Happy Holidays From MLS Talk


On behalf of all of the bloggers on Major League Soccer Talk, I’d like to wish you Happy Holidays during this special time of the year.

During 2009, Major League Soccer Talk has continued to grow in popularity thanks to bloggers such as Kartik Krishnaiyer, Chris Riordan, Eric Altshule, Peter C, Daniel Feuerstein, Adam Serrano, Bobby Brandon, Robert Jonas and many others.

Next year will be even bigger for this site and podcast.

Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to your continued loyalty and healthy debate.



11 thoughts on “Happy Holidays From MLS Talk”

  1. Happy Holidays to everybody!!

    I love this site and have found it to be the most incisive site for talk of the game and the league that I love!

  2. Xmas, huh? Shocking, given the anti-Americanism prevailing here. I figured this site’s favorite holidays would be Diwali, Cinco de Mayo, and International Workers’ Day.

  3. Come on, hawth_kens…for peace on earth and all that good jazz, let’s put the anti-American rants to bed for Christmas time. I don’t think Kartik and company are anti-American; they are perhaps overly critical and having a tendency to look at the US soccer glass as fully empty–a result of over-emphasizing and/or misunderstanding “journalistic objectivity.” All of this is does not constitute being anti-American. And couldn’t someone be a “good” American–whatever that means–and still celebrate Diwali, Cinco de Mayo, or International Workers’ Day?

  4. Happy holidays to all. A big thank you to Chris, Kartik, and the crew for all the enjoyment they have given me through this site over the last year. 2010 with a World Cup should be a special year for the site and all soccer fans throughout the world. Two books you recommended where under my tree this Christmas.

    A Happy New Year to all and lets hope that the New Year brings, Peace, Health, and Great Soccer to all who stop by here.

  5. Do not forget Ramadan for the Algeria love here at ANTI MLS Talk. Boxing Day also. Whatever the national holiday of Slovenia is, perhaps May Day should also be celebrated here.

    do us all a favor Kartik and quit blogging about anything American. It is obvious you hate MLS and US Soccer.

    It is a World Cup year and either you are with us or against us. We know that Kartik is against us, but the readers here should vote by exiting this site and advocating more pro american sites. We will have more in upcoming days about that.

  6. Wow…now that is just harsh…Yeah, Kartik just HATES American soccer and does all those posts on USL and MLS just because he secretly is a Red and wants to destroy apple pie, the US automobile industry, and everything that is wholesome and American and good in the world. The new site updates will include a daily Koran verse…arg….

    Again, you may think that K’s analysis is a bit harsh and wrongheaded, his comments overly acerbic, his tone too sarcastic–but you cannot deny that this site provides quality info about the MLS and other leagues in the US. What the soccer blogosphere needs more of–and what I would encourage mls talk to focus more on in the coming year–is the kind of statistics-based analysis found on sites like mgoblog.com–one of the most informative college football websites. Slapping people around with “That’s just a fact” without having data to back up such a boast does no service to the American fan who is attempting to have a substantive discussion about a game his national media either ignores, parodies, or is blithely ignorant of. (hmmm….will not go into a philosophical analysis of what a fact is and how they are constructed, but this is the takeaway message: what we think of as informative, what usually constitutes the hard and fast data we love to point towards to defend positions, is constructed so as to be informative and assertable. See last paragraph of Sellars’s EPM for details…)

  7. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. If they disagree with me they are wrong of course, but they are still entitled to have them.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. I hope that 2010 will be a great year for you for more than just the US winning the World Cup.

  8. What the hell kind of picture is that? A ” PC Holiday Tree Like Thing”?

    Merry Christmas . . . shove your f’ing “holiday”.

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