EPL Talk Podcast: The Henry Aftermath

We examine both sides of the Henry incident. A must listen to pod.

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EPL Talk Podcast: The Thierry Henry Aftermath

thierry-henry-handballOn this episode of the EPL Talk Podcast, host Kartik Krishnaiyer and co-host Laurence McKenna discuss one of the most controversial football stories of the year — the Thierry Henry handball incident for France against Ireland which ended up knocking the Republic Of Ireland out of the World Cup qualifying match while France will be making their way to South Africa next summer.

Krishnaiyer and McKenna examine both sides of this debate fairly. It’s a must-listen episode.

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6 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: The Thierry Henry Aftermath”

  1. The French want a replay? No they don’t! I have been reading message board after message board, and they say that France qualified and they don’t want a replay. Most people are talking about how dirty the Irish players are, and I talked in my blog about how I think they intentionally tried to injure French players.

    They are also talking about how it seems that the media unfairly target France, which I 100% agree with.

    And amazing, no talk about Anelka not being awarded a penalty when Given took his legs out. If anything is being talked about in France, it is the Anelka incident, not the Henry one. And I have not seen one damn thing in the English-speaking press about this incident.

    Also, talk about how the officials expelled Zidane from the WC final by looking at the video screen instead of the play on the field has been popping up on the message boards. In that case, we got screwed by the officials. IT HAPPENS!

    Actually, the last thing the French want is a replay.

    1. Appreciate the feedback David. What I would point out though is that there is a mass of French speakers and prominent figures who don’t want France to have to go to the World Cup with this as the monkey on their back. That’s why they want the replay, not because they feel bad, although either would be a good reason for a replay. It just won’t happen though and it’s unrealistic to expect it.

  2. Kartik: get over yourself. Yes, what happened last night was unfair, but such is life, and until there is a change of the rules to allow for the use of video technology in football, replaying a game b/c of a bad call won’t happen.
    In purely footballing terms, Ireland is the last team I regret not going to the World Cup. I am much more disappinted that Turkey, Croatia, Bosnia, and Russia didn’t make it to South Africa (although, Russia had a really bad game against Slovenia last night and didn’t deserve to go through on the balance of play).

  3. I agree that launching personal attacks at Henry are going too far but I also think it’s a stretch to suggest that Henry will “feel terrible” about the incident and that we should all just look the other way because he has done some nice things in the past. He already admitted he cheated but passed it off as not his responsibility as he is not the referee. Where’s his vaunted character and morals in that statement?

    Why anyone would feel the need to be an apologist for such blatant cheating is beyond me. The fact that he has pushed himself forth as a spokesperson for good causes does not save the fact that he has acted unethically. Thierry Henry was not “put” in the situation….he put himself in the situation by his own actions.

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