Clint Dempsey Scores Goal Of The Season Contender: Video

US striker Clint Dempsey is in the form of his life right now with Fulham. The American has solidified a role in the attack for Fulham and to his credit scored one of the goals of the season Tuesday night in the Premier League game against Stoke City.

You could say that Dempsey is showing Landon Donovan how to make a mark in England. Let’s see if Donovan can come close in his debut game against Arsenal this Saturday. But to be fair to Donovan, it took a while for Dempsey to settle in at Craven Cottage.

What a brilliant goal!

31 thoughts on “Clint Dempsey Scores Goal Of The Season Contender: Video”

    1. I wondered the same. Don’t want to give him too much credit, but did you notice how much the match “turned” after he came in?

    2. Dempsey didn’t start because he was due for some rest. Thats it.

      And Gaffer…took Dempsey awhile to get going? Really? Well, he had 1 goal his first season, a goal which kept us from relegation. 2nd season under Sanchez, he was our leading scorer. Roy takes over and he simply had to prove himself…which he did rather quickly. You’ll hop in here and tell me I’m wrong like you do whenever anyone challenges you, but I’ve obsessed over enough Fulham matches the past 10+ years to have some credibility here.

      1. So Jason, you’re saying that Gaffer shouldn’t have his own opinions? Then, you’re saying that he can’t come on here and defend his own opinions when other people disagree with him? It’s called an ‘argument’…

      2. Jason, I’m talking about his first season. Yes, his goal kept Fulham up. It was definitely very flukey and was deflected, but that’s not to take anything away from the lad. In his first season, he didn’t have the quantity of goals to set the league on fire.

        The Gaffer

  1. Looks prettier than it was technical. Its one of those that sits up and just invites a nice dipping hit. Great to watch though, over and over. Pity that wasnt for 3-3 else we’d be seeing it all season!

      1. Wow, that is some hit from Harkes and past a legend in Shilton… no-one would have stopped that. Two Shiltons wouldnt have.

  2. Clearly all the time he’s spent with his Soccer Wave has paid off. 😉

    FSC watchers know what I’m talking about.

    1. Great goal, no doubt. But the keeper wasn’t in position and Figueroa hit it from a deadball. Personally, I’m more impressed with a long-range blast off of a volley. Cameron Jerome’s goal was awesome, too.

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