EPL Talk Podcast: ESPN Personalities Thoughts On Draw

EPL Talk Podcast Logo draft 300x242 EPL Talk Podcast: ESPN Personalities Thoughts On Draw

ESPN Personalities Bob Ley, Efan Ekoku and Alexi Lalas share their initial thoughts about the World Cup draw. This commentary was recorded right after the draw was completed.

One thought on “EPL Talk Podcast: ESPN Personalities Thoughts On Draw”

  1. Okay. As An American Im not worried about Slovenia taking points off of us or Algeria in the world cup. We have been in HARDER groups before, we have already been insulted by an Algerian player by saying he wasnt impressed by us in the confedrations cup. Im sure they will take us likley and we will smack them around. Slovenia will be a hard match but listen, All the way through qualifying we have fought our way through and learned how to come back from being a goal down or 2 goals down we know how to fight back for a win or a draw…It really dosent matter to me if they took out Russia, We took out Spain..so what. I would say our teams are the same…

    Im sort of expecting them to pack it in and bunker in and make it hard for us to do anything…im not sort of expecting them to come out flying and put us on the defensive side. Im sure they know about us and would want to play defensively. But Oh well…

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