England and United States: The Dream World Cup Draw

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England and the United States in the same World Cup group is a draw that is made of dreams for me. Not purely because I’m an American citizen and a British citizen, but because it’ll shut a lot of people up. Whether that’s the egotistical English journalists that feel that a game against the United States will be a pushover for England. Or whether it’s the American soccer fans who claim that England aren’t the heavyweights they once were and that the USA could beat them.

I’m not saying either one is correct, but the match-up between England and the United States will hopefully put an end to a lot of those debates.

Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars for Saturday, June 12 when England plays the United States at 2:30pm ET. This for me and millions around the world will be a huge match.

My initial reaction to the draw for Group C for England is that their group opponents are beatable. Other than the United States, the other teams are Algeria and Slovenia. Neither will be easy, but there’s no reason England and the United States should not progress past this round.

What’s your reaction to England and the USA’s group? And what about the other groups? Post your feedback now by clicking the comments link below.

71 thoughts on “England and United States: The Dream World Cup Draw”

  1. The game is made a lot less important by the 2 teams that followed. Thank God. This match will be about who finishes 1-2 and then goes onto probably face the Germans… All in all not too stressed about this.

  2. I’m happy that they’re playing first. If they played last with two wins apiece over Slovenia and Algeria (not givens, for sure, but England and the US will both be favored in the other matches), the game wouldn’t make a difference. This way we know we’re definitely going to see a match with full effort and full squads (not counting injuries), with no worries about yellow-card suspensions or resting players.

  3. All I can say is ESPN made for tv match-up, Brazil v. Portgual, Mexico v. France, USA v. England-record breaking USA audience.

  4. For the US opening match, against the reputation and star power of England, and a Saturday afternoon on ABC, this has to be the biggest soccer broadcast in US history.

  5. Everyone at work has been wondering why I’ve been smiling all day – this is the reason.

    Being a Brit that moved to America as a kid, this is the perfect start to my viewing of the England and USA World Cup games.

    Simon is right though – the other two teams and the fact that two teams from each group go through makes this less important than it may seem at first glance.

  6. “Algeria and Slovenia aren’t household names,” but they are very tough. Algeria beat Egypt (winner of the ACN) to get here and Slovenia is very good. This is a very tough conference for the USA especially without Gouch and Charlie. As long as SI does not put Landon and Beasley on the cover as they did in 2006, maybe the US can advance. If they do, we are dead. Beware: the SI curse.

  7. The folks at ESPN still haven’t stopped high-fiving/chest bumping each other.

    Personally, I just wish there was one other person in this town I live in who knew what the World Cup was, so I’d have someone to talk to. Arrrgh!

  8. Cannot wait for the propaganda from Kartik to start you know his first blog piece is going to have some negative comments about England in it.

    And yes the English media or sections of it that Americans should not be reading anyway, (like me reading the NY Post) will belittle your team.

  9. Anyone who closely followed the U.S.’s qualifying matches would be hesitant to assume that the Yanks will get by Algeria and Slovenia without any issues. Afterall, this is a side that struggled against the likes of T&T and El Salvador.

    The U.S. will likely be challenged in every match, so getting out of the group stage is anything but guaranteed.

      1. True, but the games that the US struggled in were mostly on the road in pretty bad conditions, not on neutral fields where the US is likely to have more support than Slovenia, at least (not sure about Algeria).

  10. Look at this from England’s point of view. There fans are chanting “EASY! EASY! Pretty insulting I think. I want the American players to hear that. I dont think the English care one hoot about the United States Soccer team. A part of me wonders if your typical knowlegable fan who lives in London could even name 3-5 players that play for the team.

    1. Correct, English fans don’t care about about the US national team. Why should they? The US are an average team at the end of the day.

      1. Very true. And as a pretty avid American Soccer fan, I can assure you most do not care about the English National Team. We are overly exposed to Central and South American soccer teams, very rarely do we get the pleasure of watching the European sides.

  11. salut:

    j’ai bien peur que les usa seront en dernier de la liste,car l’algerie joue un footbal tres varié avec une equipe qui joue dans les plus grand club europeen et meme anglais on 4 jouers deja en championat anglais 3 en almagne et 2 en italy ça sera pas du gateau chers amis et n’oublion pas que la slovenie a battu la russi en match barage pour les eliminatoir

    1. It basically says algeria is a varied team with lots of players who play for great european and english clubs, some play in the english championship/premiership (unsure translation), three in germany, two in italy, so it will not be cake, my friends. and do not forget about slovenia who fought off a russian barrage in order to avoid elimination.

      or something like that, my french is rusty.

  12. At first I was a little frustrated with this, but on reflection, it may give both a better chance of going through….Great TV all the same,,,,,,Come on Three Lions.

  13. He/she says that he is afraid the US will be last in the group. Algeria plays a varied game and has players who play for all the big European and English clubs: 4 who play in the Premiership, 3 in Germany, and 2 in Italy. They add not to forget that Slovenia beat the Russians in their elimination battle.

    I think that what he says, anyway. My French is rustier than I thought.

  14. ENGLAND are going to absolutely batter USA i mean come on, they dont even have a real football league, bristol rovers could beat there league leaders they’re absolutely atrocious. come on england.

  15. Jon,
    the only thing you missed out is the little phrase roughly equivalent to “it won’t be a piece of cake” meaning “it won’t be a cakewalk” meaning ‘it won’t be easy, dear friends (chers amis)”

  16. They met in 1950 with the US taking the 1-0 win. And they just played a friendly in May 2008 with England taking a 2-0 win.

    When else have they met before?

    1. This game is gonna be a piece off cake, I have been smiling all day .. England’s gonna swim through the group stage. Everyone keeps bringing up when we met in the world cup before, please how can they even compare this match up to 1950, we played a friendly in 2008, the US side could not even keep up with the English side, We have how many premiership stars on the English side, and all great footballers. Stevie G, Rooney, JT, Becks and a whole lot more.

      1. England’s dream turns into a nightmare quickly! After a stunning openning round defeat to the USA they only manage a draw in their second match and hope they win their final game and have to hope for other teams to help them out in the final game. Dempsey, Altidore, Donovan, Spector, and Howard know well the English side and have already fugured out their pondering style won’t hold up against the speed the US has to flash at them. Maybe, Beckham toughed by his MLS experience can save something for Enlgand when as a desperate measure they are forced to start in in the third game.

        I just can’t wait to see Wayne Rooney cry after England does not get out of the group. It will be a great day for world soccer when the English media has to admit they just do not have the talent and have been surpassed as a soccer nation by the USA.

        I hope to point this post to everyone come June and actually believe most of it! Well half of it.

        1. LMAO! As much as I want to see the USA do great things, I am also a realist and understand that we still have a long way to go. It is only in recent matches that I have actually see the team hold on to the ball and play a tactical possession game instead of just dumping it into the corners for our forwards to chase. Who is available for each team will go a long way in deciding how the game will turn, without a doubt. Curious to see if England go with 4 in the midfield or 5. If 5, I’m afraid the USA will be completely overwhelmed.

      2. Is England a better team than Spain? Did Spain lose to the US in the confederations cup? I am a big fan of English footbal, but lets not get to full of ourselves now.
        ” the underdog Americans are up against FIFA’s No. 1-ranked team, Spain, which has already set the all-time international record for consecutive wins (15) in this tournament and could break the all-time undefeated run (36) by defeating the Americans”

    2. If I’m not mistaken, the US won the last meeting that was not at Wembley: the Foxboro game in 1993.

      “That was Graham Taylor’s team, that doesn’t count”, you say. But the US has come a long way since then, also.

  17. I can’t wait for June 12. It will be nerve-racking and lots of fun here in NYC. It’s really hard to make a prediction about how the US team will fare. Bradley has used so many players in qualifying and friendlies over the past two years. I really am hoping Davies makes some sort of miraculous recovery. Even if he doesn’t, I’d say the US’ starting 11 will be formidable. It’s the back-ups that kind of scare me.

  18. This could be a tricky group… If I’m not mistaken last time Algeria played at WC in 1982 they beat Germany 2-1 in their opening game. Germany had to scramble to progress and in the end settled for infamous 1-0 win over Austria that sent Algeria home. Slovenia is always capable to pull an upset as they did against Russia. England vs USA will be a very special game with a lot of undercurrents and anything can happen. This sort of reminds me this year CL group with Barcelona, Inter, Dynamo and Rubin with everyone expecting Barca and Inter to go through easily.

  19. Anyone have a good site to purchase USA World Cup official jerseys. You would think Nike would have if front and center on their website – but no.

  20. As a British Expat living in Philadelphia, this will be a great start to the World Cup & as it’s on a Saturday, I won’t need to take any time off work.

  21. Im pretty sure that there is England fans that respect the USA but im pretty sure there is a large portion of England fans that dont and think they are going to murder us. I hate to tell you this USA team knows how to fight for its wins…who cares what you did in qualifying your at the world cup now…its a whole different ball game boys. I know a large portion of USA fans respect England…I am one of them…but we wont roll over for you…If its one thing Bob Bradley knows how to do is watch teams mistakes and take advantage of them..I have nothing really to say about the match other than it can go either way.

    1. Just found this thread through searching the net.. I’m English and watched the draw with mates- when the USA were drawn as our first fixture there was a collective sigh.. you may be surprised but the majority of us English have a fair bit of respect for US football- I don’t think the vast majority of us who are passionate about football (and the vast majority of English are pretty passionate about football!!) will be viewing this opening game as anything other than a difficult game! It’s an exciting opening game for both teams, and although i don’t think anyone can argue that we have the far better team on paper, it’s gonna be a great game and i suspect a lot closer than people will suggest!! Looking at the English press online following the draw, on the whole they seem to feel the same way!

  22. Gah! If I hear one more mention of 1950! If you’re going to live in the past like that then remember that in the last 10 matches between England and the USA, England have won 8 of those 10 and scored 38 goals in the process. Stop living in the past.

    Instead lets look to the future and this upcoming fixture. I for one am excited to see how far the USA’s national team have progressed and a match up against England is a perfect way to do that.

    Also, do not discount Algeria so quickly. I think they have the potential to upset the unwary.

    1. Cris G- “Live in the past,” England is all about living in the past, with 1966, 1966.

      Anyways I fully expect England/US to emerge from the group.

  23. Hi, we cant tell whats going to happen until it happens, but lets look at the world class players England has and the very average players America has, dont get me wrong there descent but compared to England on paper there really is no contest, players like Gerrard, Rooney, Defoe, Lampard and Terrys ect ect… are world beaters and are 100 miles above the top end of the MLS! no disrespect but i can only see a England win and a comfortable one at that. Lets be honest the England reserve team would give USA a game… But hey football is football and anything happens!

  24. I could hardly be more pleased with this group for England AND for the US. Aside from Greece, Slovenia would have been the side both England and the US were hoping to see from Pot 4. Could’ve been worse when you look at Algeria as well. Sure, Slovenia beat a decent Russian side and Algeria upset Egypt. They’re not going to lie down. Those two countries will have more to fight for than the other two in the group and will, I predict, take at least a point from England and/or the US. It’s not as cut and dry as you might think, but England and the US should still advance from the group. This game will be monumental, seeing as the winner will practically have one foot in the knock-out stages. Nothing’s definite of course, but you see what I mean.

  25. There couldn’t be a better match up to attract people to the sport in this country. There is no doubt that even the football haters will watch out of nationalistic pride. I think we’re in for something special.

  26. jason)..a typical knowlegable fan from london couldnt name 3-5 players in the team…are you STUPID? i think you ment new york not london.

    1. Told you so. That’s the exact three I thought a “typical” Londoner would know.

      And Kendal’s point is true – how many “typical” New Yorkers can name three US players?

  27. I’m an Englishman and from my point of view great draw, im sorry to say but i really dont fear the USA, the bookies odds say it all England are now 6-1 to win the world cup while the USA is 1-35, however i think it will be a great game considering the history and “Special Relationship” between the two countries

  28. well ! respect for english team and usa team also ! but u guys souldn’t forget the rest of group !! slovenia is a good team ! they kicked russia out ! i don’t think slovenia will go to south africa for tourisme !!!!! algeria too is a great team ! crazy players they are too hot and offensive ! i think may they can do some thing !!!! poufff the best will pass !! good luck to alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  29. If USA lose their first match to England (as seems likely) this Group will be very much more difficult for them than many on this thread seem to realise.
    England will more than likely win this group after that it could be anyone

  30. I’m an American and I love the draw. No question, the English have more talent but who else did we want out of the seeds? I’d rather try to get something off England rather than one of the really good teams. Algeria and Slovenia are no pushovers and are not just there for the ride but they are good opponents to go after and are nowhere near the best teams in the tourney.

    The US has a good chance to advance, a break we needed with all of the injuries.

    The US over respects the English. It’s not that there bad, just not nearly has good as English people think.

    Should be a fun game, I can’t wait.

  31. Just my perspective as an ardent Chelsea acolyte now living in Boston, Mass. – I watch every Chelsea game, EPL, CL, Carling Cup and FA Cup, and I watch a fair number of New England Revolution games. As many of you suggest above, the level of football in the MLS doesn’t compare with the Premiership, and were an MLS team to compete in the Premiership over a full season of 38 games, we all know where it would end up. That’s not the issue in a short round-robin group followed by a knockout system. There, the desire to win, to function as a team to achieve a joint end, is what is most important. This works against England – the USA will want to win, desperately, to prove a point, and guts more than skill will come in to play then. The USA team already demonstrated this in the 2006 World Cup when they played Italy. A 1-1 draw, 3 men sent off and real blood on the pitch. Add in Donovan who, despite his miserable personality (ask his team-mate Beckham), can on the right day change a game and this could be a very hard game for England. English players with guts/dedication are going to count – Rooney, Milner is a great developing talent, Terry, Gerrard, even Beckham – these are people who WANT to play for England, I’m not sure about Lampard, Heskey, Ashley Cole, Crouch, is Ferdinand over the hill? and which goalkeeper can we really rely upon?
    Just opinions….

  32. I was born in Brazil, raise in the US, and I work for an English company.
    All I can say is: USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!
    I know soccer, I know it well. I know how hard it will be for the US to make it far into this World Cup, but I’d LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to see the US play Brazil. THAT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE. So, I hope the US kicks some English b-tt!

  33. As the oepning game of the group it´s got draw written all over it. Warm up for England, good for the US. Maybe a game of few chances. … and I´m English … Russell, Colombia

  34. The first game wont be the end of the world regardless off the result for both teams. It’s getting really close now :) As an English lad living in Manchester I’d like to wish our American cousins the very best of luck ‘after’ our game haha. Seriously though, both teams will progress 😉

  35. In this group the most dangerous team for England is Slovenia if any.Dont believe that USA can be tough opponent for Capello’s squad.Hope will be interesting game though.
    The atmosphere in London nowadays is great.People have flags on there cars,balconies.Just cant wait the World cup to start.

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