Craig Bellamy Coin Incident Gave Man United Unfair Advantage


Watching the Manchester derby Wednesday night I was appalled to see Craig Bellamy get hit by an object and to see other objects thrown at him as he went to take a corner for Manchester City.

Bellamy was struck by a coin that knocked him to the ground and saw a beer bottle narrowly miss his head. Having attended Old Trafford before, my recollection is that the beer bottles are plastic. But still, it’s despicable to see any objects thrown at footballers no matter who they are and no matter whether people hate the player or not. Yes, Bellamy is a cheeky footballer and he was mouthing off to Rio Ferdinand all night, but no football player deserves to have objects thrown at him.

I realize this was a heated Manchester derby, but I also found the reaction of the Manchester United supporters near Bellamy despicable. Not the people who threw the objects, who should be banned from Old Trafford from life (and they were even more despicable), but several supporters in that corner were seen laughing at and taunting Bellamy even after he got hit and was visibly shaken.

It’s one thing to get involved in a bit of banter with a player from your hated rival. But when that footballer has been struck by an object, is in pain and has fallen to the ground, football supporters should acknowledge that a line has been crossed and it’s not funny anymore to laugh at Bellamy, make rude gestures at him or scream obscenities.

The other disturbing issue is this. Once order was restored, from the resulting corner, United cleared the ball and, thanks to a world-class pass from Wayne Rooney to Ryan Giggs, went straight down the other end of the pitch and scored through Paul Scholes. You have to consider how much concentration City lost after the despicable corner incident and how that may have led to United being able to open them up at the other end of the pitch.

Up until the corner incident, Manchester City was on par with United and looked to be in its ascendency. As soon as the Bellamy incident happened, City lost its focus and never looked like winning this game especially after United scored the goal that made the aggregate scoreline equal.

Overall, Manchester United were by far the stronger team Wednesday night and deserved the victory. But I believe that Bellamy being struck by a coin had an impact on Manchester United’s first goal. Without the coin incident happening, Manchester City would have been more focused for that corner and probably would have delivered a better ball into the box, and who knows where the game could have gone from there.

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  1. Where is all this indignation when coins where tossed at Evra at Middle Eastlands the week before? If you doubt it watch a replay of the match and it is clear.

    You’re being partisan and a bit reductionist though I respect your concern for player safety and I in no way support missile throwing of any kind at anyone in football ground…I do think you’re being a bit obtuse.

    Citeh lost because they don’t have any leaders on the pitch. They are a collection of individuals though talented but not United and that was on display for everyone to see. You also fail to point out that Tevez scored after United had gone 2 up in the match thus drawing the tie level.

    Wayne Rooney was the difference. Probably the best English talent since Gazza and you ought to give credit where it is due.

    1. Alistair, I didn’t see the first leg of the game on TV. I listened to it on radio, so I’m not going to comment about something I didn’t see. But if coins were thrown at Evra, that was despicable of the City supporters to do that.

      The Gaffer

    2. I always find it interesting when fans on the side that committed the offense usually seem to point across the aisle and say “What about them?” Frankly, it’s pretty stupid to try and justify dangerous and wrong behavior by pointing to the dangerous and wrong behavior that occurred in the previous tie.

      1. A lighter was thrown at Evra by one nugget at Eastlands, at Old Trafford it was a tidal wave of coins & bottles from many fans coming from all different directions I counted at least 5 coins not including the bottles. The bottles were clearly taken pitch side for this purpose as they are not allowed to take them to the seated areas, they were also full so to cause as much damage as possible. These coins or whatever they were not only hit Belamy but several people in the crowd including the women with the white hat stood behind the corner flag watch the full replays see for yourself. While I have seen objects thrown on pitches many times over the years I can categorically state nothing ever like this. United are making sure they keep there place at the number 1 spot for the biggest thug fans in the country, well done. By the way, I know these are ifs or buts, but if one of City’s efforts would have taken a slight deflection as did Scholes’s did or Tevez not been in the way of Micah’s header etc. there would have been no way back for Utd in this game as they would have needed two, this is the difference in the game a bit of luck one way and not the other. The game could quite easily have gone either way. City’s defence has 3 first team player out of it but I thought the kid Boyata was excellent against the world class Rooney just a lack of concentration at the end. This year City have been near enough equal to Utd in every department and without doubt over the next 2-3 yrs will become much stronger. Enjoy your victories while you can because these are 2 clubs travelling in opposite directions.

        1. What does it matter what was throw – this is beyond stupid – fans throwing things at players is wrong end of. Strange that the original article trys to explain the result by reference to this!

          1. The point I’m making is to alistair, that is being one mindless thug throwing a lighter a City (not coins as he made up to sound like more thugs threw them than they actually did) is not the same as groups of thugs in different stands pelting bottles coins and any other objects that came to there grubby little hands at anyone in the area that Bells was in, even at their fellow fans. Is that ok with you Tom?

    3. a lighter was chucked at evra and it hit him on the side if it hurt him he shouldnt be playing anywhere near defence or even football

  2. alaister… i think if you read the article again the author says quite clearly that Utd played better on the night and also talked about Rooney in the same sentence as world-class (which he undoubtedly is).

    However, i think what the author is trying to get at is that until that moment City (while not being overly threatening) were able to cope with United very easily. I agree that after that point City lost their way. I also think that, in a perverse kind of way, that moment lifted the United players (not saying that they applauded it, just that they definitely stepped up a gear after the incident).

    I also agree that the idiots sat in that corner seen laughing and mocking the player when he was down want shooting. It is a pity they can’t be named and shamed.

    BTW – i though Evra was hit by a lighter. It makes no difference either as throwing anything is stupid. I was punching cushions in frustration but that would give me no right to punch that fucker Fletcher in the face (something i would sincerely like to do).

    Despite a definite lack of momentum at that point in the game i was pleased how City managed to rally (and also ride our luck at times). I was devastated by the loss of concentration at the end. In the build up to this game many City players talked about how we must ‘focus for the WHOLE GAME’. Yet once again that didnt happen.

    Split seconds change games and City do not yet have that mentality. Playing to the whistle sounds easy in theory but only really the rags and Chelski really do it.

  3. I absolutely agree that the coin-throwing incident threw City out of their stride. I know that United commendably (and I don’t often use those two words in the same sentence!) will be banning the culprits, but it is particularly sickening to reflect on a match potentially being won and lost by acts of hate-driven mindlessness like this. If I were a United fan – God forbid – I would see this incident as taking some of the sheen off the final result.

  4. As a United fan I was ashamed when I saw what happened (though I hate Bellamy from deep within my soul), and was relieved when I saw Edwin stand between the fans and the city players. But I don’t think that it had any influence at all on the game, or very little at the most. Last game Evra was hit with a lighter, and it didn’t change anything about the game. What did change the game was that Mancini decided to go for the win and took off Garrido, weakening their defence. I’m not saying that he was wrong at the moment, but it did hurt them in the end.

  5. Will the FA take action against United for the actions of their supporters? It seems this would be the perfect time to teach everyone some sort of lesson…

    1. The F.A punish Man Utd. Now you’re living in dreamland. How many times has Ferguson complained about refereeing decisions and got away with it. Neville will probably get off with a warning and the F.A will say something like “we didn’t see enough evidence of a fine” or “they didn’t see who through it”. Even if they do fine them, it won’t make too much of a difference financially will it?

      1. The police have arrested someone and it looks like the are putting every thing that was thrown, several coins and bottles on this one guy, thats what they are reporting on sky anyway.

      1. o how quickly everyone forgets, or heres one chelski’s grounds crew and evra getting in their “scuff”. Every one of those groundskeepers lost their job or at least had week unpaid “vacation” right cause i vaguely remember a fine and ban for evra. But for every “hey united got screwed on this one” moment we devlis can bring up, the rest of the world will have 3 “united got the good end of that deal” moments. Such is life, 2 wrongs don’t make a right, and nothing can be completely partial once you get past kindergarden. As for bellamy getting hit changing the game/outcome…bs. If your team crashes outta the world cup is it going to be because of those(stupid) horn things? Im sure united players were just as surprised as all the city players, with the exception of Bellamy. If city wanna win anything they need a spine of great players/leaders, 1out of 2 isn’t good enough to win silverware.If the fa is really that concerned about coins and such then england may need to put up the clear walls/nets behind the goals. well shoot why not just close the whole pitch in with those nets, that will make every one happy, except the paying fans.

  6. The coin incident was ugly, there is no doubt. However, to claim this impacted on the result is absurd. Bellamy is surely one of the most dislikable players ever to take the field. Indeed, it is my belief that he completely exaggerated the incident. That said, there is no excuse for throwing missiles at players.
    All said and done, United will surely be made an example of as they usually are, and Bellamy will walk away the victim.
    His ugly expletive filled ongoing diatribe at the referee and united players was disgusting to witness and only helped to intensify the anger in the stands.
    Fans have a responsibility but so do players. The name calling, gesturing and moaning that we have heard all week from the 47 million pound man only fanned the flames.

    1. And what do you think Ferdegonad was saying to him “don’t be silly Craig its only a game” or “lets just be good friends”. Tool

  7. Last week Evra got hit by a lighter, and the world and his wife were condemning CIty. There were literally dozens of stories, one after the other on the City feed on the lighter throwing incident alone. After Bellamy got hit by a coin (in my opinion much more dangerous than a lighter), narrowly missed by bottles and other objects, I was expecting a response from the media well in excess of the Evra incident due to the nature of the attack, and the outrage post the Evra attack. What have I got? Nothing. This is the only article dedicated to the incident, over 15 hours after the match ended – which includes all of the morning papers. That is disgusting reporting by the media. Completely biassed, and entirely unwilling to highlight the vicious nature of the United fans. Whilst I certainly do not condone the lighter throwing incident, the Bellamy incident is undoubtebly retaliation, which as we all know is, and should be a far more serious crime. The media have totally ignored both the incident and the nature of the retaliation, which is absolutely unacceptable. First We had Hansen, Lineker and Lawrenson ripping Bellamy, and now this. It seems there is one law to protect everyone else and none to protect Bellamy. If the FA had any balls they would ban United from the competition for retaliation alone (Just like a player would get) before we even get to the coins and bottles. That would send a clear message to the fans – misbehave and your team is out. Unfortunately the FA like the media refuse to criticize United and will take the easy route and ignore the whole event. Disgusting, despicable, yet all too predictable.

    1. To think that the FA is biased FOR United is just plain absurd, to suggest that the coin hitting Bellamy is more serious than a lighter is even more absurd. It doesn’t matter what a fan throws, a fan should not be throwing anything- a lighter, a coin, or a beer bottle. You say the FA is biased but then say that United should receive a stricter punishment because a lighter isn’t as potentially dangerous as a coin? Sounds like you’re the biased one, pal.

      The vicious nature of United fans? What about City scumbags signing “Carlos Tevez is a blue, he hates Munichs?” Is that vicious? Perhaps you’re one of the fine chaps singing such a lovely tune. Also, this article on EPLTalk is the only article covering this story? Is this the only website you visit? It’s all over the damn Internet.

      Also, apparently you missed the FA banning Rio Ferdinand for 4 matches. Typical FA, refusing to criticize United and ignoring the whole event.


      1. A coin, surely you mean 5 coins 2 bottles (2 coins hitting the body, 3 taped into one hitting the head in 1 instance) also various objects hitting your own fans as the throwers let go to soon as they are trying to hide there identities the rats, god knows how many other objects all throughout the game are you blind! United have the worst fan behaviour in the country that’s a fact! You won’t know this because it’s keep quiet but Google premier arrest rates, your in a league of your own! And yesterday only confirmed this to be accurate, although they seem to be keeping this behaviour damped down to say the least i.e. every report states ‘a coin’ even though any fool with eyes can see it was much more, this was thuggery to the extreme.

        ‘To think that the FA is biased FOR United is just plain absurd’

        There are so many things wrong with this sentence. I cannot believe anyone could be so short sighted/stupid/retarded (delete as appropriate) to think certain teams are not favoured. For SAF to have a problem he must A) Attack an opposition player or B) Shoot a referee (and only a kill shot would count even then) . You must be a little green frog in you own little fantasy world son, sort ur ed out!

      2. Read the comment in its entirety you clown, insteading of doing exaclty what the media do and select bits to suit them. Another of the brainwashed masses………

      3. @sanj
        what a muppet. guess you’ve probably never been to owed trafford, TT fans are well known in the football community (that doesn’t include the press or the vast army of reds (sky subscribers every one!) fans who have never been to a match) for being scumbags and thugs.

  8. A few comments:

    A) – AGREE: I don’t condone anyone throwing anything at players. Behaviour towards United players at the CoM stadium does not create an opportunity for Old Trafford fans to behave equally inappropriately. Lifetime bans from all stadia when they’re figured out.

    B) CRY WOLF: Not a fan of laughing at someone when they’re down, but given Bellamy’s history for gravity-induced adventures in the attacking zone, it would not surprise me if some supporters questioned the sincerity of the injury. “Visibly shaken” as you put it, doesn’t mean the same thing when you’re a notorious diver. Unfortunate, but true. The boy who cries wolf sometimes loses a few sheep. Had it been SWP or Stephen Ireland, perhaps the response isn’t the same.

    C) EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TURNING POINT: The incident was an opportunity for BOTH teams to lose focus, not just the sky blues. It was just as easy for United to mentally wobble and the ball end up in the back of their net. So, if you’re declaring that mental focus is an unfair advantage, well, I’d have to agree ; )

    D) TOUGHEN UP!: City got the game back on level aggregate terms with 15 minutes to go and still let it slip away. If you’re going to let an indirect event (hey’ it’s not like someone dove in the box and conned the ref into a penalty, right?) in the first 7 minutes of the half play in your head for the next 40, you’re not going to Wembley. Once again, I can understand why Arsenal let a game slip away when Eduardo had his lower leg amputated in front of millions, but this is not quite the same in severity. If Bellamy is really that shaken up, get someone else to deliver the corner.

    E) HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE: This is one of the reasons why they play two legs. City had over 140 minutes to sort this out before the coin incident, but did not. They also had another 40 minutes after the incident, but did not. They gave up three, not one goal, including one in extra time. Winners don’t give up goals in injury time, and certainly not 3 a game.

    F) IF MY GRANNY HAD BALLS…: If we want to subscribe to the butterfly effect, allow me to offer this: If some old fart in Ireland had taught a young Shay Given how to come off his line properly, the first and third goals would never have happened. The guys’ an excellent shot stopper, but the way he plays the game, he HAS to be: he does very little to help out his back line and is rooted to his line on crosses. Compare that with Ed Van Der Sar, who regularly received back and square passes from defenders and regularly made simple passes to switch play, ease pressure, and let United play out of trouble in the back. Far less hoofing and hoping, attacking throw ins deep in the defending third and corner kicks.


  9. I think in most cases the supporters near the pitch would be concerned for a hit player, but Bellamy was right back at it jawing at Ferdinand and anyone else in the vicinity immediately after the incident; he just makes it hard to have any sympathy for him. Again, not to make light of the incident, but it couldn’t have happened to a more annoying player…and this coming from a neutral with no stake in the outcome of the game.

    Also notable was the incident right before the second goal between Fletcher and Richards…the two went at it near midfield and City lost concentration after that too – and it was Fletcher who got things started on United’s second goal after he was left unmarked in the box. Those are things good teams don’t do…let any incidents like these two break there concentration to be followed by goals for the other team.

  10. Im a City fan and whilst I can understand where your coming from, it didnt give them an advantage. Unfortunately this sort of thing seems to be commonplace in our derby matches & we just have to get on with it. Poor defending cost us last night, thats it. Time to move on, onwards & upwards, we can still get that 4th spot and we have a good shout in the FA Cup. Maybe we will return the favour and knock united out of the FA Cup in the semis… oh wait…

    1. Well said Andy. It’s refreshing to hear from honest fans like you.

      There was no ‘unfair advantage’. Wayne Rooney made a killer pass to launch a counterattack after the corner. Someone could have replaced Bellamy on corner kick duty if he was rattled.

      I thought the incident was disgraceful but as the commentators said, it’s an idiot minority that does these things and gives the clubs a bad name. No true fan of either City or United would get into this nonsense.

  11. Evra did get hit by a lighter I believe. The mob mentality causes inexplicable behavior but it’s still baffling that someone who can afford a 50 pound ticket can throw objects at another human. (some may argue that Bellamy falls inches short.)

    If the FA and the local police have zero tolerance for players even gesturing at crowds then it’s only fair that it goes both ways. If that means putting up nets or not allowing anything except keys and mobile phones (even though some geniuses have thrown those in the past)

  12. Matthew N,
    I agree that any objects being hurled at any player is despicable and should have repercussions. You say “It seems this would be the perfect time to teach everyone some sort of lesson… “ Was it not the perfect time when a lighter hit Evra in the first leg. Manchester United always seems to be the team that people want to make an example of. Any action taken should be waged against both clubs.

  13. M. Sparks:

    There’s the dilemma at the FA. They are absolutely loving all the “Could care less Cup is BACK!” noise made from these two semi-finals (Manc derby in particular) and undoubtedly the key for such a great atmosphere was the rabid passion of the fans. Unfortunately, that includes 3-4 out of 120,000 who crossed the line. Will they condemn the very aspect that’s going to make them shed-loads of money and entitle them to keep the tourney going without complaints for a few more years?

    Given the FA’s track record, they’ll sit on it until it morphs well out of control, and have themselves to blame (but a club will suffer the severe punishment) when a much more serious incident kicks off in a few weeks.


  14. I’m a fan of United, but a fan of football too. Irrespective of the size or weight of the object, throwing them at players is unacceptable. I was happy to see Edwin stand between Bellamy and the crowd. That’s what sportsmanship is all about!
    Bellamy did himself no favours with his reaction after getting up, but put yourself in his place. You’re in a highly charged match against on of your most fierce competitors, everyone is at 110%, and then you get hit in the back of the head with a coin. I would be pretty p*ssed too – wouldn’t you?

    As to how City lost their focus after that point, maybe, but not much. Incidents like that can also fire you up, makng you try even harder, especially since Bellamy was back up on his feet and swearing at everyone in no time at all! Oh, and if City were so off focus then how did they score?
    The reason for two legs at this stage of the tournament is so that each team has the support of their fans, i.e. home pitch advantage. City fans were no less vocal last week!
    At the end of the day, United deserved the win – they played the better game, they scored the goals and they had Rooney playing for them! United were the better team – that’s why they won! Let the authorities deal with the morons who threw stuff and let’s enjoy the football!

  15. The people involved should be banned for life, both United and City supporters (coin, lighter). But Bellamy lose focus? This is the same bloke that ran 40 yards to hit a man being held by stewards because he felt threatened @ OT. Please, this derby is how old it should be expected that a few yobs are going to get out of control. If you want to ban United for this you have to ban City for the starting it. It’s bad for football all round, but enough of the whinging about United’s unfair advantages.

    1. Chris, so you’re saying that the coin had exactly zero percent impact on what happened immediately after the coin throwing incident? I disagree. The Manchester City players, I thought, lost concentration and were incensed at what happened. Should they have done better and stopped United’s first goal? Most definitely. But when a player gets hit by a coin on the back of the head and other objects rain down on to the pitch, I can understand how hard it must be as a footballer to compose himself and regain his complete concentration.

      The Gaffer

    2. As others have pointed out, it seems that some of you haven’t even read the article.

      The author conceded that United were the better team and that they deserved the victory. I think the point is that having a coin thrown at your head right before a corner kick that could effectively change the whole game may have thrown things off a bit for City.

  16. Of course this had an effect on the game, City were having no problem absorbing Yernited pressure and in the immediate aftermath of these vile actions, Howard Webb had to basically wrestle the ‘evidence’ off Van Der Sar and tell Bellemy NOT to take the corner – the ensuing mayhem lead to the first goal. It’s a sad day when actions off the field go some way to deciding the outcome on it, I’m sure the misslile -throwers will be boasting to their mates that they had contributed more to united’s win than Rio Ferdinand.

    1. I didnt really see it as Van der Sar trying to “hide” the evidence. The video provided that. I just thought the United goalie was taking whatever was thrown since he is the only one of the three that doesn’t have to run around the entire pitch and could keep the evidence on him or next to the goalpost. Just my thought…

    2. u really think throwing coins at craig bellamy is the reason for man shitty losing??at middle eastlands shitty scored from a non penalty and a corner that wasnt a corner!!!!take ur blue glasses off,shitty are light years behind united,always have been always will be.i cheered so hard and loud when that bastard bellamy got hit,couldnt happen to a nicer guy,pity it wasnt a bus hitting him rather than little coins!!!!heres to no neck breaking his legs soon,cheers and 34 going on 35 yrs and counting

  17. Maik (8.29am), mancini brought garrido off when city went 2-0 down and had to score to stay in the tie.
    Should have subbed Boyata as he did in the first game

  18. Hilarious.. I assume just before injury time someone also practiced telepathy on the city players and all of them were under a trance when Rooney scored the winner. I do not condone this kind of behavior but come on!
    City were right back in the game and that shows there was no lack of concentration on their part.
    Just the normal banter that follows every game that ANY team wins , not just united.

  19. i am a city fan.. but i think this is a poor reason to point out for the failure…
    this is absurd..coin incident was bad,but it had nothing to do with the loss..
    we were out classed by united in the second half.. we must keep our concentration more focussed and we must devolop more as a team.. this is crap ,too much exagerated moaning about some incident.. the offenders must be and will be punished, but using this situation to justify poor performance is pathetic.. and it degrades the reputation of city fans in avoid posting this kind of nonsense and post something about football

    1. Jack, I’m not a Manchester City supporter, but instead a neutral observer of the Premier League. I don’t think you read my entire article, because I said that United was the better team on the night. My issue is that the coin throwing incident took Manchester City off their game, and that changed everything in this game.

      The Gaffer

  20. Its a good job it wasn´t some of the Darts or some of the Golf Balls like those that were confiscated off the United fans last week.
    They were only taken to the game for one reason and one reason alone.
    Anyone, (whoever team they follow) who decides they have the right to throw things at people just because they pay their money, well, come over here, I will give give you my enterance fee of 50 quid and throw things at you to my hearts content.
    As to the incident changing the game, I dont hold with that, These players get paid a lot of money to ply their trade. They have to work hard for 90 minutes, let up (especially against Manchester United) for one minute and the team will be punished. Its only finding excuses for poor defending.
    As to idiots on here referring to Craig Bellamy as some kind of pond life, well I feel they would know as they are as ignorant as the ottom feeders they prove themselves to be. True, Craig Bellamy isn´t the most liked player in the world, however he is in my opinion being unduley singled out for his tirade after the incident.
    United had Roy Keane….. (Kettles and Pots come to mind here)….. However, he will forever be called a gifted visionary by The Red side of Manchester, when the rest of the football world will know him for what he really is,…….a despicable foul mouthed thug.
    Craig Bellamy has founded an orphanage and football centre for deprived and orphaned children in Sierra Leone. He has funded this project from his own pocket (this was done long before he came to Manchester City I may add) and is a constant active fundraiser for this cause.
    These are hardly the actions of the lowlife animal he is painted to be.
    As to him falling over easily….Does Ruud Van Falldowninthebox come to mind????
    Again Kettles and Pots!
    Good Luck to United in their quest for the only silverware the may get this season,
    City have waited for a trophy this long, we can wait a little longer, but its coming!
    So is United´s downfall and I will be on the front row to see it happen.
    They thought it would never happen to Liverpool…………

  21. what a hilarious proposal..?
    whats the point of the article?..change the heading as ‘magic coin’…lol
    i agree with jack.. dont post these kind of topics after a degrades city fans and morover the gr8 mancity.. the throwers of the coin must be punished..but it leading to lack of focus??? and city losing bcause of that??
    get a life.. we will improve in coming seasons.. dont get mad at the derby defeat.. we wil b back

  22. i have read your article twice..jst because i was so surprised by the content..
    i think it you as a city supporter with a small mind…
    your arguments are on the wrong plot.. why you want to take the attention from football to some maniacs whose essential aim would also have been the same… city lossing focus bcause of coins thrown are ridiculous observation..
    its jst lack of experience in being on d top of the plot.. v will handle it effectively in 1 or 2 d team as such gain more confidence and quality

    1. Jack, where did you learn to read and write? “i think it you as a city supporter with a small mind…”

      I’m not a Manchester City supporter. I support Swansea City.

      The Gaffer

  23. The whole point of the article was to ask if the missile throwing incidents had any influence on the game and the answer is they quite clearly did. Roberto Mancini has already proved that he’s streets ahead of Mark Hughes tactically but even he wouldn’t have factored in the possibility of Craig Bellemy not taking corners due to risk of being hit by coins and bottles. City ‘went to pieces for 10 minutes’, to quote the press and the manager, straight after this incident – don’t tell me it had no effect on the players bearing in mind they had already been pelted with coins during the league derby.

  24. Oh yeah, because the loss had nothing to do with poor marking by City. Blame the coin toss. Please offer some decent analysis of the match, not one small incident that had nothing to do with the run of play.

  25. I completley agree with this article.

    I must admit, I am a City fan but still, even if I wasn’t, I still would admit that the coin throwing incident changed the game.

    All you United fans saying it didn’t change the game are just idiots.

    1. craig bellamy is a scumbag,most hateful premiership player and he drinks on the ormeau rd belfast,says it all really!!!

  26. I think the appaling penalty given in the 1st leg had a bigger impact on the result than Bellamy being struck in the 2nd. From the look of it Tevez was severely injured in the face too – oh no wait, he was back up as soon as he realised Rio wasn’t to be carded. Likewise for the clown in defence tripping over Rooney and making out he’d been scythed down.
    A nasty incident of course but Bellamy was fine and if the ref had exerted some control over City players I doubt it would have happened at all.

  27. i see both sides of this but the time between the goal and corner kick was probably enough for City to have woken up. The great pass from Rooney was in a passage of play that broke down. I’d say it changed the minute and possibly led to a breakaway or goal but we’ll never know if United would have gone through without it – i suspect they still would have. United too were distracted by the incident, Van De Sar was out by the corner flag.

  28. I abhor the fact that objects were thrown at Bellamy last night but to be fair a lighter and other stuff was thrown at Evra (and hit him) at Wastelands in the first leg. Patrick just got on with the game like a pro should – Bellamy went down like a sack of spuds. I don’t think it changed the game. However I hope United ban the muppets who threw the coins and the bottle and that, when the police have done their bit, they pursue the culprits in the courts for recovery of any fines received by the club regarding the incident. LUHG

    1. No Garry, Patrick picked the lighter up and waved it about to make sure that everyone and the cameras could see it. Unlike Tevez at the other end after the penalty when coins were launched at him go a check the highlights!

  29. Have you ever been hit by a coin – thrown hard at the back of the head? It is extremely painful. Evra copped a plastic lighter, in the back, I think. Idiotic, yes, but a different kettle of fish. Why not get a mate to hurl a two pound coin at the back of your head from a few yards away?

    1. Barry picked up the larger object thrown, Van Dar Sar tried to take it but Barry gave it to the Ref. It was larger that one coin more like 3 quid taped together and it hit him right on the napper.

  30. Obviously, whoever threw anything onto the field should be banned, but that was the third time in the game a Manchester City player went down like they were severely injured trying to get some sympathy.

    Someone else mentioned the Tevez-Ferdinand incident, which was ridiculous, but Zabaleta was also guilty of another one earlier in the match. They both should have been booked. that kind of stuff needs to be taken out of the game, that kind of cheating is worse than anything Thierry Henry did.

    1. Oh, you mean the incident where Tévez took a blow to the chin from Ferdinand that made pretty much every highlight package of the match? (And usually with some comment along the lines of “Neville wasn’t picked, but Ferdinand was there to deliver a message for him.”)

      If you’re trying to come across as a hopelessly biased United fanboy, by all means, keep going with delusional stuff like that.

  31. Yes I have been hit by coins – at Highbury in 1989 – hurts like f*ck I have to say. they were 50p coins with sharpened edges too – ouch! The point is – we don’t know whether it was a 2 quid or a 5p that hit Bellamy but I feel the going down on all fours was a tad theatrical – just an opinion that’s all.

  32. you may aswell be a city supporter as 96% of non-united fans hate man utd. this is a ridiculous article, sure it may have had an effect but so does every other million things that happen during a game :S

    if the coin throwing was the reason we scored then i guess it wasnt such a bad thing after all

  33. Good thing this game wasnt played in Philadelphia. The fans there might have thrown a brick at Bellamy,

    I cant imagine how it would be difficult to find the culprit who threw the coin… arent the English the most watched nation on the planet. You lot are always captured on CCTV. Even on the motorway!

  34. I’m a city fan and I have to say that if it was Bells who took the corner after the scum bags (not bag) threw the objects (not object) that hit bells and he then played the ball straight to a red shirt they broke and scored (very unlike Bells if indeed this is what happened) if this was the chain of events then it definitely didn’t help city did it!! but if these things did not happen then the Gaffer does not really have a point (I can’t be bothered checking back!)
    There are many if and buts in this game a penalty could have been given to City as Tevez was on goal when he was caught by Ferdinand from behind the replays show he didn’t go within a foot of the ball but it wasn’t given and that’s life. It only took 1 second to score the goal that won this close game of football, if this second went for city and we had scored Utd would be out and I would not be complaining and Utd would be looking for the reasons they lost instead of City. These things happen in football and fortune always seems to favour one teams in the 70’s we had or fair share. Fair play to Utd they tried their utmost to win and they did, as did City. They now see my team as a major threat and no longer think they just have to turn up to get a result, where just a few years ago we were less of a threat than Blackburn or Bolton (no offence meant to their fans ).
    They may come to regret the Rio appeal as it was blatant violent conduct and SAF knew that Rio would get a 4 game ban he is now out of the Aston Villa match in the league instead of the City match and the Everton away match (unless the CL game counts) what were his priorities? Look likes they were City in the egg cup semi. lol

  35. Thats what happens when you cheat.
    The only reason this happened is Bellamy’s dive changed the whole game in the first leg, he turned up with the same game plan in the league match.
    If he hadn’t turned up with his trunks and goggles he would of recieved the usual banter.
    I’m glad it happened as hopefully it will teach him a lesson as diving is ruining the game.

    I would have done it myself given the chance as he is a cheating scumbag and I hope it f*cking hurt!!!

    1. Retard. You are typical of the new thug Utd fan. As the prawn sandwiches start deserting for more glamorous sides who don’t sell their best players shit like you find it easier to get a ticket, explaining why your fans have started to have the by far the worse record for violence over the last couple of years.

  36. Why go to a football match to fight and throw objects at is about going to support your team and get on with other people and the players themsevles are orrdinary people so why hurt other people we should all treat people the way we would like to be treated ourselves. So what if a lighter gets thrown at Evera you shouldnt repeat the same behavior. To throw loads of coins and bottles at Bellamy was unexcepted and gave united a upper hand.

  37. united, the whole club are a disgrace, starting with the owners, and SAF he sets the worst example which the rest of the sheep follow. I agree with the article the BOTTLE throwing knocked City out of their stride how can any player head for that area of the pitch after that.

  38. OK first of all no one has the wright to call an epl player a “f**ker” that just shows how much similar you are to the people throwing the coins. Secondly throwing a coin or any type of foreign object onto the pitch, in a attempt to injure a player, is simply disrespectful. Actions have been taken towards the fan who did so. Finally, when we lost to city in the first leg; we DIDN’T put out ANY excuses. We said that they were the better team and Tevez was the better player. So you should show us the same respect and stop giving excuses. BTW the bottle didnt hit bellamy, the coin did, and even though he looked hurt, he was up the next minute shouting at the players ( even at Van Der Sar who came to help him, if he hadnt intervened THEN bellamy wud deffinetly have gotten hit with a bottle). You’ve got great players but they are not as of yet united, a couple of more season and you will be a VERY dominant force ( there’s no denying that ) but then again, so will we.

    1. IR

      ‘when we lost to city in the first leg; we DIDN’T put out ANY excuses’

      Your having a laugh, no excuses, most of the brainless Utd fans copied exactly what most of the gutless top 4 arse licking commentators said regarding the penalty. Listen to these arse lickers go on a about every pass form Utd being brilliant (replay the game, if City play a great pass nothing of the sort) even when Utd passed straight to a city player and they had already said it! They cant help it they have to toe the line because god knows there a million others who will if they don’t. Their usual stance is “if you put your hands on someone in the penalty box then you run the risk of giving a penalty away” but they changed it for this game, hilarious, and most of the EXCUSE seeking Utd fans followed suit and blamed this as there reason for defeat. Even though they are usually the ones benefiting from the hands on body penalty! Just look a any blog regarding to see that this is the excuse that most of these non-knowledgeable fans used!! No excuses my arse.

  39. I would have thought the Manchester City players were getting used to having money thrown at them; isn’t that what your Mid East owners continue to do…throw money at players who would only put on a blue uniform to boost their bank accounts?

  40. If you analyze the situation there were 2 seperate incidents one including a coin and bottles being thrown at Bellamy and the second incident a lighter being thrown at Evra.

    The bottles at old trafford as made purposely of a soft plastic. The coin on the other hand was a problem. Depending on how far it was thrown from it must have hurt.

    On the other hand I’d rather have a coin than a lighter hit me. The problem with lighters is if they break they explode and create intense heat and can burn you.

    End of the day this semi final isn’t the first time United have picked apart City with injuries to boot.

    As soon as United switched on they put together 3 goals in a matter of minutes. I just hope City have their excuses ready for the next derby.

    1. You are a moron of the highest order, what injuries are these? Vidic, that all in all and he may not even play for Utd again as it seems he also wants out, or are you still counting Hargreaves. If so why not count Paul McGrath as he took a knock in the 80’s and may have been fit in a week or two. I’m sure that you must embarrass you fellow Utd fans on this site with your posts you blithering idiot.

      1. “On the other hand I’d rather have a coin than a lighter hit me. The problem with lighters is if they break they explode and create intense heat and can burn you.”

        What planet are you from?? How many times have you heard of people dropping/being hit by lighters and them exploding? N E V E R. Why? Because it doesn’t happen, as lighters are subject to strict safety criteria. Google exploding lighters and you will see that even when hit by a golf club lighters do not explode. (unless they are lit which would be impossible after flying trough the air!)

        Get your facts right. A plastic lighter is magnitudes less dangerous than coins or full plastic bottles of cider (if indeed they were plastic and not smuggled in glass ones). Get one of your friends to try it on you if you don’t believe me, start by throwing a pound coin full pelt at your skull.

      2. Yes a Manchester United fan would be bitter.

        Youre a moron Manchester United won and its the City fans complaining.

        End of the day a wide 3-1 victory really says it all how many excuses can you make.

        When United thrashed City 4-3 again it was all excuses.

        Fact of the matter is Manchester United were the better team and they had first team injuries.

        1. Tyson the aptly named nugget strikes again. Why wouldn’t you be bitter your club is in levels of debt you cannot possibly pay back, your pre season signings include M. Owen, some French kid who looks crap, while in the mean time Europe’s big clubs are picking off your best players! Now by contrast City have huge amounts of money to splash about and signed some great players over the Summer. You won’t like it but our clubs are going in different directions, that’s life stop being so BITTER and attacking City and the owners on practically every post you make.

          why have you put links to a site were people are forcing a lighter to explode, Beer bottles explode as well you pillock. What are you trying to prove? Maybe that the 9-10 arseholes a Owed Trafford were not a bad as the 1 tosser at Eastland’s, and not lets forget the coin throwing in that game by the Utd fans that didn’t get a mention in the press or how about the seats being smashed and launched at the home fans? And lets not forget the darts and other objects these vile creatures tried to sneak in!!

          How can you get thrashed 4-3?

          What are these injuries your babbling on about because for every 1 you can name, (which I can only think of 1 Vidic) I can name 3 and more for city, but you won’t because any time anyone puts you straight you don’t ever reply cos you are a Pillock who is always wrong, and you know it! and stop clicking on your own thumbs up box because I doubt there is anybody else who would!

  41. Well whoever wrote this article should know that he or she has made known to the public how unfair he or she is at assessing incidents.
    Much as I dont approve of fans aiming objects at players, we should try to be objective when ever we want to blow incidents out of proportion.
    At the first leg Evra faced a similar incident and there were no clamourings that the incident altered the game at eastland so why should it be the case in this instance.

    Besides both sets of players lost steam when the game stopped or was united still playing when Bellamy went down?
    Lets be factual and objective in our opinions, thats the only way you can make a neutral one and prove your point.

  42. “Your having a laugh, no excuses, most of the brainless Utd fans copied exactly what most of the gutless top 4 arse licking commentators said regarding the penalty”

    first the fans, then the players, then the referees and now the commentators. DUDE!!!! stop blaming other ppl for your teams mistakes. They were NOT consistent, thats it, end of story, united were better that night. Please for the love of god!!! stop this stupid blame game

    1. Did you not say, ‘when we lost to city in the first leg; we DIDN’T put out ANY excuses’ this is bollocks as every Utd fan I know used this as an excuse for there loss!!
      I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again for those who are not sure of the rules of football. In football you are not allowed to gain nor try to gain an advantage by using your hands in open play (unless your the keeper). Believe it or not this is called a foul, whatever anyone tells you and that includes trying to wipe dirt off bells shirt or whatever that right back was doing. Therefore it WAS a penalty and I’ll repeat this is again for you, this was the EXCUSE that Utd fans used for the defeat, you know the one you say they did not! Just look at previous posts on here to prove it! So please for the love of God stick to surfin DUDE!!! Referees, players what are you on about?

  43. I saw both games and have to say I think anybody throwing things at players or other supporters should be banned no questions asked. I would like to know why supporters are taking things like golf balls and darts to games as with the United fans at the first leg? I don’t know about the second leg but I do believe this happened at Eastlands. Maybe they had just come straight from thier local golf/darts tournament. Also did nobody get the memo about alcohol on the terraces? Why were they not stopped before it got there this rule has been in place for years. I definately think the Bellamy incident had an effect on the game, certainly for a short time at least but I hold my hands up and say United were the better side. I do feel anybody involved in such things should be banned but don’t actually see how they can be stopped from getting to games as so many people get tickets from other people so the person going through the gate isn’t always the person whos name is on the ticket. I’m pretty sure people who are banned would get others to buy them tickets and on busy match days it would be almost impossibe to identfy them in the crowds even if security staff knew what they looked like.

  44. To, the gaffer

    Dude if youre really a third party observer then you are definitely one that does not like manchester united. You CANNOT, i repeat you CANNOT factor this in as the “deciding factor” of the entire match ( even though you didn’t say those exact words ). I’ll ask you just one question: do you seriously think that if the coin incident didn’t happen then city would’ve won? Do you seriously have the guts to say ‘yes’ to this question? ( considering you ARE a professional writer of course )

    1. IR, calm down mate. It was not a deciding factor and Manchester United was deserved winners on the night. All I’m saying is that the coin throwing incident gave United an unfair advantage and swung the game in their favor at a critical point in the match.

      The Gaffer

  45. Thank you…that was all i wanted to hear…and your ryt….that incident was an unfair advantage….but if u factor in all these things in a football match it really wouldn’t be a ‘football’ match no would it??

  46. No real fans condone coin throwing,did it give Man Utd an unfair advantage -No !,was it a game changing event No !,having players like Wanyne Rooney and Ryan Giggs gives Utd an advantage over most teams including City.

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