EPL Talk Podcast: Henry Aftermath from a French Perspective


On this episode of the EPL Talk Podcast, host Kartik Krishnaiyer and French Football expert Dave Trotter discuss one of the most controversial football stories of the year — the Thierry Henry handball incident for France against Ireland which ended up knocking the Republic Of Ireland out of the World Cup qualifying match while France will be making their way to South Africa next summer.

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2 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: Henry Aftermath from a French Perspective”

  1. Wow, Dave Trotter, you are a tool. You start off with the “no one knows if it was intentional or not” defense. Uh… Henry admitted it was a handball. Don’t tell me you didn’t know that storyline.

    Then you move onto criticize English speaking fans are becoming “obsessed” and “insulting” and that “really hurts.” Uh, Henry cheated to get his team into the WC and knock out Ireland. And Ireland needs to “reign in their fans” because they’re losing the respect of the football community. What planet do you live on, Dave Trotter? JesusMotherMaryandJoseph!

    Nice idea to try and “get the other side,” Kartik. In fairness, there is no defense for it so it’s a tough thing to try and find the other side. However, casting accusations at the very people your team has screwed over doesn’t amount to a good defense.

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