When Was The Last Time You Went To A Professional Soccer Match?


All of us that read this blog consume mass amounts of soccer whether it’s on television, the Internet, radio or, for the fortunate few, in person. But take a second and consider when was the last time you watched a professional game in person?

For me, it’s been many months. The only professional team near me is Miami FC, which was formerly in the USL. Growing up in Wales, I used to go watch Swansea City play every other week or sometimes more often.

But what about for you? How many days has it been since you last saw a professional game in person? I’m curious. Please go ahead and tell us how long it’s been by using the poll below. And feel free to use this helpful calculator that will calculate the number of days it has been between your last game you attended and today.

I just calculated the number of days, and it’s been 213 for me (i.e. 6 months and 30 days). When I consider that I typically watch 5-7 games each weekend on television, that’s stunning to me that I haven’t seen one live game in almost seven months.

Thanks in advance for voting, and I look forward to reading your comments on this one.

When was the last time you went to a soccer match?(opinion)

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  1. If I had a club within 30 minutes or so of my home, I would go to every match.. Unfortunately, I have to drive at least 2 hours and the matches don’t end til late, so then I end up staying overnight… There just isn’t enough time to be driving 2 hours there and 2 hours back every weekend. I’d rather just watch the match on TV :)

  2. The last game I went too was before I moved to the USA. It was Tranmere Rovers v Northampton Town and the result was 2-2. I was orginally from up near Tranmere and had lived in Northampton for 6 years before moving back up to t he Wirral little knowing I was gonna be meeting and marrying an American girl.

  3. I live in Cleveland, so professional soccer is hard to come by for me. I did manage to make it to a Columbus Crew match sometime last spring and it was pretty good, aside from letting the Fire equalize from a 2-nil deficit. It was also interesting hearing the pedophile song directed at the Fire’s keeper multiple times during the first half….

  4. I have never been to a pro club match, however I do try to go to USA matches when I’m able to (the last one being USA v. Costa Rica down in DC in October).

  5. I went to the Chelsea vs AC Milan match in Baltimore last summer and I want to go to the new Redbulls Stadium when the Galaxy come to town just to see the stadium lol.

  6. Last match I attended was a 0-0 draw at Loftus Road, home of QPR, versus Crystal Palace. The visiting fans were great. They were loud and colorful. I’ve also been to WHL in 2008 to see Spurs get clocked by Newcastle. This was during the dark Ramos days. I live close to the new Red Bulls stadium, so I hope to see a few matches there. I attended many Cosmos matches at Giants Stadium when I was a kid. Also, I was in Milan last March for the Milan Derby, but tickets were unattainable.

  7. I am a Red Bull New York season ticket holder but missed the last few matches of last season due to family commitments. So, for me, it’s been 143 days. I am extremely looking forward to the new stadium though which is essentially being built in my old hometown, though I now live in NYC.

    1. I went to the last RBNY game of last season, against Toronto. It rained so hard I was expecting to see animals walking two-by-two. My clothes were still wet three days later.

  8. Traveled to San Diego on vacation and watched the Chelsea-Inter Milan game in Pasadena, if an exhibition counts…since they are the top teams in England and Italy currently.

  9. Saw pre-season friendlies of Real Salt Lake in Tampa in March, 2009. One of them was v. a Swedish 1st division team, BK Hacken (2:1 for the Swedes). Before that, the US v. Equador friendly at RayJ in 2008 (3:1 US, hat-trick by Landon)…

  10. Arsenal v Villa on Dec 27 and a DC United season ticket holder – i make it to Arsenal at least once a year. Last England game I saw was in Chicago about 2005? when England beat the US 2-1 with a team containing Zat Knight and Kieran Richardson (shudders).

  11. Last time for me was a trans-Atlantic trip in April 2009 to see Arshavin score 4 at Anfield. That’s going on 8 months ago now. Next trip planned is this coming April to see Manchester City come to the Emirates for the “You stepped on my face” revenge match.

    I generally get over to the UK once a year for a Gunners match. Atlantic Canada has no professional teams, so it’s a long way for me to see anyone here in North America. I try to get to see the Vancouver Whitecaps when I travel home to visit the family – they’ll be in the MLS next year.



  12. Sydney FC v Adelaide United on the 28th of December (the most recent home game). Had a ball – pre-match pub crawl, march to the stadium, march back, hit the pubs, drunken train ride home. Awesome.

  13. Haven’t been to Toyota Park to watch the Fire since the 2008 season. I’ve been to Craven Cottage once to watch Fulham, but that was prior to their move into the Premiership.

  14. It’s off season in the MLS, so it has been a few months. I road tripped to a US world cup qualifier in Salt Lake City this fall.

  15. For me, as a soccer writer and critic, it feels really weird at times not seeing a professional game for so long but writing about what I see on television instead. It’s almost similar to being a food critic and writing about food, but not having eaten a meal at a restaurant for six months or more.

    The Gaffer

  16. My Portland Timbers vs Vancouver Whitecaps at PGE Park in the USL Semifinal, cracker of a game!

    When I lived in Glasgow I was able to spend some of my school loan on tickets to Sporting Lisbon in the UEFA Cup, that was good too :)

  17. No pro matches for me, soon to change with the arrival of Philadelphia Union, but I did attend the USA/Panama and Honduras/Canada Gold Cup matches in Philadelphia this summer.

  18. The last match i went to was Dec 28, 2008. Fulham vs Chelsea at Craven Cottage.. Dempsey and Lampard each had brace’s! Great match!

  19. I actually calculated the NYRB vs FC Dallas game at 193 days, but I forgot that I went to see Chelsea vs Club America at Dallas Cowboys Stadium…

  20. 2008 MLS All-Star Game in Toronto. Heard rumors of West Ham coming back to the US this summer, so hopefully that will be next

  21. I guess I’ve never been to a “pro” match, but been to two international matches. US Women vs. China at Ford Field, and the 2007 Gold Cup Final at Soldier Field. There’s not that many opportunities to go in Michigan.

  22. I’ve never been to one.

    I was all set to go to my first when I was in New York this summer, only to have the concierge tell me that a cab ride from Manhattan to Giants Stadium would run me $60 each way. That was about 3 times what I’d paid for my ticket so it seemed a bit much to watch two of the worst teams in MLS play.

    I’m going to make it to London eventually. In the meantime an Arsenal US Tour would be nice Mr. Wenger :)

  23. The most recent that I’ve been to was Chelsea v. Club America in Dallas this past summer… prior to that it was Paris St. Germain v. Auxerre last May. (now that was an experience)

  24. The last game i went to was Swansea City’s last game at the Vetch (vs Wrexham – Welsh Cup Final), Prior to that I had not missed a Swans home game in over 6 years.
    I had chosen my seat at the new Liberty Stadium and then things changed and i moved to the USA. I’ll be back to see my beloved Swansea one day!!

  25. I drove down from Brooklyn NYC to Philadelphia to take in a double-header of the Gold Cup, watching Canada vs. Honduras and the USA vs. Panama. Lincoln Financial Field is a GREAT stadium and the atmosphere was tremendous.

  26. Closet MLS team to Milwaukee is the Chicago Fire, located on the southwest side of Chicago. This presents a problem due to Chicago traffic. A one-way trip down to Toyota Park to see the Fire play will take about 2.5-3hours and you must also pass through numerous tolls. I would love to go to more games if WI got an MLS expansion…

  27. Seattle v. Barca at Qwest field. 68,000 people and Joan Laporta addressed supporters before march to the match. It was awesome and the Sounders have been a thrill to follow. I never thought I would get an experience like that in the US.

  28. Went to German League 2 match between Aachen and Dusseldorf in September and Olympique Marseille and Toulouse Ligue 1 match at the end of October. Stade Velodrome is an incredible experience, my first and only game in top flight football.

  29. I was at the USA WCQ match in DC in October, and before that I was at the AC Milan v. Chelsea Match in Bmore. I hope to make a few DC United games this summer.

  30. The last game of the ’07-’08 season for AC Milan at home against Udinese. Living in Idaho, I don’t get a lot of chances to see professional soccer so I really wanted to see it while on vacation in Italy.

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