Poll: Which EPL Team Do You Least Look Forward To Watching On TV?

Okay, admit it. Even though you thoroughly enjoy watching the Premier League, especially your favorite team each week, there are often times when you’re not too bothered about missing a match on television featuring teams that either don’t excite you or that you’re not interested in.

But which team in particular do you dread watching more than any other in the Premier League? Vote below and let us know.

Which team do you least look forward to watching on TV each week?(polls)

19 thoughts on “Poll: Which EPL Team Do You Least Look Forward To Watching On TV?”

    1. They may be dire, but they’re entertaining to watch, Jozy Altidore plays for them and there is a certain amount of pleasure in watching Phil Brown’s fall from grace.

      The Gaffer

      1. Don’t be fooled by the “in Belfast” part of the tag; I’m an American. (Studying at Queen’s, and I find that many silly people share my name)

        I like Jozy a ton, but until recently he wasn’t getting a ton of playing time. My favorite team is Fulham, and I was unfortunate enough to watch the Fulham-Hull game. It hurt.

  1. Worst team to watch is Portsmouth. Not only are they atrocious, they’re boring. I feel bad for the team and the supporters when I watch.

  2. I thought this was a ‘which team do you least like to watch’ and not a ‘which team do you like the least’ poll?

    Otherwise, it looks like a Sunderland-West Ham match would garner the highest ratings and any game featuring Chelsea or Man United would be easy to get discounted tickets for.

    And wasn’t this morning’s Bolton-Blackburn contest the poster child game for this poll?

  3. I certainly dont care for Tottenham games. They have already been kinda ordinary in my mind. Blackburn Rovers and Bolton too dont suite my fancy. Maybe its the white kit..lol Well I dont particulary like West Ham United either. I would certainly not cry to see WHU and Bolton to get relegated. I dont say Blackburn Rovers in this since by beating Bolton they gave themsevles some breathing room.

    As far as relegation goes, right now its betwen Portsmouth, Wolverhampton, Bolton, West Ham United, Hull City and now Wigan. Birmingham and Blackburn Rovers gave themselves breathing room this week.

  4. I say Bolton and Blackburn because in the recent past, they’re both teams that hover around mid-table most every year, too far above relegation to worry, and not high enough to qualify for Europe. So their games have little to offer from an entertainment perspective.

  5. I’m glad my instincts are not alone. I looked right away for Bolton. They’re that team that seems to be an established EPL club but no one gives a hoot about.

  6. My vote is for Birmingham City. I respect the task that’s before them having to compete in the top flight against teams with a much greater class than themselves, but I find that in order to compete they adopt effective but very dull tactics. They are the club that, in the games I have seen, have kept the greatest number of players in conservative defensive positions. They rarely play more than one attacker up front. They often try to hoof the ball forward to that one man and hope for the bounce. I have trouble finding any real quality on the side. I like to watch Joe Hart develop, but other than that, it’s a wasteland. Chucho has been, at best, passable, and not that fun to watch.

    At least Bolton have a few players of quality that I enjoy watching, even if the team is terrible. Matt Taylor is fun to watch, as is Kevin Davies. Even Lee has his moments of interest. Megson, for all his terrible management, is trying to keep the club attacking.

    Same for Blackburn. They have David Dunn, who has played inspired football this season. I normally can’t stand Big Sam, but Rovers have actually scored a lot and been fun to watch.

    Same for Hull. Can’t stand Golden Phil. But Hunt and Bullard have played some fun to watch stuff.

    But Birmingham has the fewest players of interest for me, and play the least attractive football.

    1. Jon, I agree. I voted for Birmingham too. It’s a team that has the capability of playing more attractive football, but McLeish’s tactics are too defensively minded and boring for me.

      The Gaffer

  7. I was going to vote for Portsmouth but then I remembered how much I enjoy games from Fratton Park with the Play Up Pompey chant with the team winning, tied, or losing as the fans are always in full voice.

    I voted for Birmingham as they just don’t entertain me that much. The days of Christoph Dugarry are long gone………………………

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