West Ham United Owners Aim To Take Hammers To New Highs


Pornography isn’t everyone’s cup of meat. However, it’s all around us. You are currently two clicks away from watching as much hot lovin’ as your body can stand. Quite whether this is a good thing or a deeply immoral thing, is open to debate. A mass debate, perhaps.

However, one thing is not in question. A lot of people have made a lot of money out of porno so it was only a matter of time before the proceeds started to dribble, or even spurt down to the Premier League.

But the takeover of West Ham by David’s Sullivan and Gold, whose money in large part comes from what we used to quaintly call jazz mags, along with what now seem rather tame flicks such as Emmanuelle in Soho, as well as a range of vibrating devices and other pleasure delivering mechanisms, has largely been welcomed.

There is no moral outcry in the East End that West Ham United, the club of England’s greatest captain, Bobby Moore, is being defiled by the sticky hands of two bongo barons.

After the likes of Shinawatra, the Portsmouth debacle, The Glazers and the gruesome twosome Hicks and Gillette, a couple of Brits with cash to spend courtesy of the male libido is these days seen as positively wholesome. The fans just heaved a sigh of relief and said; thank God it’s not a human rights abuser, a Russian oligarch or some Sheik who says he has money but actually appears not to have two grains of couscous to rub together.

How local parents will explain to their West Ham supporting kids where the money to buy West Ham has come from, is a problem most are prepared to accept if it saves what is one of England’s finest old clubs.

West Ham can claim to have had the best academy in the land since the war. The list of players they have brought through it is extraordinary. They don’t buy them in from some French academy at 16 and pass them off as ‘home-grown’ either. These are usually local boys who are spotted young and brought through a full youth system.

In the last ten years alone this has produced players such as Joe Cole, Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand, Glen Johnson, Michael Carrick and new stars such as Mark Noble and Jack Collison to name just a few.

In short, West Ham do it the right way; local kids can and do still aspire to play for their local club and can see a route through to achieving that. That is an important social, civic responsibility for a football club to perform. Until recently, this may have seemed old fashioned but with the financial implosion in football, the cost benefits of growing your own talent has never been more logical. So West Ham, with a bit of sensible investment, stands a better chance than most of making progress in the Premier League.

Gold and Sullivan have said they’re in this for the long run and their track record at Birmingham shows they are not fly-by-night owners. Gold has spoken of a ten year plan after which fans will be able to look back and see how far they’ve come. Which, considering the source of the money they’ve rescued the club with, would only be appropriate.

9 thoughts on “West Ham United Owners Aim To Take Hammers To New Highs”

  1. I’m just glad to see West Ham with some owners that truly care about the club, and so far seem to be keeping things fairly transparent and open. Let’s hope that doesn’t come back to bite them. But, it’s definitely refreshing to hear the real state of affairs with the club, and their efforts to involve more people. They want the club to survive and thrive and I can get behind that.

    I like that they want to build the club, in the tradition which it deserves, instead of just buying success like the top clubs, and like we tried to do but failed with the Icelandics.

    I’m feeling really optimistic and hope things continue on the up and up, especially on the league table.

  2. I envy West Ham there isn’t anything better than being owned by an owner that genuinely cares about the team and isn’t some douchebag that treats the club like something he can brag about his friends to.

    Say what you will about Abromavich but you can’t accuse him of walking away from the club when Chelsea stumbled. He found a good manager and he found good playes who learned to appreciate the opportunity afforded to them.

    All clubs stumble but he stuck by Chelsea and frantically tried to find a good manager to lead a great team to great things.

    The beauty of having an owner that is a fan is he understands things like moral, loyalty and he understands how much the fans matter.

    Hats off to West Ham and its owners.

  3. First and foremost, how many kids are going to really ask that question? And, how many moronic parents are going to explain that to them? It’s an inane question to bring up.
    Frankly, I don’t like the two of them running my club. But, it’s better than Stramaur. I was hoping it was going to be Fernandes. But, such is life. And, we’ve got a pair of supporters running things at the top.
    West Ham will get out of the relegation fight, and we’ll get more investors and the fan conglomerate will sort us out.
    First things first…Sort the debt issues out.

  4. Well if Birmingham are anything to go by I can only see us becoming a yo-yo club on a budget within two season. Hope I’m VERY wrong though.

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