Jermaine Beckford Earns Leeds United FA Cup Replay Against Spurs


I’m getting sick of people who say that the FA Cup is dead or dying. All you had to do was watch the Tottenham Hotspur against Leeds United match on Saturday and you would have walked away convinced that the tournament is very much alive and kicking.

In a tremendously exciting game, Leeds United held their own against an almost full-strength Tottenham side. The football was good from both sides with Leeds having plenty of chances to score, while Tottenham came close on many occasions. But at the end of the day, the game ended 2-2 with an injury time penalty kick from Jermaine Beckford to force a replay at Elland Road, which Leeds United players and supporters will fancy their chances of beating the mighty Spurs.

By scoring both goals for Leeds United, Beckford increased his chances that even more Premier League clubs will be trying to sign him before the January transfer window closes the week after next.

Fair play to Leeds United, Tottenham Hotspur and both sets of supporters who created an incredible atmosphere at White Hart Lane.

In the earlier game, I watched Reading’s 1-0 victory against Burnley in a game that didn’t come alive until the second half. But Reading were deserving of their win and will now enter the pot for the fifth round of the tournament.

Watching Accrington Stanley against Fulham was a joy to watch especially seeing how well the Lancashire club battled and how the game looked like it was in slow-motion at times on the wet, muddy pitch. Near the end of the game, Fulham maintained complete control against the tired legs of Stanley, and ended up 3-1 winners.

8 thoughts on “Jermaine Beckford Earns Leeds United FA Cup Replay Against Spurs”

  1. And it nice to see one team from Yorkshire getting together a nice F.A Cup run. This F.A Cup as been excellent, never write it off as being dull and boring, beacuse as long as teams want it, they will play in it. It gives teams like Accrington Stanley, Notts County and Leeds, great trips to Premier League teams, which otherwise without the F.A Cup they would have to wait a few seasons to do.

    Great article.

  2. Yes, yes, yes. That Leeds/Spurs game was REALLY exciting. It was great seeing Leeds persist throughout the whole game (mostly). I’m quickly becoming a big fan of Leeds.

  3. FSC will likely have the Leeds-Tottenham replay on either Tuesday February 2 at 2:30pm ET or Wednesday February 3 at 3pm ET if the replay were to be televised on ITV1 or ITV4 in the UK.

    Awaiting confirmation from

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Accrington Stanley vs Fulham game, due to the smaller grounds you could clearly hear the supporters through the TV which was nice :) They played well shame they had to play the second half a man down. I really think it took an inspired Duff to get Fulham going.

  5. What a wonderfull F.A.cup day,believe me theres no Fulham player enjoying his pint tonight,they know how lucky they are to be still in the cup-if only that fantastic volley from the left back had gone in early in the second half they wouldve got there dream replay, which of course is all the lower league teams want The Leeds-Spurs game was a pulsating affair, and surely tottenham have blown their chance,with now having to go back to that cauldron Elland road………………..

  6. What i meant to say of course is long live the drama of the F.A cup, and i think it would be a great idea if the winners qualified for the cash-cow champion league (or whatever they want to call it). You hear up & down Europe how the domestic cup compitions are being devalued with weakend sides etc, Fifa has got to stop this. Give the player of every 1st,2nd 3rd team in Europe the chance to play for his moment in the sun.
    Or maybe its just me…………

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