Everton 2-2 Tottenham: Howard Penalty Save Rescues Toffees

tim howard

Tottenham Hotspur isn’t one of the most fashionable clubs in the English Premier League, but judging by the amount of “jump out of your seat” incidents in the second half, maybe it’s time to start paying more attention to the boys from White Hart Lane even though they failed to capitalize on a golden chance to get all three points and leapfrog Arsenal into third place.

In a thoroughly entertaining second half, Tottenham were leading 2-0 but succumbed to a 2-2 draw after Louis Saha and Tim Cahill scored two crucial goals to tie the game. Then late on in injury time Wilson Palacios was knocked to the ground by Tony Hibbert in the penalty area which resulted in a penalty for the Lilywhites.

Jermain Defoe walked up and struck his penalty straight down the middle of the goal and was saved by American goalkeeper Tim Howard. In a joyful moment for American viewers, Howard’s reaction was an adrenalin fueled high as he showed in just a few seconds how vital he is to Everton’s Premier League season and how much the Merseyside club means to him.

Other highlights of this game included a wonderful bicycle kick by Saha which skimmed just past the post.

While Tottenham supporters will feel a great loss at not securing all three points, the game showed how much quality the Tottenham side has as well as how well they’re coping with difficult away trips to places such as Goodison Park and Villa Park, where they played last week. After watching last week’s match between Villa and Spurs, I was surprised that no one commented about that game or posted an article. Tottenham looked very dangerous and did well to come back after going down 1-0 against a difficult to beat Villa side.

I saw that same enthusiasm and team spirit in Tottenham’s game today. As long as they keep on playing like that, they’ll have plenty more chances to challenge for third or fourth spot in the Premier League.

And as for Everton, we saw the grit and determination and a little bit of luck that was needed to secure a draw, which hopefully will give the Toffees the confidence boost they need to begin climbing up the Premier League table again instead of staring down into the relegation zone.

19 thoughts on “Everton 2-2 Tottenham: Howard Penalty Save Rescues Toffees”

  1. but judging by the amount of “jump out of your seat” incidents in the second half, maybe it’s time to start paying more attention to the boys from White Hart Lane

    OR we can make it better by

    but judging by the amount of “jump out of your seat” incidents in the second half, maybe it’s time to start paying more attention to the boys from goddison park

    because in all fairness it was everton who provided the thrill by forcing spurs to play in their own half and keep the penalty out and secure a very dramatic comeback

    1. Have to agree. Everton’s comeback was the story here. Tottenham look pretty good. But Everton’s heart was huge.

      And whoever that kid was playing right back for Everton was fantastic today. What a debut.

        1. I hope so. For me, he’s their new starting right back. Fearless going forward, solid defensively. Had a hand in both goals.

          From his wikipedia page:

          “Before he could make his debut for Everton, he had to contend to with a career threatening blister.”

      1. Ah, spuds and gooners arguing even over who’s more profilgate…

        The real shame is that with the draw, Tottenham didn’t move above Arsenal in the table.

  2. So Spurs go away to the 15th-placed team and throw away a 2-0 lead and miss the game-winning PK in injury time and the backbone of the story is about Spurs’ enthusiasm and team spirit? Ok….makes sense.

  3. Oh, and how about the missed penalties this weekend. Defoe, Lampard and Fabregas all had penalties saved. 2 out of the 3 turned out to be huge.

    I hate it when announcers say “you would’ve bet your house on Lampard scoring there!” But I would’ve bet a lot that all three wouldn’t miss.

  4. good to see more ppl give credit to everton and it was a classic everton performance where they played as a team-i dare anyone to pin point a clear cut MOTM
    imo if we were forced to name one from evertons side it would be a dog fight between cahill,coleman,howard and saha

    1. While Everton did well to battle back for a draw, the problem I have with this is that if Defoe had scored that injury-time penalty, like he should, the headlines would have been all about Spurs and not about Everton. So by Defoe missing the penalty, the headlines then focus on Everton and how wonderful Howard and Coleman were (not to take anything away from them).

      I guess my post is more of a contrarian one giving credit where credit is due for Tottenham, who were one penalty kick away from a thoroughly deserved win.

      The Gaffer

    1. Evan, they must be closet Tottenham supporters! Just kidding! The image was not from the Everton v Spurs game, but was from when Everton played Man United.

      The Gaffer

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