2009-10 Best EPL Podcast

Here’s your chance to cast your vote for who you think has been the best EPL podcast during the 2009-10 season in the EPL (English Premier League) Awards.

Only one vote per person. The voting closes on Saturday, May 15, 2010. The winner of each EPL Awards category will be announced on EPL Talk on Monday, May 17.

This is the second annual EPL Awards, which is hosted by EPL Talk, the number one Premier League blog in the world. EPL Talk features a daily podcast (also available on iTunes) featuring interviews with some of the biggest names in English football, as well as daily Premier League news and analysis and more.

Now it’s time to vote:

Now that you’ve voted in this category, be sure to vote in the other categories to recognize the best of the 2009-2010 Premier League season:

And see who the winners were in the 2009 EPL Awards!

12 thoughts on “2009-10 Best EPL Podcast”

  1. too right Ramble should win this. and not the stupid WFD with clueless Cohen!! Who go around with begging bowl asking for money for show!

  2. You don’t even have the best one on their (BBC’s World Football Phone In) — unless you have it under radio show.

  3. The Footballramble mates are the intelligencia of the Podcast world!!!

    No Bias at all from this direction tho!

  4. I think if WFD was still free it would be up there with the ramble, but since they switched to a pay format I haven’t missed their show all that much. There is to much quality on the web to fork over money for a podcast.

  5. I’ve voted for the Ramble, but do appreciate the Soccernet podcast as it is available twice a week as an .mp3 and easier to download as its a quarter of the file size, in general. I rely on podcasts as live in Saudi, but have to say am disappointed at the Times who seem to have abadoned their’s for rubbish live web chats, dont get me wrong Marcotti is the best podder out there, web chats are pony – and no good for the traffic!

    PS Gooarn, the Ramblers! Tho been having trouble downloading it recently too…..

  6. Football ramble is by far the best podcast . Ive listened to all over the past few years but football ramble podcast is in a league of its own !

    Football ramble = Champions league
    The rest = championship !

  7. Ramble is the best podcast in the world. These guys should be paid a bloody huge salary (but not by me).

    If they were standing in the Election, I know where my vote would go – and I am a hardline anarchist who wouldn’t otherwise be seen dead within a mile of a polling station.


    [Cue Tina Turner]

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