Garry Cook and the Uncomfortable Press Conference: Video

Press conferences in England are hardly ever tame experiences (ask Joe Kinnear), but Monday’s unveiling of Roberto Mancini as the new manager of Manchester City didn’t go particularly well for City chief executive Garry Cook.

The City chief executive, who is not a fan favorite, stepped in to answer questions from journalists about the sequence of events in previous weeks that led to the removal of Mark Hughes and the appointment of Mancini. The topic become more heated when Mancini revealed he had met with the City executives as early as the first week of December, which was earlier than City’s official announcement had indicated.

Watch the above video to see how uncomfortable Cook is as he leans forward to try to take control of the situation and then begins banging the table before he’s rescued by his publicity director  who tries to get the press conference back on topic.

What do you think? Did chief executive Garry Cook lie to the fans of Manchester City?


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