12 thoughts on “Red Bull Arena Construction Update”

  1. The dig at LA was unnecessary. We’ll see if you can actually fill that shiny new stadium with fans. I’m not sure you can.

  2. I will admit that I shouldn’t have said it. But that was my very first time in there and seeing the Home Depot Center many times, I was caught up in the moment.

    So my apologies.

  3. @ Nick, I’m with you with the dig at LA was unnecessary, But one thing I can tell you is that at Home Depot Center there are two thing I don’t like 1) is the stupid Grass on the bottom of the Big screen I think they should make more stand where people can be sitting it feel like if you at the Hollywood Bowl where u can have a picnic. Second and the worst part is having Chivas USA playing in the Same place. I would like too see color seats and the Galaxy log somewhere like other stadium. But I like the New RedBull Arena it look great..

  4. Very nice stadium, I am happy for you, but BEST in the US ?
    QWest is the best in the world…..

    Plus it is too small, you can’t even fit 30,000 fans in there, much less 50 or 60,000.

  5. To Joe in Indi. I was trying to be a bit respectful there, because other members of the media where doing interviews with Backe outside and they were also filming for their respective papers. So yes I lowered my voice.

    But it’s o.k. like I said, I should’nt have made that one comment on the HDC, I was caught up in the moment. My apologies.

  6. Arguing on Qwest Field being the best. If you’re talking about soccer specific stadiums, then it’s a different discussion. Plus, what makes Qwest so great, besides trapping sound well, is the amazing fans. No, that is not a knock on RBNY and yes I’m a huge DCU supporter, so it was hard for me to speak so glowingly about the Sounders’ faithful 😉

  7. The ONLY reasons I was saying QWest was the best, is ONE because for ME it is.
    Two, because it is a great stadium, but so are a lot of others.
    But mainly because Daniel was so forceful in saying RBNY stadium was the best…AS HE SHOULD BE, IMHO.

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