Tampa Bay Rowdies v New York Cosmos, 1976: Video

With all of the recent discussion about the NASL being reformed in the United States, I thought I’d share a very interesting video with you which is the first ten minutes of the 1976 NASL game between Tampa Bay Rowdies and New York Cosmos.

The above video is interesting for several different reasons, some of which include:

  • How commentator Mario Machado and co-commentator Paul Gardner went to extra lengths to explain basic rules of the game such as throw-ins and corner kicks,
  • It seems the game was shown live on CBS Sports. One unnerving point in the video is near the end where Machado shouts “We’ll be back” hinting that the coverage was going to break for a commercial, which then didn’t happen,
  • The sheer noise from the Tampa Bay crowd before the game began and whenever Pele had a good opportunity to score,
  • The slow tempo of the game, which was probably more to do with the heat than tactics,
  • And lastly, the pass backs to the goalkeeper which look so out-of-place these days.

What jumped out for you as interesting? Click the comments link below and share your feedback.


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