Poll: Which FA Cup Matches Will Most Likely Feature An Upset?

Which FA Cup matches will most likely feature a shock result?(polls)

It’s one of my favorite weekends of the year – the third round of the FA Cup when there’s always an upset result. The question is, which Premier League is going to suffer a shock defeat against a team from the lower leagues?

Will it be Bolton against Lincoln, Man United against arch-rivals Leeds United, Portsmouth against Coventry City, or one of the other eleven games featuring Premier League teams versus lesser opposition. Vote now.

5 thoughts on “Poll: Which FA Cup Matches Will Most Likely Feature An Upset?”

    1. No no patrick. No no. You DON’T feel that (waves arm in front of you like a jedi). This isn’t the upset you are looking for.

      What WOULD be cool however is Leeds toppling Man Utd. Leeds up by one goal to the good at the half. Granted, it’s a reserve midfield, but Rooney and Berbs are playing. And, you know, defenders at the back. Actual defenders.

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