Nike Launches Shoe Campaign Honoring Maldini

In the post-holiday season, Nike has upped its newest shoe campaign to honor one of the most decorated Italian soccer player ever and his international teams’ accomplishments.

The Nike Tiempo 94 cleat is a re-release of the original 1994 shoe worn by Italian World Cup team members, but of course with updates in the latest shoe technology.  As its spokesman, Nike chose Paolo Maldini, the captain of the 1994 Italian World Cup Club that lost in penalty kicks to Brazil and one of the most famous defenders in the world.

The video above is part of the promotional campaign, honoring Maldini with current players (you can see the Italian version on the Nike YouTube Channel here).  Additionally, Nike has made a limited number of shoes and will be auctioning off for charity the pair of Tiempo 94 that Maldini wore in the last four games of the professional career.

In terms of the video itself, it does an excellent job of linking a hero of the “past” with a current crop of players, who obviously are paying homage to him by wearing his shoe.  I think the video could have used a shot or two of the 1994 World Cup just to make the link more obvious in the eyes of younger viewers, but the black and white footage is an excellent choice to add some gravity to the ad.  I also liked the younger players speaking on behalf of Maldini, as well as the witty Pazzini exchange at the end.  Contrast this ad with another Nike ad for Cesc Fabregas; while that one is more glitz and glamor the Maldini ad is classic and traditional.

As for the shoe itself, it is certainly fashionable.  It has a classic look but weighs less than the original and is made with smoother material.  It is not inexpensive, but the price is quite reasonable.

But what do you think of the Nike Tiempo 94?

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  1. Do you think he will go the managerial route? He turned down a job this summer with Chelsea, but will we see him on the sidelines next year?

  2. I don’t think right away, he was only going to go to Chelsea because Ancelotti was there and this would allow Maldini to have a bit of a sports director’s role.
    I think he will first go into AC Milan’s staff to help Galliani with signings and persuading players to sign or renew contracts etc. and he could eventually start being a manager, but I highly doubt that, he never seemed the type of person with the right charisma to be a manager. I think he might dabble in being assistant manager somewhere, and if Brian Kidd at Manchester City fails with Roberto Mancini, he could be the perfect fit there.

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