CBA Negotiations: FIFpro


Yesterday, FIFpro the federation of international football players got involved in MLS’ increasingly messy labor dispute by issuing a strongly worded statement which among other things, referred to MLS as a cartel. Do you agree with the MLSPU’s decision to engage FIFpro, who has a strong relationship with FIFA as evidenced by many player related issues in Europe? Or do you believe this is an internal matter that should be settled in a domestic manner without outside interference or agitation?

FIFpro often works on larger player and labor issue outside of specific federations or domestic leagues. By reaching out to FIFpro, the MLSPU has made its ongoing dispute with MLS’ owners an international matter. I happen to agree with the players actions for many reasons, including MLS’ continued failure to adhere to FIFA’s guidelines and statutes about player contracts, free agency and player transfers.

For more information on this story, please check out Simon Evans piece for Reuters.

Should the MLSPU have Gotten FIFpro Involved in the CBA Negotiations?(survey software)


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