call the local carrier again, the “HD” matches Fox is running on their regional channel are definitely far from HD! .. my guess the next effort will be as well.

  131. Comcast in Boulder,CO not in HD yet. It says it is, but looking at the TV info said it was 720×480 p when a normal HD network is 1920×1080 i
    compared to the espn epl games, i dont even want to watch them, piss poor quality

  132. Time Warner Cable in San Diego started broadcasting FSCHD today, 3/20. So happy to watch Chelsea beat Blackburn in HD!

  133. Effin Annoyed at Direct TV!!!!
    just got my HDDTV converters on at my house and guess what no HD FSC!!! seriously….wtf is going on overthere? It clearly says HD on the top right hand corner of the channel (619),and its STILL being shown in BELOW DEFINITION,and below tolerable to watch definition. Hope they are working hard on this little problem,since alot of us were and ARE still waiting to watch this chanel in HD!!!!
    Anyone have any updates or any information on this please let us know,my regards.

  134. Atleast you’ve got FSC Plus with Direct TV Buddy.

    Half of America will be missing Arsenal V Barcelona because it’ll only be available on that channel.

      1. Hey bro,

        That schedule now says the arsenal barca game will be on fsc and not fsc plus – But both the official fsc website and my tv listings still say Teams TBA. Was just wondering where u got ur info, and if ur 100% sure about this ?


    1. FSC Plus is available on Dish Network in Massachusetts, USA. It’s on what used to be the Setanta channel #406. The Arse will be shown playing Barca on Wed.

      1. Just to clarify – the Gunners will be on FSC against Barca. But FSC Plus is available on Dish Network on Channel 406 in MA, USA.

  135. It will be, Gaffer.

    Just give it time. Fox sports net are getting the tuesday game and there’ll only be one live cl game on wednesday for those without fsc plus. Fox will use this as an opportunity to piss off a lot of people who’ll now run out of patience with their providers. They’ve already started showing the biggest games on FSC Plus, but this probably be the biggest one so far.

    I hope im wrong, but that’s what i think will happen.

  136. Location: Central Mass
    I just had an online chat with Comcast Customer Service. The rep advised to call the 800 number to request that the channel be added.

    1. Regardless of the presence of the bug, if your carrier does not offer FSC HD as a channel then the picture is indeed not HD on your TV.

  137. For the Gaffer:

    Is there any more news about Fox Soccer Plus being shown on Cox Cable?
    DirecTV show it, but neither it nor FSC are in HD. Are news when HD will be available on Cox and/or DirecTV?

  138. Well, unless Gaffer has some exciting insider news, we might as well give up on that one, mate. Cox are ridiculously slow at adding ANY new channels, let alone ones that are not highly demanded. My guess is that it won’t be on until at least 2012. If ever. And as for FSC+…

    1. Cox is adding FSC in HD on June 2. Looks like Cox is rolling it out on a very slow regional basis, so there’s no guarantee when it’ll be added to other regional Cox Cable areas anytime soon.

      The Gaffer

  139. Does anybody know if u-verse will add fsc plus anytime soon ? This is getting ridiculous now …. If they can’t have i tup and running by the start of next season then I’m moving to a new apartment !

  140. FSC Plus is now showing on Time Warner Cable in Los Angeles. It is on channel 263 in West Los Angeles in standard definition only, but I’m still excited at knowing Manchester United will be on here!!!

  141. We still do not have FSC HD or FSC+ here in update NY on TWC. also the standard def FSC is quite possibly the worst channel quality wise i have ever seen

  142. Update for Cox customers (seems to be just me):

    As of 8/16/2010:

    “Currently, we only offer (sic) Fox Soccer Plus in Northern Virginia. We offer Fox Soccer HD in Louisiana, Arizona, Oklahoma, New England and Kansas/Arkansas. When we launch it in other markets, you will be among the first to know.”

      1. Fox Soccer Plus (as well as Fox Soccer Channel) is not available in HD as of yet on FiOS even though the logo on the broadcast says HD. It just means the feed is in HD if available from your provider.

        FiOS has given no information as to when either will become available in HD, the closest you get is a Twitter comment that FSC (no mention of FS+) will be available “soon” (which they have been saying for months).

  143. Finally noticed… FSC and FSC+ are now in great HD on Time Warner Cable in Los Angeles on channels 394 and 395!

  144. FSC is still not available in HD from Comcast in MN. Only in 480. No 1.78 (16:9) ratio. FSN North is available in HD, but no FSC or FSC plus.

  145. Same here, Cox communications in San Diego— the picture is getting worse and worse. Started about 2 months ago….. (I am a premiere league fan)
    (it was never very good but now it is terrible. It’s like smoking some good stuff and watching a psychedelic picture and it gives me a headache….)

    Called Cox and they sent a technician. His comment “Never seen this before”. He called his tech support department and the answer was…” it is the poor feed we receive by satelite from Europe”

    I’ll check a MLS match and see what the quality is then…. will update.

  146. Same here with Cox San Diego South. It’s quite ridiculous that they still don’t offer FSCHD or any version of FS+. They’ve just announced a whole slew of new HD programming, but it doesn’t mention these channels.

    I installed DirecTV for the FSC channels. I’m now canceling ALL my Cox channels and switching to DT for everything. The HD DT picture is better and completely stable, whereas Cox have been to my house six times to try and get rid of dropouts and interference on my Cox HD channels – ESPN2 is particularly bad.

    Bye-bye Cox.

  147. Follow up……

    Checked on a local MLS soccer game. Same problem.

    I’ll call Cox tech support one more time and if I get another load of nonsense, I am canceling my “Sports Package”

    All other channels are great, but, I refuse to pay for a package of which I am interested in only one channel (FSC) that is almost un-viewable.

    Does anyone know of a Torrent site that records (for download) the EPL games? I am willing to pay a subscription fee.
    Reason: I am a also F1 fan and use formulamonkey dot com to (legally) download the practice sessions and the race from BBC’s coverage.

    Will update.


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