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In the upcoming weeks and months, EPL Talk will be bringing you multiple interviews with Slovenian Journalists to discuss the National Team that has been drawn with England for the World Cup, as well as some background on the nation itself.

Please leave any questions you may have about Slovenia, the national team and the country in the comments section. Thank You!

9 thoughts on “Questions About Slovenia”

    1. I know they have a more tactical savvy manager than the US.

      Flame on me for saying that. I love how so many “experts” who have never watched Slovenia or Algeria just assume the US will beat them, and say so on TV (Alexi Lalas) and on blogs. (too numerous to list) Yet, when I give analysis I am considered a jerk, a traitor, a Benedict Arnold.

      1. same…it’s funny how espn analysis who never watched a slovenia/algeria WCQ match can go on TV and judge based on stats from livescore

  1. Q: What’s the general consensus in Slovenia? Does the nation think they can advance to the next round and, if so, which two teams do they believe will not make it – England, Algeria or United States?

    The Gaffer

  2. Which player(s) would you say are most crucial for Slovenia to succeed in South Africa?

    Related to the Gaffer’s question… What would be an acceptable outcome in the minds of the Slovenian people? Is there just a general sense of euphoria after that dramatic qualification or do people expect a top 16 finish?

  3. Plz remember; 5 National Algerian team members play in one of the fiercest leagues in the world- the UK Premier league – how do you think they won ???
    Also most of the countries have players in Premier league so- do not limit your comments to ‘ thinking about a country and its resources’. this isn’t global thinking anyway and won’t help you when we lose to Algeria or Slovenia!!! doh :( THINK ABOUT IT

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