Poll: Will MLS Players Cost the US World Cup Bid?

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The United States Men’s National Team is only months away from competing in its sixth consecutive World Cup. At the same time The US is submitting a bid to host either the 2018  or 2022 World Cups.

As has been discussed in many articles on this website, the MLS Players Union has several grievances against Major League Soccer.  Yesterday, FIFpro whose working relationship with FIFA is quite good, as evidenced by labor issues in European leagues, issued a strong statement, which mirror my concerns about the league’s labor practices.

Commissioner Don Garber responded in a conversation with SI.com writer Grant Wahl:

“It is so disappointing to me that a union representing players from so many countries, many of whom are American players on the World Cup team, would take the approach that their issues in this negotiation should have any impact whatsoever on both the U.S.’ bid for the World Cup in 2018 or ’22 or our team’s role in the 2010 World Cup. For the life of me, I can’t understand how this is in the best interests of their members.”
Do our readers agree with Don Garber that MLS players do not want the World Cup to come to the USA? Do you also agree with the Commissioner that the US competitiveness in next summer’s World Cup will be hurt by words of the players union? Or like me, do you agree that the players have legitimate gripes that need to be resolved if the league is going to move forward. (I do want to discuss the possibility of a temporary CBA until after the 2018/2022 World Cup winners are decided in a future post)

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