EPL Talk Podcast: World Cup Draw- England and Premier League Related Thoughts


Chris Oakley of Some People on the Pitch and the Sound of Football joins EPL Talk’s Kartik Krishnaiyer and Laurence McKenna to break down the World Cup Draw, focusing on England’s group and look at some other Premier League players of impact.

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9 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: World Cup Draw- England and Premier League Related Thoughts”

    1. Anonymous, they’re coming. We’ve got several additional interviews with folks from ESPN that we’ll be releasing over the next few days both on the EPL Talk Podcast and MLS Talk Podcast.

      Thanks for your interest.

      The Gaffer

      1. Part of the “problem” we have is that we have a backlog of interviews that are piling up that we need to publish including interviews with Ron Davies, Steve McManaman, Martin Tyler and others.

        The Gaffer

  1. I’m loosing track of which EPL or MLS podcasts it was, but Kartick keeps calling England the weakest seeded team other than South Afrcia. I think this is unfair. France and Argentina have been playing much worse, and the Netherlands doesn’t have better players than England. Granted, tournament situations such as the World Cup are unusual for national teams because they have several weeks to prepare, and thus perhaps France and Argentina have hope, but to say England is “clearly the weekest besides South Africa” is an overstatement.

  2. I often don’t agree with Kartik, however, I can see his point.

    If a different formula had been used it wouldn’t be unlikely to see France or Portugal take England’s spot as a seeded team (thus making them one of the weaker sides in this vein).

    There’s nothing about it that deserves a “clearly” but it could be possible.

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