mun2 to Begin English Language FMF Coverage


NBC Universal owned channel mun2 which came into the consciousness of many American soccer fans this summer when they showed the English language broadcast of US-Mexico from Azteca will expand its sports coverage beginning next month.

The cable channel enjoyed success with its broadcasts of Mexico-US and Trinidad & Tobago-Mexico qualifiers this past year will now show up to 20 FMF Saturday night matches a season. Many of the games shown will be English language simulcasts of the games shown in Spanish on sister channel, Telemundo, which is also owned by NBC Universal.

The Mexican League is arguably the most competitive and entertaining in the Americas. Despite the remarkable access the league offers American viewers, all of it to this point has been Spanish. GOL TV used to have a weekly review show that was dubbed into English using the SAP button, but that show was cancelled in 2008.

The new package also gives MLS-centric fans an opportunity to understand and enjoy the outstanding league to our south, a league that with continued growth and good luck, MLS can one day emulate. With the addition of mun2, Mexican Primera Division matches can now be found on Telemundo, Telefutura, Galavision, Univision (Superclassico only), Azteca America, Fox Sports en Espanol, ESPN Deportes, mun2.

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9 thoughts on “mun2 to Begin English Language FMF Coverage”

  1. good! i have access to Mexican tv, but they don’t always play the game i’m looking for and i’m stuck with the horrible telemundo spanish announcers

      1. i just don’t like their accents. not only that, but they really lower the volume on the crowd! i’ve never seen anything like that on univision. i really like their commentators

  2. Repped to all who, like us, cannot stand the awful commentaries from Canto and co.
    They are boring, kill all excitement, lower volume of crowd and never show at the same time, clock and score.

    Telemundo has really made all Mexican games unbearable.

    We only hope the English version will avoid all those mistakes.

    Texas Soccer Republic

  3. Caught the game last night on my DVR. Very enjoyable. Lets have more than one game a week in English. All football fans will enjoy it.

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