When Will Owen Hargreaves Return To Manchester United?

Owen, show us how close you are to a return.
Owen, show us how close you are to a return.

It’s been a rough few months for Manchester United players as the rigors of competing in multiple competitions have taken their toll. Sir Alex Ferguson’s defensive dilemma has been well documented in recent weeks so weary eyes now turn to the almost 29-year-old Canadian born England and Manchester United midfielder, Owen Hargreaves. Seemingly vanished from existence, Hargreaves did in fact return to Old Trafford this past September from Vail, Colorado where he spent a few months in rehabilitation from career saving knee surgery that took place in November 2008 and January 2009. Renowned knee specialist Richard Steadman performed multiple operations on the midfielder and said Hargreaves condition was “one of the worst I’ve seen in 35 years”.

Hargreaves made only sporadic appearances in the 07-08 season and even less the following year. On multiple occasions though, Hargreaves has been dominate for England and Manchester United. For country, Hargreaves was easily England’s best player in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, see under the quarter-final loss to Portugal. For club, Hargreaves was one of United’s most consistent and solid players in the 2008 Champions League Final victory over Chelsea. Hargreaves is a confident, combative and skillful midfielder. He’s an excellent passer of the ball, tackler and free-kick taker. When match fit, his defensive prowess is as good as any midfielder in world football, he’s able to stifle attacks and break up play – a trait England will require if they are to compete with attacking teams the likes of Spain and Brazil in next summer’s World Cup. With the World Cup now only 6 short months away, will Hargreaves even have time to get match fit and keep a regular starting spot for club at United?


Fabio Capello, Ferguson, Manchester United and England supporters have to be nervously awaiting news of his progress in training as Hargreaves attempts to feature for United and England in 2010. Again, if fit, Hargreaves is the type of player that can be the difference maker both teams so desperately crave. It’s not all doom and gloom for fans of the former Bayern Munich man, Ferguson’s right-hand man Mike Phelan claims Hargreaves is making good progress with minimal complications. Phelan recently spoke to the club’s offical website manutd.com saying,He’s been out a long time now, but he’s back on the training ground. He has a lot of rehab work to do which is going to be a continuous thing for him now“.

He’s as keen as mustard to get back in there with the squad and the time is definitely getting shorter until he is back in training fully”.

Looks like fans of Hargreaves will have to wait that much longer to see if his attempt at a return to top-flight football will bear fruition. You’ve just read the author’s opinion on Hargreaves ability to perform at a high level when fit, what say you EPL Talk readers? Can Hargreaves ever perform at the high level he did while at Bayern Munich? Will England fans ever see him don a three lions shirt again? Was the £17 million transfer fee United paid Munich for Hargreaves a waste? Here’s hoping the answer to the first two questions is Yes.

14 thoughts on “When Will Owen Hargreaves Return To Manchester United?”

  1. In regards to the title of the article: That’s a VERY good question. Something tells me that his injury is a bit worse than Fergie may be letting on. I could be wrong (and I sincerely hope that I am) but I feel like there’s more than just a “confidence” issue at work here.

  2. Yea he probably wont, I think hes found that hes not the same, hence why he cant start competitive training, hope im wrong though, hes a great player

  3. He’s be out, what, 18 months now? I don’t remember, but that seems even longer than Fat Ronaldo was out with any of his recurring knee problems.

    I hope I’m wrong, but while he may be back, I doubt it will be at his former excellent level.

  4. From what I’ve read, his knees are so bad that even gently easing back into playing will be dangerous, it could be all it takes to damage the work that’s been done.
    I imagine his confidence level will be good because he’ll be anxious to get back in the game and he’ll feel somewhat invincible. However, I can’t help but think that the first time he’s injured will be the last. Any more damage to the work that’s been done would certainly mean an early retirement and a move into coaching for our Owen.

  5. How long? Soon I hope.

    The mroe important thing is him staying fit, after that long I should expect he does. I’m sure he will still serve a worthy purpose if fitness levels are fulfilled.

  6. It’s funny how if he came back tomorrow he’d be a regular player for both United and England without a second of hesitation.

    He’s a great holding midfield player and the only one either team has access to at the moment.

    It would just be a huge boost to have him back for either squad.

  7. 17mil pounds were not a waste. Worth that much just to see Chelsea lose to Manchester United in the Champions League final on penalties.

  8. Recently Dean Ashton was forced to retire due to injury. Hargreaves will not be next in line to Ashton as Liverpool hope as long as Utd 11 is kicking and 18 is scoring. If Hargreaves is fit and back in the pitch, the sold out business of Ronaldo/Tevez will even bring Sir Alex to World Bank financial advisor post.

    Give Michael Owen more minutes in Barclay EPL games and be careful somebody accidentally hit a little bit jut out Obertan honey-comb nape in the pitch.

    Rio was like a corrupted Asian police man chasing a thief in Manchester derby behind Bellamy.

    I saw Dzeko and Krasic played well against Man Utd as if they will be more than happy to come to Old Trafford if offered. Some says that if Utd want to break Reds title record, why not send secret agents to Villa Park to knock on Wayne helpful England partner. Two former Reds players can kill all the matches in Barclay.

  9. I dont think it was a waste in buying hargreaves for 17million as he was definitely worth that much at the time. Hargreaves is a solid consistent performer when fit, its a shame really with Dean Ashtons case recently it would not surprise me if Hargreaves had to take early retirement, some peoples bodies just cant handle the intense level of fitness required.

  10. please guys…. you need to understand that when a person is declared fit by a team like Manchester United… he is seriously ready to play. Take any other example…. say Eduardo…. he went through much worse thn Owen has…. and look at the way he returned… scoring in his debut match after the injury which literally almost made his foot fly off his leg!!!!
    if Sir Alex says he will play… I trust him blindly and will go behind him. Its time we start listening to him AGAIN :P… we have Michael Owen as the perfect example lads

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