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  1. Boring!
    Denholm bitching as usual and you agreeing. I have to admit that anytime I want to hear about how bad the US Soccer is I just have to listen to a podcast. Did anything go Fucking right? Did Bob Bradley do anything right or it was it all luck or smoke and mirrors?
    I feel like you are preparing yourselves for failure at the World Cup, so it it does go bad you can say I told you so.
    Love the site guys, good articles and interesting viewpoints (mostly), but, this constant self-loathing on the USMNT even on good things is a major drag!

  2. Love the site and the podcast, but this guy was terrible. He didn’t sound like he had any clue – especially when he was drawing analogies to basketball and college football.

    I mean, it’s great that an apparently main stream sports guy from a major market is following soccer, but he just didn’t seem to have done his research… at all.

    Kartik, you should be the mainstream sports guy.

  3. sorry about my little rant kartik.
    I have listen to you and Denholm since the CSRN days, and while I truly like Denholm, he is a broken record. Coach sucks, US Soccer sucks and always always it is about who gets not getting called in. I seem to remeber it was Connor Casey, he wanted in there but now that he is in its “well he is no good, if only X would get a call”. The podcast was what 36 minutes long and it was minute 32 when after nothing but bitching I turned it off. So, what, the US had 4 minutes of Highlights?

    Most overrated score….. Mex 5-0 in the Gold Cup, Yeah it sucked but no one especially if we beat Mexico again with both playing “A” teams will ever care about this result.

  4. I am still a beginner in watching soccer (I grew up watching american football and basketball), but I have started to love watching and following the US national team for a while now.

    I have to agree with Kartik and Denholm in that it would not hurt the US national team whatsoever to gain a well respected foreign assistant coach that was from Western Europe for the 2010 World Cup. A great example of the use of foreign coaching experience was with the US men’s basketball team this last decade. European players had caught up to the USA team consisting of NBA players in terms of skill and talent, which caused the USA to not win the gold medal in the 2002 FIBA World Championships, 2004 Olympics, and 2006 FIBA World Championships. This failure was due to not having the best players (although in 2006, Lebron James, Wade, and Carmelo Anthony were there, but they still lost), but in particular, the players and coaches were not used to the FIBA international game rules and style (more three point shooting and zone defenses) in which the games were played compared to the NBA style (more driving to the hoop and post up game). To help end the losing, the US national team hired Mike D’Antoni (who has a dual citzenship in America and Italy) as an assistant coach, who used to coach successfully and win titles in the Italian league (the league uses FIBA rules) and now coaches in the NBA (he brought the European style to the league). Pundits believe his familiarity with the three-point shot and the zone defense, hallmarks of the international game, was a valuable coaching asset to the team and by 2008 Olympics (wikipedia), the players adjusted to the international game finally and won gold.

    The USA team was stubborn in not asking for foreign help in most of the last decade and just put any American NBA player, which are and were the best basketball players in the world out there and they got killed!! They however got their act together and learned the international game. I hope the US men’s soccer team can learn and ask for foreign help also (It totally won’t hurt) and and one day, they can win the World Cup (I’ll be watching and routing for them).

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