Gary Neville Feeling Off Color According to Daily Star


The Daily Star newspaper in England is reporting that Gary Neville is feeling a bit gray according to their headline they published Monday night (see above picture).

It’s an actual mistake that appeared in their article here (which may have been corrected by the time you read this), but it’s also another example of shoddy journalism that we’ve noticed quite a bit recently in other British newspapers such as The Daily Express and, in another example, The Daily Star.

In the meantime, don’t forget to watch the first leg of the Manchester City against Manchester United Carling Cup semi-final on Tuesday, which will be shown live on Setanta US and ESPN 360 in the United States at 3pm ET.

7 thoughts on “Gary Neville Feeling Off Color According to Daily Star”

  1. I don’t think it is a mistake, Gaffer. You’re forgetting about the REALLY YOUNG Neville brother, Gray. He’s killing in the Academy. Look for great things from Gray!

    1. Joel, LOL. I thought his name was Yellow Neville 😉

      But all kidding aside, I still find it interesting that the first name of Gary and Phil’s dad is Neville, as in Neville Neville.

      The Gaffer

      1. Gaffer,

        I have set my setanta-i to record this match, is it not on setanta-i as they advertise, or is it on both them and espn360?

  2. Buena Carlitos tevez, dale duro a los ingleses, mostra tu clase argentina , enseñales como se juega al futbol!!!!!!!!!!!

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