Jimmy Bullard Goal Celebration: Video

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Watch the video of Jimmy Bullard and his Hull City teammates making fun of Phil Brown earlier today after Bullard scored a goal in the match against Manchester City at the City of Manchester Stadium.

The incident made fun of Brown’s lecture he gave Hull City almost a year ago on the same pitch when Brown sat his players in a circle in front of the Hull City supporters and gave them a good telling off.

What do you think of Hull City’s goal celebration? Click the comments link below to share your opinion.

Thanks to 101 Great Goals for the tip.

7 thoughts on “Jimmy Bullard Goal Celebration: Video”

  1. lol

    It’s amazing that Manchester City beat Hull City 5-1 last year but they could only scrape a draw this year.

    The club that was supposed to break into the top 4 and take on Barcelona in the Champions League final and thrash them is now struggling to beat the teams it beat a year ago. Pretty hilarious.

  2. I thought it was brilliant. It’s a good sign that they can make fun of themselves, it shows that the tension in the dressing room is a bit less than it was two weeks ago.

  3. Brilliant move from JB and friends. Now if Jimmy can just stay healthy, maybe Hull can stay up and save Phil’s job. Definitely the right attitude, though.

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