List of 30 Premier League Footballers On Twitter and Facebook


If you’re looking for a list of Premier League footballers who have Twitter and/or Facebook accounts, you’ve come to the right place. After hours of research, EPL Talk has amassed a comprehensive list of Twitter and Facebook accounts for footballers of most Premier League clubs.

Last week, Manchester United caused quite a stir when the club announced that its players had been told not to use social networking sites. Even cross-town rivals Manchester City got in the act when a club official said that City players had been told not to use social networking sites either. However, as you’ll see from the list below, there are a few Manchester City players who have official social networking pages. In fact, most Premier League clubs have a few players who have a social media page.

Before we reveal the list, however, we should note that these are the player’s pages to the best of our knowledge. There were many Facebook accounts for stars such as Cesc Fabregas and Fernando Torres that were unclear whether they were real or not, so we removed those from the list.

Drumroll please, here’s the list:

If you’re aware of any Premier League footballers who are on Twitter or Facebook, please post them in the comments section below. The vast majority of account names above feature real Premier League footballers, but it’s possible that a couple of them may have tricked us.

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31 thoughts on “List of 30 Premier League Footballers On Twitter and Facebook”

    1. As someone who sits on the other side of this discussion, there’s reasons they can’t be more engaging.

      The second you step outside the box, you create news. It’s essentially a lose lose for players which is unfortunate. Best example is Ryan Babel last week.

      1. Brandon, I disagree. Look at Darren Bent. He’s created a cult following by being honest and sharing his thoughts with his followers. Football players can express themselves without it creating news. Twitter is the perfect opportunity for them to reach out to their fans around the world. They just have to be careful but open to communicating at the same time.

        The Gaffer

        1. Good point.

          Athletes here are constantly reminded by their teams to limit their usage and to be extremely careful in what they say, and I’d imagine it’s the same overseas. It’s very tough to be forthcoming, and honest when you don’t ever know how your message will be received.

          The athletes that can pull it off are rewarded by their fans, but it can be a major headache. The fear of just screwing up once is what keeps most from even getting into that pool.

  1. I think the new Landon one (gaffer’s photo at the top of the post) is real. We’ll see. Also, there’s a great fake, dimi_berbatov.

  2. There’s a Phil Brown going around somewhere that has to be fake considering the language this person uses. Can’t imagine Hull City FC allowing that to go on.

    1. Based on your tip and “Leon Osman”‘s latest tweets, I removed him from the list. I replaced him with Stuart Holden who is expected to be officially announced as a Bolton Wanderers loan player today.

      The Gaffer

  3. Not that it’s technically the Prem, but there’s tons of Newcastle players on Facebook, some are pretty obviously not real, but if you look around through some of the reserves (which are real), you’ll find some of the bigger players, Saylor, Tim Krul, Danny Guthrie, etc.

  4. Also, while doing as I said the previous post, I’ve seemed to have found some real ones from others teams, namely so far Nicky Maynard, David Nugent, and Jack Wilshere.

  5. The Gerrard twitter is confirmed fake, Ryan Babel said on his twitter that he asked Gerrard in training about it and Gerrard said it was fake.

    I am sure Gerrards facebook is fake as well. There’s no reason that a verified footballer couldn’t be fooled by a fake profile…

    Do you really think SG is the kind of guy that comes home from training and sits in front of his PC?

    1. Thanks Bryan. Your comment and many of the above ones are a perfect example of crowdsourcing. I’ve updated the article to reflect many of the additions and corrections noted.

      The Gaffer

  6. Rio Ferdinand’s account on Twitter is real (rioferdy5). He called TalkSport radio recently to confirm it after the presenters issued him a challenge to do so.

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