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New Features at MLS Talk

  • Beginning this Monday, we will have a weekly wrap up covering the play of footballers expected to feature for the United States’ group opponents in South Africa. Many other websites do an outstanding job of covering the US team and Yanks Abroad, but nobody covers the opposition as well as perhaps they should be covered.
  • Beginning January 1st, we will have a full fledged Landon Donovan watch with multiple correspondents, using EPL Talk’s England based people  resources to break down each of Donovan performances at Everton. Donovan is perhaps the greatest footballer in the history of American soccer, and this is monumental moment for the game in this country as he blazes new trails and seeks to make an impact in the world’s toughest league.

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7 Responses to New Features at MLS Talk

  1. Charles says:

    Why would I want to follow LD at Everton ?
    Follow a team with zero chance of winning in the last 20 years, and zero chance of winning in the next 20 ?

    The only reason would be to see my dream scenerio come true:
    LD fails in EPL
    LD wins the WCup ’10
    LD stays in MLS, which becomes huge, thus insuring the National team is great for many, many years

    More likely scenerio:
    LD in Europe eventually
    US 50/50 out of group stage, but nowhere after that
    MLS follows old NASL, forcing American soccer fans to watch the joke of European leagues, while our national team finishes dead last ( see ’98 and ’06 for examples )

  2. This One Guy In Detroit says:

    Excellent new feature ideas. Good stuff.

  3. todd says:

    will Landon watch include a Holden watch if he ends up in EPL/SPL?

  4. todd says:

    also, has everyone forgotten that our starting defensive midfielder is likely heading to italy?

  5. Ryan says:

    “A team with zero chance at winning in the last 20 years”?

    That’s a bit relative considering the domination of the Big Four in the EPL. Outside of of Blackburn in 1994-95 and Leeds in 1991-92, Everton is the last team outside of the Big Four to take the title. They are the last club outside of Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool to finish in the top 4, in addition to a good deal of success in the FA Cup (1995 champions, 2009 finalists). While they have been somewhat dormant in league play in 2009, the have moved up the table of late and have played well in Europe, advancing to the knockout round in the Europa League. Adding Donovan will only make the team stronger and push them back into contention for qualifying for European play again next season. Don’t make Everton out to be a side the likes of an EPL bottom-feeder or Championship side simply because they are not a giant.

  6. robert says:

    i’m greedy. i just want landon to succeed so i can enjoy some yanks getting respect in world football (outside of goalkeepers). no, we don’t have a ronaldo, messi, xavi, or even a rooney, but damn… landon’s better than the non-existent press he gets (or doesn’t). He’s our best. And he’s really good. good enough to start on any contender for europa, and good enough to sub on any big four. c’mon landon. make us proud.

  7. Michael says:

    Hope Moyes uses him properly. I liken him to Lennon at Tottenham, small but wicked fast. Put him on the wing and let him run past people.

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