Reaction From English Press and Pundits to Being In USA Group


Combing through the news wires, here is the immediate reaction from the English press and pundits to being drawn in the same group as the United States:

“We can’t argue with that draw and that’s as good as we could have expected,” said Terry Venables, who enjoyed a two-year spell as England national coach in the mid-1990s. “The US game will be tough because they’ll be very well organised and they’ll be fit. They won’t out-play us, but they could out-strength us, but they’ll be similar to the Sweden sides we’ve met at tournaments in the past: they’ll be solid. There won’t be too many players to out-skill us or shock us, but they’ll be strong. But we could still have hand-picked that group and been satisfied.”

“While the Americans were Confederations Cup finalists last year, and boast familiar Premier League faces like Tim Howard, Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore, they are the sort of side potential world champions should beat, especially with David Beckham able to give inside information,” said journalist Martin Lipton of The Daily Mirror.

“As finalists in last summer’s Confederations Cup – where they ended Spain’s 35-match winning streak – the USA will be confident of causing another sensation. However, even with Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey in their ranks, England should emerge unscathed from a game that gives them a great start geographically because Capello is hoping to use the area as a training base next summer,” said The Independent newspaper.

“England are dreaming of World Cup glory after landing a plum draw for next year’s finals. Fabio Capello’s men will come up against America, Algeria and Slovenia in Group C,” said The Sun newspaper.

“The USA are ranked 14th in the world and beat Spain, the European champions, in June’s Confederations Cup. But they are eminently beatable and it is the perfect chance for England to avenge one of the most humiliating defeats in their history – the 1-0 reverse at the 1950 World Cup finals,” said The Times newspaper.

33 thoughts on “Reaction From English Press and Pundits to Being In USA Group”

  1. England is a failed state! BNP!!! Northern Rock!! Soca Warriors!! Yorktown!!!! USA WILL DESTROY YOU EUROTRASH POM WANKERS!!!!!!!!

    1. lets hope soo. im surprised england is being alittle modest but we’ll win for sure. england is getting to cocky. GO USA!!!!!! BEAT THE NANNIES!!!!!

  2. “especially with David Beckham able to give inside information,”

    I have no idea what this comment means. I guess Beckham playing in America somehow makes him an expert on all American soccer?? In that case the US should have “inside information” on England. After all Tim Howard plays there so he obviously knows everything about the English national team!

  3. I want England to win bad, but I’m afraid the British press is giving the USMNT all the motivation they need. This will be a tough match. Let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves lads…..

  4. Over there, over there,
    Send the word, send the word over there
    That the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming
    The drums rum-tumming everywhere.
    So prepare, say a prayer,
    Send the word, send the word to beware –
    We’ll be over, we’re coming over,
    And we won’t come back till it’s over, over there.

    Safe predictions for the most part. It’ll be a good game…probably the most hyped soccer match in US Soccer history…a US win would be massive for the sport here and I doubt any of the Euro’s understand that.

    One thing I haven’t seen (yet) from the Euros, look at who they could face in the second round, Germany. Oops. 😉

  5. I can’t wait, I’m so excited. Only thing that sucks is that it’s still more than 6 months away :(

    Draw looks really good across the board IMO. Anyone have any thoughts on how the African teams will do? I want to have hope for them, but I’ve been going over the match ups on my bracket and it looks to me that they have a really hard fight ahead of them.

  6. it’s funny to see the comment about Becks giving “inside information” hahah. On what? Donovan’s sniffing habits before penalties? haha.
    Becks knows less about the team than Howard, Jozy, and Dempsey know about the English team.

  7. “they are the sort of side potential world champions should beat” – Martin Lipton
    You are correct Marty, but the question is how England will do ?

    man99utd You want England to win ? Where do you live or what is wrong with you ?

  8. Well you can mock the guy for saying Beckham will have “inside info” but Donovan just said the same about Howard, Dempsey etc.

    If you look at paper form – the US loses to England, draws with Slovenia and then hopes to beat Algeria by more goals than Slovenia does.

    But its a tournament so the form book counts for little.

    The main question I think is whether the U.S will be able to come back after the England defeat to get a result against Slovenia……

  9. what do you expect from the english press? of course they will be happy. the us is a mediocre team, and that is a fact.

    mind you, i bet algeria will beat the us and kick your arses back to new jersey.

  10. It’s nice to be on the better end of a “lose-lose” match, unlike how we usually are. When we play friendlies against good teams and win, people say they didn’t care about the game. If we lose, they say we suck.

    If England wins, they’ve done what people expect them to do…beat the little Americans. If they lose, it will be an absolute disaster for them.

  11. I say we burn some tea in the harbor!!! Stupid English wankers already declaring a win vs. the US. We will approach this game as the biggest match in the history of US soccer, if we get a result in the first match we will definitely qualify for the 2nd round…ironically in a “perfect” world we could meet Mexico in the quarters. My what a huge match that would be.

    1776!!!!!!!!!!!!! The English press should stick to tea and crumpets…

  12. burn your tea as much as you wish. fact is that you poor souls think you are good at this sport. it is called football. i suggest you go back to play your national sport “eggball” and be happy.

    still think algeria will kick your fat burger with chips arse and send you back to arkansas with your head up your stinkink arse. i cant wait to see the sun’s front page that day. lol. tossers.

  13. Why do I get the feeling that Jack-A is some loser living in America who got beat up in Middle School constantly ?
    There have been a few of them posting lately.
    1776 !!!

    US-Mexico in the quarters with them wanting revenge for 2002 would be awesome !

    1. peace be with you. no i do not live in your country. i have thought about my actions and i regret it. so i apologise.

      good luck with your team.

  14. I just can’t wait to see Wayne Rooney cry after the USA gives England a beating. The Yanks speed will leave sorry they even saw the Red, White, and Blue from afar. Finally, we we humble the English press!

    GO USA!

  15. One things for damn sure I’m not at all excited to listen to this nonsense for the next 188 days. All 32 of these teams have the possibility to win and deserve to be here, no one should be written off, least of all the USA. No one in this tournament is mediocre.

    Football is the world’s sport, and the elitists everywhere hate that this is the truth. Think of us and our policies what you will, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit here and listen to anyone say that the U.S.A. doesn’t belong in South Africa.

    Yankee doodle came to town riding on a pony
    Stuck a ball into the net and called it macaroni

  16. Did anyone catch Beckham’s snide little comment about how it will be an easy win for England when USA was pulled out of the pot?

  17. The US should forget about England and concentrate on Algeria and Slovenia. They will provide more than enough competition for us. It might be a good idea for the US soccer establishment to read Terry Venables’s assessment of the US team: “tough”, “well-organized”, “fit”, “solid”, and “similar to the Sweden sides”. The type of team he describes is exactly the type of team that I like to watch at naptime!!! US Soccer is locked on the idea that the US needs to make it to the second round at all costs even if we do so winninng ugly. The problem with that rationale is that while it may bring out the the tentative soccerfan to an MLS game he won’t be back unless the game is ENTERTAINING — and I wouldn’t shell out a nickel to watch the players described by Venables. It is somewhat ironic that Venables would be making this remark since it wasn’t too long ago that the same comments could have been made about the English team.
    Soccer is unique in the fact that its low scoring makes the actual field play the thing that draws the crowds. Paul Gardner has been harping on the need for the US to develop a more entertaining and skilled style. Unfortunately according to Venables and probably the rest of the world, the soccer establishment has yet to listen to Gardner.

    Good luck to the red, white, and blue — you’ll probably need it.

  18. I love the BBC news highlights of US qualification when the they something to the effect of ‘… but the Honduran goal silenced the crowd in Chicago’. Too bad they didnt realize the crowd was prohonduran….

  19. I like some others here feel that the US should focus on Slovenia and Algeria, once again as others have said “more than enough competition for us”. Honestly if we lose to England and let’s face it a likely outcome, it’s not the end of the world if we get the results against Slovenia and Algeria. However, lose to England and either Algeria or Slovenia, well game over and we start dreaming about 2014.

  20. The minute that the USA was drawn for this group, you know the Suits at ABC/ESPN Sports almost wet themselves with joy. It is very clear that they intend to make a statement with how they broadcast the 2010 World Cup finals, and now they have the advertising hook of USA v. England on the opening Saturday of the South Africa 2010.

    As for the match itself. The tale of the tape says that England is the better team, but they have been underachievers since 1966. Will Capelo’s presence change this?

    Can the US get a draw or even beat England, yes. Will they? That’s a hard call. Bob Bradley has alot of work to do between now and June, and one issue he needs to focus on is making sure his players stay focused and learn to swagger.

  21. Has England underachieved, or were they overrated ?
    They have only finished in the top 3 once, at home with controversy.
    Doesn’t really matter, I guess, they are in anyone’s book a favorite against US.

    What I like, being a frequent poster on a site called MajorLeagueSoccerTalk, is that one of the biggest storylines of the World Cup is the MLS teamates playing each other in the Group stage. Kinda cool.

  22. Brian Zygo’s comments about the difficulty of the task of beating England are dead on. Unfortunately, the task is even bigger than it may seem at first. Coach Bradley is becoming more and more conservative in his outlook–which is probably understandable with all of the “suits” looking over his shoulder telling him how critical for US soccer that he make it out of the first round. You would think that after nearly 20 years of growth with only two post knock-out round appearances, the soccer powers would realize that the MLS product on the field is more important than the World Cup record.
    The emphasis on winning at the World Cup creates a negative impact on the develoment of US soccer as a whole because it places the emphasis on pure athleticism at the expense of skill and creativity. Stacy North, an EPL veteran from the John Barnes era, tells the story of his argument with a youth select team coach. The coach insisted that the best chances of winning were based on getting the 11 best athletes on the field. Stacy’s contention, with which I whole-heartedly agree, was that a great soccer teams needs a mix of players with various types of physical skills and attributes. Unfortunately that soccer coach’s outlook is still prevalent in the youth and college soccer arena and results in the minimal skills, high work rate, and mechanical play that permeate youth and college soccer.
    If this approach is so bad, why is it still prevalent–because it can produce results — ugly and boring maybe, but results none-the-less. If our long term goal is to play Swedish style soccer, then we are on the right track. If we have higher goals, then Coach Bradley can start moving in the right direction and start putting the most skillful team on the field.

    Better to go home early and have people commenting on how entertaining and skilled the US team was than stumble into the second round based on a “high work rate”.

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