Poll: Should ESPN Display A Ticker During Premier League Matches?

Do you think ESPN2 should display the BottomLine Ticker during Premier League matches?(polling)

Love it or hate it, ESPN2 has been featuring their BottomLine ticker on the bottom of their Premier League broadcasts during the 2009-2010 season. But should it stay or should it go? Click the above poll to vote and click the comments link below to share your opinion on whether ESPN should display a ticker during Premier League matches.

31 thoughts on “Poll: Should ESPN Display A Ticker During Premier League Matches?”

  1. I just don’t understand why they need to do it. There is this place called the Internet which you can access from a PC or even a phone that will tell you any score you want to know. You could also change the channel from ESPN2 to ESPN and see Sportscenter… I think the ticket is an unnecessary hanger-on from a past era. We don’t need last night’s scores flashing across the screen. For god’s sake, you could even read the newspaper…

  2. Setanta go a stage further — with reporters at all the Saturday games for updates as well as thier ticker. But what makes it sing is that Paul Dempsey and Pat Dolan are across all the games and give insight into them as well as thier own live game throughout the day — class

  3. Given that delayed replays are a core part of watching the EPL here in the US it’s terrible to have a ticker during the game. Nothing is worse than finding out the score of the game you are patiently waiting to get to watch.

    1. But as I pointed out below, when ESPN is showing games, this is not an issue! The only thing you see is the matchups early Saturday morning. Not one game from the Prem has kicked off during the early game on Saturday morning. On Monday, there are only rarely multiple games, so, again, this is not an issue. I just don’t see why this is such an issue for everyone here.

      1. Grant, it’s more of an issue when ESPN2 shows the 10am game. And if they are planning on showing more games in the future, it’s more likely that they’ll be showing more games at the same time that other games are being shown.

        The Gaffer

  4. Like most people on here, I hate the ticker at the bottom of the screen on ALL sports broadcasts. However, it seems ESPN has a compromise for EPL games since it only comes up every 15 minutes or so. It is better than having it on there for the whole game. At this point I will take the trade off for a HD feed of the early kickoff time.

  5. Where’s the “I honestly don’t care” option? I only ask because I quite simply don’t understand how this bothers people as much as it seems to bother EPL Talk.

    1. Because my Saturday routine is to sleep in and wake up to 4 or 5 games on my DVR. I have setanta and fsc as well as espn2, so throughout the day I will be recording all of the epl and serie a games, as well as the occasional la liga clash, and I hate watching the game if I know the score. Midweek games are especially a chore. Its hard enough to go on a twitter/espn/espn.com blackout until I get home from work, much less if I have to try to ignore certain parts of the screen while I watch all of the games. In this day and age of DVRs and mobile internet (you can even get text message updates for scores if you are that desperate for immediacy), there is no reason why a ticker is necessary anymore. That is a bygone era!

      1. Again, with ESPN this has been a problem once or twice this year. Most of the games are on ESPN when there is literally nothing else on. It’s simply not an issue.

        1. Grant, it’s 5 times this season, but who’s counting? 😉 Seriously though, it’s an issue now and will become more of an issue when ESPN2 gets more rights to soccer games.

          The Gaffer

  6. I qualify my above comments with the stipulation that the Bottom Line doesn’t disply the scores of other games you plan on watching (which usually isn’t an issue because during the early Saturday and Monday games there are usually no other games going on), or, God forbid, the game you are watching on ESPN. They have mostly gotten their act together on both of these issues. I also should note that I don’t see nearly the howling at the moon about FSC’s halftime show, which also shows the scores of the games not on FSC.

    1. Grant, good points. The issue with the BottomLine ticker is more-so the annoyance of having it appear as you’re trying to watch the match. It’s distracting. When ESPN2 broadcasts 10am ET games, as it occasionally does, it shows the latest scores from the other games – which is a big no-no.

      As for Fox, we all know to expect it so it’s easier to fast forward or close our eyes when the scores pop up on screen. Having scores and results displayed during half-time is expected. Having them displayed during a game is awful.

      The Gaffer

  7. I hate that thing even when ESPN isn’t showing any football. It’s distracting and takes away from the action of the game. Just like those annoying ad-banners on FSC.

  8. I still don’t get the ticker problem. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been watching sports on ESPN for so long that it doesn’t bother me anymore.

    I simply don’t get why this is such a big deal.

    How is the ticker any more of a distraction than the “light boards” surrounding the pitch…I’m often distracted by those because I end up trying to read them…what’s the difference?

    Oooh, big bad ESPN is being evil by giving us sports news….oooooh.

      1. Scott, I’m guessing you’re a little bit younger than me, so it’s completely understandable if a younger generation is used to the BottomLine ticker. To me, I hate it for three main reasons: (1) It distracts me from the game, (2) when it’s a 10am ET game, it tells me the latest scores from other Premier League games that I’m taping and (3) I don’t care one iota about finding out the latest baseball scores or news or scores from other sports.

        The Gaffer

    1. “How is the ticker any more of a distraction than the “light boards” surrounding the pitch
I’m often distracted by those because I end up trying to read them.”

      I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with this affliction. :-)

  9. I really don’t even notice the ticker once I get to watching the game. I don’t know why, but I am able to focus on the game and barely notice the scrolling ticker at the bottom. I guess I am not good at paying attention to multiple things. You should ask my wife about that; she would agree! (And let’s me know that all the time). Happy Holidays to everyone on the EPLTALK boards!

  10. I have to say I am not a fan of the ticker; it is distracting to me and crowds out a portion of the picture which is even more pronounced when not watching it in HD.

    The essential item for me is this: If I want to know about other results, I can always change the channel, or fire up my phone, or computer. I don’t need to be reminded about the latest play in the American Football or basketball game every ten seconds. I do occasionally care about these things, but I also have the power to use the remote in order to find them out; they do not need to intrude on the thing I am actually watching.

    ESPN has a 24 hour a day sports news station that is practically on every cable system, and many websites. They also use the ticker to advertise for what’s on other channels right then, and during big events, have virtual play by play going. The point is that it isn’t like this info is inaccessible to most at anytime.

    The ticker should be eliminated, or at the very most, it should be used no more than twice an hour (thankfully, the 7:45ET games do this). That is reasonable; the normal constancy of it is over-the-top in my view.

  11. Gaffer…yes, I’d assume I’m a bit younger than you at 37, but I think the fact that I’m fairly new to watching football/soccer on a regular basis is more of a factor. So, yes as someone who “grew up” watching American sports broadcasts the ticker bothers me not one iota.

    And, I’ll prolly catch holy hell for this…but, for the astronomically better quality of production that ESPN is offering, the ticker is a very small price to pay. imho
    (and yes, FSC/Gol are supposed to be going HD, but the vast majority of us aren’t going to be in areas where cable/sat tv is going to carry it…so, ESPN will still be the network with the best production of footie)

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. It’s just a part of watching TV here in the states. Tons of channels have tickers, especially sports and cable news (which is 90% of the TV I watch).

      I wouldn’t even stop there. I would be completely fine with ESPN doing the pop up commercials or onscreen advertising “bugs” that FSC uses if it meant we could get more high quality footie on ESPN. Because there are no commercial breaks for footie, disregarding for a moment the halftime break, which as has been pointed out above can easily be fast forwarded or switched away from all in one 15 minute block, most American sports networks don’t know how to make money from broadcasting footie. In order to see that change, we might have to get used to a slightly more intrusive viewing experience. If it means more footie in HD though, I’m all for it.

  12. All channels should get with the program and understand a LOT of people use DVR’s…so stop these damn tickers showing scores or stop those “goal updates”, etc. If I am dying to know the score of a game while I’m watching another, I’ll use the damn internet. Or DirecTV on some channels has a “score update” function when you push the red button on your remote…

  13. Readers, I checked with ESPN to find out whether they’ll be showing the BottomLine ticker during the 2010 World Cup games they’ll be televising for the United States audience and here’s their response:

    “A final decision hasn’t been made re. Bottom-line ticker during 2010 WC live match telecasts. It is one of the production enhancements we are considering.”

    So what do you guys think? Should or shouldn’t they include the ticker in the World Cup? Be sure to post your replies below as ESPN definitely read our posts and comments.

    The Gaffer

  14. I have to say I’m pleased with the intermittent showing of the Bottomline. Having it on all the time is overkill in today’s technology age. I hope for WC 2010 they employ a similar strategy of running it once per half and then during the halftime show. It seems like the most logical compromise. ESPN gets to show its promos and the viewer isn’t bombarded throughout the telecast. I was pleasantly surprised that ESPN hasn’t run the ticker constantly during EPL broadcasts and I’m hoping they’ll make the similar decision for WC 2010.

  15. The ticker doesn’t really bother me, but I understand we all have different tolerances.

    At least we can all be thankful that this has become a problem because we now have TOO MUCH FREAKIN’ COVERAGE and we’re finding other things to bitch about. :-)

  16. I have been burned by the ticker a couple of times in the past when ESPN had the Champions League. The solution was an option on my TV that allows me to zoom the picture a bit so the ticker is no longer visible.

  17. I don’t mind the way ESPN does the ticker during EPL matches. I wonder if they’re being forced by the league to only show it occasionally. The ads on FSC appear occasionally, also. I haven’t seen a match on Setanta, so I can’t comment on that.

    My biggest issue, or humorous point, is that, during last Saturday’s match, they had every other match as starting at 10 AM EST, except for Arsenal/Hull at 12:30 PM. Anyone who even glanced at a schedule knew that there were matches on Sunday and Monday this week. In fact, Monday’s match was supposed to be on ESPN in the US! Yet, there it was, starting at 10 AM Saturday according to the Bottom Line ticker. Hilarious.

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