Liverpool Home, Away and Third Shirts 2010-2011: Leaked Photos


Photos of Liverpool’s alleged new home, away and third football shirts for the 2010-2011 have been leaked by a supporter’s group in Asia. The new shirts are designed and manufactured by Adidas. And if they’re the real ones, they’re leaked more than six months ahead of time.

The new Liverpool football jersey for the 2010-2011 season is simple in design with a round collar, white trim and white lines that are along the sleeve and near the bottom of the front of the shirt that enhance the design. The watermark is from the supporter’s club and has nothing to do with the actual design of the jersey.

The design of the new Liverpool home shirt is simple but effective, and a return to a classic jersey that I believe will be a big hit and will win over many Liverpool supporters.

Here are the away and third jerseys:


The quality of the above photograph isn’t the greatest, but you can see that the alleged new away jersey for Liverpool will be white with a dark color trim. The trim could possibly be red, but it’s difficult to tell from this photo.

And here’s Liverpool’s third shirt:


Liverpool’s third jersey goes back to basics with a blue color strip and, what looks to be, white trim. The classic design from Adidas is yet again simple but effective.

If these are indeed the new Liverpool shirts, I think they’re winners. Each is distinctive and aesthetically pleasing.

One thing I can guarantee about these shirt designs is that there’ll be several commentators on this site (and others) that will claim the shirts are fake. It’s a common thing that happens each season, but as we found last season, almost all of the shirt designs posted on this site were credible and ended up being the final shirts.

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35 thoughts on “Liverpool Home, Away and Third Shirts 2010-2011: Leaked Photos”

  1. ***Before you say anything, I’m not saying they are fake merely describing what they look like to me.***

    I think they look like the cheap knock-off fake kits you see people wearing in asia that cost as much as a bowl of rice.

    Granted it’s difficult to fully assess them due to the picture quality.

  2. “One thing I can guarantee about these shirt designs is that there’ll be several commentators on this site (and others) that will claim the shirts are fake.”

    Can you blame us? Those shirts (especially the home) looks like they’ve been poorly sewn up in those Asian sweat shop. :)

    If they are true to the actual shirts, I like the away and European but am not a fan of the home (don’t like the triangles on the front).

  3. oh yuk!. Are you sure they are real? they look cheap. I know they aren’t playing at their best now but Do they have to look bad too? … ugh.

  4. “If these are indeed the new Liverpool shirts, I think they’re winners. Each is distinctive and aesthetically pleasing.”

    If by distinctive you mean a cookie cutter that Adidas will use for a million other teams, then yes, they are distinctive.

  5. I can’t see Liverpool wearing blue – Gaffer

    I still have issues with the Club’s cluttered crest, it was supposed to last just their centenary year in 92 but it’s almost 20 years already.

    If these are indeed the shirts – yes the pics are out of focus /bad light, but they are not bad, I have a funny feeling they may be altered to beat the counterfeiters.

    The facebook link gives me hope, even the sponsor fits in. I’m so happy that the dark days of Reebok are over.

  6. As a liverpool fan i am dissappointed with the Home and Third shirt

    The away shirt is awsome, very retro. Think it would look better without the sponsor.

    The new shirt has the crest in the centre with the adidas badge high on the right shoulder and with 5 stars on the opisite shoulder(sweet),Theres a faded Liver bird on the body.

  8. Who even thought of this,that my beloved team will wear these rag looking shirts.this is awful. Its will be good for them to wear a plain white T-shirt for games than these rags.

  9. LOL the back of the white one (inside the color) says “Your Will Never Work Alone”…. Saw that on a close up of these leaked photos.

  10. the triangles on the home shirt represent a modern interpretation of the kit worn in the 1898-90 season, when we last won the title

    its a smart shirt, ive got it, and the standard chartered (our new sponsor) is placed so its reminiscent of the crown paints sponsors we had in the early 80s

    the away shirt is very smart, can’t wait for that to be released

  11. THEY ARE FAKE!! the home kit is out now, it doesnt have white trimming its gold. Nice try like but ur a bit off the mark…

  12. Scousers do get some good shirts. The first and second kits are cool. The third one, not so much. I don’t like the “back to basics” crap most clubs have going on, including my own.

  13. I have a gut feeling these are fake, trust me. Whats with the “.hk”? These must be the usual Asian counterfeits. This can’t be the best Liverpool can don. You can search me.

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