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USA World Cup 2010 Home Jersey: Leaked Photo

USA world cup 2010 nike shirt leaked USA World Cup 2010 Home Jersey: Leaked Photo

Photographs of the USA’s home jersey for the 2010 World Cup have been leaked.

Designed and manufactured by Nike, the new design features a white shirt with a prominent diagonal line across the front of the shirt, which is a tribute to the 1950 US World Cup squad who famously defeated England 1-0 in one of the greatest shocks in world football.

The US World Cup uniform for the 2010 World Cup features accompanying white shorts and white socks. In the above photograph, you can see the design feature. To me, it’s simple but elegant.

The leaked photograph of the new home jersey adds considerable weight to the possibility that the two other shirts leaked on the Internet are also real. The designs are strikingly similar.

For the complete collection of World Cup shirts for all 32 teams in this summer’s tournament, be sure to visit our sister site World Cup Buzz.

UPDATE: You can buy the shirt now via this banner:

USAHomeWSS 336x280 USA World Cup 2010 Home Jersey: Leaked Photo

As mentioned before, here are the sneak-peeks of the away and third jerseys for the United States squad for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa:

usa world cup shirt USA World Cup 2010 Home Jersey: Leaked Photo

USMNTshirt USA World Cup 2010 Home Jersey: Leaked Photo

What are your thoughts about the new home, away and third shirts for the United States men’s national team? Click below to share your feedback.

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246 Responses to USA World Cup 2010 Home Jersey: Leaked Photo

  1. Gary says:

    Dreadful. Looks like a beauty pageant sash across the front.

  2. Charles says:

    Here she is…..Miss America !

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  3. pat says:

    I think this is a big step down from the current USA home. One of the best things about the current home kit is that it is a pretty unique design, but this is just USA colors on a Juve away kit. It’ll probably look better on the pitch, so lets hope for that

  4. paul says:

    The current jersey is awesome, this one? Not so much.

  5. Bryan says:

    At first I didn’t mind it. In fact I rather liked the white version. The colored versions just look silly. Although after reading the Miss America comment I can’t look at it and not thing beauty pageant. I prefer the current ones.

  6. Matthew N says:

    This has to be a god damn joke. These kits are hideous. They are so bad that I really may consider hoping they lose just because of this ugly kit.

  7. It’s a nice strip compared to some of Nike’s previous horrible kits for the USMNT.

  8. Vnice says:

    Like I said in the other thread…the US can wear tie dye for all I care, as long as they win.

  9. Phil says:

    it sucks! plain and simple

  10. Rossi says:

    The home one looks alright. The away ones are quite disgusting. As Brazil’s shirt make is nike, will they have this style of shirt?

    • Gail says:

      I agree. This one is simple, clean and sharp looking. The away and 3rd shirt look like a child’s color crayons when they couldn’t decide which color to color where.

  11. Joey Clams says:

    It’s relatively austere. I can live with it. I learned years ago not to get to bent out of shape over this stuff.

  12. Jack K. says:

    Not bad, not good. However, any jersey they make will look better than the ’94 WC shirt. I always wonder who makes the design decisions on these kits. They usually look not-so-good. It can’t be that difficult to make them look better.

    • larry says:

      Agreed. I still think whoever chose the faux-denim color with the stars should be treated like he scored an own goal playing for Columbia.

  13. Chris B says:

    I’m surprised by the sash. I thought Nike would save that for the Brazil WC being that the ’50 team had the famous red sash.

  14. chris says:

    the white jersey is incredible, and i heard that this is a historic jersey from the 1950 upset over England. Lets hope the yanks can upset the world and bring the World Cup Home.

  15. al says:

    You guys are nuts, these look amazing!!! Way better than the bland crap we have now.

    • Carlos says:

      Ditto! I can’t wait to get me one. These are sharp designs.

      • Jalp says:

        I have to agree. I think they look pretty sharp compared to what he have now. The blue and red are much more retro and classy than the plain black of our current away kit. The new home is pretty similar in color scheme to our current design, plus the diagonal stripe is just classic soccer style! I would proudly wear any of them!

  16. Joosetiger says:

    These kits are MONEY, they will look great on the field, without a doubt. They are classic, and… AMERICAN. Finally, some identity, perhaps this can be an iconic home kit that we can build on and carry through more than one cycle. The beauty pageant comments are lost on me. There are only so many ways to put a stripe on a jersey, and a diagonal stripe has history and relvance in soccer, think of Peru or River Plate. One twist, I’d be interested to see the whites with a cream color, like the SF Giants home jerseys maybe? All in all, very impressed and much better than the last three WC kits. Am I the only one that loved our Stars and Stripes kits from 94, awesome.

    • Berlin says:

      Your last sentence sealed it. Your opinion is not good.

    • Jose says:

      yeah they were awesome, too bad adiddas doesnt make induvidual kits liek that anymore

    • Matt C. says:

      That’s funny, I’m wearing a Club Atletico River Plate kit with the diagonal red stripe RIGHT NOW. Seriously. I agree with the “identity” comment above. Our kits have (almost) always been so generic. It’s like we were saying “no one cares anyway, so why put any thought into what we were… just pull on a red, white or blue shirt and let’s get this over with.” It’s nice to see something (slightly) different.

  17. Chris in Belfast says:

    I’m with the people who like this one, especially given that it is a nod towards the *mostly* unknown history of the national team.

  18. Bret says:

    I don’t hate the white one, but I must agree that the current white jerseys are much better, and quite classy in their understatedness (if that’s a word). I actually didn’t care for them until I saw one in person and realized that the stripes alternated with the light grey. Super classy, and hard to beat.

    I don’t hate the white one, the red one isn’t terrible. The blue one is a joke.

  19. Gitecmo says:

    Yuck. The current version of the kit is really nice, the diagonal stripe is ugly.

    This will make two World Cups now that we’ve had ugly kits. Good news though is I’ll be able to buy the current version of the US jerseys for cheap.

    I did not buy the 2006 WC jersey and will not buy the 2010 one either.

  20. liu says:

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  21. Jeff says:

    Disappointed once again. Why is it that Nike comes out with a decent jersey, it’s when we’re going thru qualifying (I like both kits that we have now). Once tourny time comes, the wizards of design at Nike completely crap the bed and throw something out with no imagination. To be fair, the white jersey with the “stripe” doesn’t look too bad. The other two jerseys are just awful. What ever happened to having a jersey with a little flair to it (i.e. Germany in ’94)?

    Sadly, I’m kind of seeing the same thing from adidas with their kits for Germany (loved their former jersey from Euro ’08), Greece, etc. About the only jersey that somewhat impresses me is France’s…and I’m throwing up in my mouth as I type that.

  22. Bwaa says:

    How do yo make mocks ?? Please Inform

    PS: I’m a huge US fan , and I really like the current ones , and I love the current away ones because they’re simple and clean , but these make me barf brah .

  23. Football Tactician says:

    Here she is… the usmnt

    So will there be an evening gown competition as well? Will Donovan or Dempsey be interviewed on what they would do if they were president? How they can ensure world peace and end world hunger? Or say that gay marriage should be illegal?

    Very fitting for such a shit team. The usa shouldn’t be allowed to play football. you all are an embarrassment to the world. And now have the kits to go with it. Perfect.

    All usmnt fans are wimpy little losers.

    • Billy says:

      Must be an England fan. Get ready for another disappointment. The sun has set on the british empire.

    • One day we will have a real open league, with fully independent clubs, and promotion/relegation. We will have superclubs that can compete with the best in the world. Then it’s lights out for old jersey. Until that time, comments like this will stick.

      I can’t wait for Sounders v Chelsea in the FIFA World Club Cup Final – after we ditch the closed exhibition league whose clubs are entitled to permanent first div status.

    • George Bush says:

      go screw your best friends wife Billy

    • Sally says:

      Shut the hell up Football Tactician…

      First of all, the US National team is not an embarrassment to the world. They are a great team that is full of talent. A team that can beat big teams such as England, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, Holland, France…etc. Just because they haven’t won a World Cup doesn’t mean they are crappy team. You’re probably just jealous of all the attention the US National Team is getting. Lots of the players on our team play in the EPL in case you weren’t aware bozo.

      And by the way, the jerseys are awesome. Each time I look at them, I like them even more. The team looked sharp wearing them on Saturday against England. I think they have one of the best away kits. And I know more people agree with me because all of the USA World Cup jersey’s are sold out until October. I can’t wait to buy my own!

      GO USA!!!

  24. CleartheBall says:

    I like the home. Its subtle. I’ll probably buy one. I’m not a big fan of the other 2.

  25. anna says:

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    • George Bush says:

      Anna, you are an Evildoer, and I will invade your websites if you don’t knock this crap off immediately

  26. Oliver says:

    This jersey looks really nice and simple, A nice simple jersey is good, becuse who wants a jersey with so much crap all over the place, simple is just nice to look at on the field, look at englands jersey, its just perfect for the world cup, and so is this one for the USA. For the away ill choose the red one, looks stronger, the blue one looks weak, unless the blue was more darker, it would look cool. Now lets just get ready for the best world cup of our lifetime! South Africa 2010, new surprises, new champion…

  27. Chris says:

    I’m glad they could re-hash the old Galaxy kits is U.S. colors.

  28. shelDONOVAN says:

    the thing i dont understand is dempsey in that picture rocking the number 10?

    if dempsey has already done a photoshoot in the jersey, doesnt that make it a little more likely to be the legit kit?

    and why would he be wearing the 10?

  29. Rob says:

    I like the white one, not as much as the current design, but its nice.. the other two are weak but theres no real proof that the other two are actually going to be the final design..



  31. Yanks are coming says:

    Yeah because Agentina (prison inmate look) and Cameroon’s (cocktail dress) kits are much better. A tribute kit is perfect for this 2010 run in any of the colors shown up there.
    See you in Cape Town….

    PS – Footbal Tactician – talk is cheap bitch, you probably thought Thierry’s handball was perfectly legal.

  32. No Really? says:

    Piece of shit.

  33. anna says:

    As a woman, 2 things….

    That stripe is going to make my tits look big.

    Are these going to be super form fitting like the new Adidas and Puma kits?

  34. Ed says:

    Oddly enough the new kits are fitting seeing as we were drawn to open the World Cup against of all teams England. Seems like Nike saw something coming or were really just lucky at guessing.

  35. Stephanie says:

    Shocking, disappointing, and ugly!

  36. Heather says:


    I’d like to buy my bf a US World Cup jersey for Christmas. When will these be available for sale, and where? (Please no hate, I honestly don’t know and figured this is the place to ask) Thanks for your help.

  37. Heather says:

    Thanks for the reply :) I’ll keep checking there!

    • The Gaffer says:

      Hi Heather, I just found out that the US and Italy soccer jerseys won’t be officially released until the spring of 2010, but as soon as they’re available for pre-order, we’ll have them available on that site.

      The Gaffer

      • Jose says:

        for that matter do you have an idea when all the nike Cup jerseys go on sale, and the adidas away kits come out by any chance???

    • otime says:

      the US Soccer website already has the away jerseys for sale, but not the home ones yet… you can also customize them with names and numbers, both official and replica… just beware the sizes, they run small, as in European sizes…other websites, like and others may also have them

  38. Colin says:

    I think the white ones are very classy. The Blue and the Red jersey I hope is just a fan mock-up, because they both look ridiculous. Maybe if the blue and red one went with the subtle stripe, like the white one it would look better. A red jersey with a darker red stripe or for the blue jersey, navy blue with a lighter shade stripe. Either way I hope the away kit is red. Back before the 06 WC when the MNT wore the “Don’t tread on me” red jerseys was awesome

  39. Charlie S says:

    Matthew N your a waste

  40. Ross says:

    All 3 look awesome, pretty unique, not overstated, yet traditional. Anyone one when they will be available for purchase?

  41. Lance says:

    Bring back the 3-stripes!!!!! Nike sucks big time!!!! They look like AYSO kits. Oh yeah, JOE E. that works for Nike is an A**HOLE!!! You know who you are Joe. Fire him Nike!!!!

  42. CoconutMonkey says:

    Seems like everyone’s a big fan of the ol Don’t Tread on Me kits. They were pretty sweet.

  43. Andrew says:

    It’s about time we got a red shirt…

  44. Chuck says:

    Nike makes horrible jerseys…they need to switch to adidas, Go USA

  45. adam says:

    There must be some sort of truth to this being the 2010 jersey. The Castrol World Cup site ( is showing this jersey for the US.

  46. Rob Lan says:

    I think Nike Would be making a HUGE mistake putting these kits out. They are too simple. If you are going to have a sash down the front of the white kit, why not make it red or blue? I think they should scrap the whole idea and start over.

  47. Zach gilk says:

    I love these kits, they have flare

    • George Bush says:

      Zach, stick to Soap Operas. I know you people are good at fashion and interior decorating, but Soccer is a man’s game and you are wrong on this one.

  48. P S says:

    Please no.Please no.Please no.

  49. Matt says:

    I hate the all-white home kit, but the road jersey is a definite improvement over the lame black one.

  50. Noah says:

    Terrible. Now not sure what to get.

    Stick to the 2006 version and make it indefinite. Thats my vote.

  51. Mike says:

    Honestly, guys I think there’s a pretty good chance that the Away and 3rd jerseys are just photoshopped by someone. The badges on both of these look shopped to me. Also, when is the last time our Aways had the same pattern as the Home? If they are accurate it will be a shame because those 2nd and 3rd jerseys look like crap!

  52. James Novy says:

    Bring back the ’09 kit – classic and better looking than this shit. You hear me, NIKE? BRING BACK THE ANTHRACITE BLACK!!!!

  53. James says:

    Looks terrible. Who designed this? Miss America.

  54. jesse says:

    Can we get the 2002 world cup ones instead? They were fancy, fun, not this ugly and most importantly brought us a great result.

  55. DCUDiplomat96 says:

    Its a Nice Jersey I wish the white top have a colored slashed

  56. Trevor says:

    I like the idea of paying tribute to the 1950 team, but I don’t know if I like this design. And I really don’t like the 3rd jersey, looks like a Trinidad and Tobago jersey.

  57. Ben says:

    Great. THese suck. Stick to the 2009 ones. They had class, were simple, and we beat #1 Spain in them!

  58. Interestingly reminiscent of the 1950 jersey in which we defeated England.

    Unfortunately, any jersey with that 80s corporate fast food logo will never pass mustard.

  59. Brian Bradshaw says:

    I like all 3 kits, I don’t see anything wrong with them. True, the USA’s current home kit is nice, nicer than the new one, but it’s not under simple or too complicated. If you want a crap kit, look at England’s new home jersey, which I am ashamed to be a fan of a country that will be wearing them at the World Cup. Besides, isn’t it ironic that the home shirt has been inspired by the kit the USA wore when they beat England, and after the unveiling of it, you draw us in World Cup Group C?

  60. It is time that the USA has a good looking soccer jersey. This one definitely doesn’t cut it. I hope it looks better than these leaked sketches…

  61. michael says:

    Are they going to earn patches for their Girl Scout sashes? Seriously? The third kit would be perfect…for T&T. These look amateurish.

  62. Brian says:

    I like the white

    I just talked to a guy at Nike and the white Internet preorderstarts early February and the jersey officially comes out the first week of march. This is legit info but maybe not news to you. He hinted that the away and alternate are actually of different design so who knows on that one. I like the white and I’ll be getting my west ham boy’s USA kit asap.

  63. Dan says:

    LOVE IT! Been calling for a 50′s throwback sash for years! Too bad it isn’t red…

  64. justin says:

    At least the away jersey isn’t BLACK(!?)… whoever made that decision is f’n retarded.

  65. DynamoMegan says:

    Hopefully this is a scam, and not actually the final jersey that is to be worn in South Africa. Although I don’t believe a jersey should be the main focus of any team entering the world cup, I would much rather see the men wearing a different design if I had a choice. But all that really matters is that the USMNT has a successful trip to South Africa, and for us to gain greater respect and fans worldwide.

  66. conway says:

    so you think it looks like a beauty pageant everyone? well seems to me you are looking at this as if it is a beauty contest…..who cares what you think on how it looks…..its a historical throwback to one of the greatest upsets is american sports history … and if you are true US Soccer Fans than you would love the historical reference , because in case you didnt notice we are in a group with england and are in line to once again upset the throne !

  67. chad says:

    the lasers are amazing. these ones suck

  68. troman says:

    they are very rugby esc

  69. JMD says:

    when is Nike supposed to unveil their jersey?

  70. harry kirshner says:

    Best US jersey’s ever. I love them. Bring on the Brits! I just hope the shorts for the away kit are red and the shorts for the third kit are blue. The only thing that comes close is the DON’T TREAD ON ME kit, which they only wore once and which was a similar scheme. That, and of course the Gaetjens jersey… again, a similar scheme. VERY GOOD SIGNS all around.

  71. javier says:

    really? wow! this is shameful…are they going to wear rose crowns on their heads too? c’mon…if this is a joke, it’s probably the funniest one i’ve seen. gosh I needed a good laugh. ok where do find the real 2010 world cup kits? seriously? it’s not funny any more. this is just straight out hideous!

  72. JHOVA says:

    I like the white ones a lot. However Fulvio those 2014 crimson ones look amazing. Though I find it hard to believe they’ve already got those made and they haven’t even released these ones yet. I will be pre-ordering a white Jozy Altidore jersey unless the other two styles step their game up.

    • Colin says:

      I think that those jerseys Fulvio shared aren’t real. in the caption on flickr it says that they were designed by a graphic designer from Philadelphia University, and probably won’t ever exist.

      I agree completely with you that the red one he made up looks fantastic!

  73. Tim says:

    I like the concept of the 50s jersey, especially with facing England in WC2010…but Nike missed the mark…home jersey is OK, not great…the away and 3rd sucks. Nike should have stayed much closer to the original 50s jersey as possible…white jersey with red diagonal line, and drop the colored line on the sleeves…and red jersey would be much better with white diagonal line rather than blue.

  74. tytyt says:

    I like the home jersey, and the blue and white one looks alright but I freaking hate the red one, it looks like kaka took a kaka on it. in case you didnt get that in brazil kaka really means sh**. so im calling kaka a peice of sh** because thats his last name, and he plays for brazil so that automatically means that i hate his f*** guts.

  75. Tyler says:

    At first I didn’t like these. But what’s cool about these is they are replica’s of the jersey’s we wore when we beat england in 1950 (Might I add – This was leaked before the world cup drawings). Let’s bring one home to the U.S!

  76. American Gooner says:

    They should have made the stripe on the away and 3rd jersey subliminal as well. The home jersey is a stylish tribute to the 1950 team’s spectacular achievement. The others are a bit much. Yes, we want to beat England again, but we also want to get to the second round this time, too. Subliminal design would be a nice way of showing both.

  77. mike says:

    Home jersey Blue is too royal(like the French), should be navy as in our flag.

  78. alex says:

    is there any new news about when these jerseys will be available?

  79. seth renov says:

    new USA

  80. Eli says:

    The diagonal stripe has been on soccer jerseys since before Miss America started wearing it. I especially like the blue jersey. Can’t wait to buy one.

  81. Pablo says:

    No me gusta para nada. The colors arn’t even right. The blue should be darker and the stripe looks rediculous. Looks like the kit should be worn by England rather than the US.

  82. nueve says:

    ugly shirt. The white one is alright, kinda. I guess. But could be better. the other TWO, HORRIBLE

  83. TimN says:

    IF IF IF these are real, I like the white jersey, but am not such a big fan of the red or blue. The blue one would be better with a white collar accent and no red accents. The red one would be better with a while sash and no blue accents on the sleeves.

    My strong suspicion though is that these are TOTAL fakes.

  84. nickb says:

    the home shirt is terrible, the other two are nice

  85. Ivan says:

    All i know 2002 world cup jesey= best usa jersey ever!!!!!!!! both home and away so i guess best jersey’s ever!!!!! went to soccertown yesterday, saw some 2002 jerseys, felt so nice and it was extremely light, awww memories!!!!!!! and now memories haunt me, damn u frings!!!!!!!!! cheater!!!!!!

  86. Jake says:

    The strip is too thick. The white jersey looks nice but the other look like crayons. Plus diagonal stripes are for dictators to wear, not Americans. Go back to the two vertical stripes we had in previous kits or at least make these stripes thinner.

  87. world cup johnny says:

    Why is the trend away from collars? Would really like to alway see at least one of the 3 jerseys have a collar

  88. bdub says:

    Yeah….Miss America meets Cpt Kirk. This is horrid. Hopefully this is a joke.

  89. justin says:

    These jerseys are not very apealing. The jerseys they have been wearing are very nice and chic. I hope there are either changes or miraculously they look good on the field

  90. Matt says:

    The white is real- the red and blue were mockup’s done by someone on Big Soccer who had the leaked photo of the white. This was his guess of what the away’s would be based on what he was told. The colors should be better, the scheme might be a little different.

  91. Kelly says:

    Does anyone know when these are going to be available to buy????

  92. mikey says:

    Replace the lame crest.
    It’s wrong. USA not US.
    I saw an interesting crest with a
    “don’t tread on me” theme, which was great.
    The current stars, makes it look like we
    won three world cups.

  93. Stashy says:

    Lets hope they have 3xl so I can wear on of these pieces of poo.

  94. peter says:

    they look like the clipper uniforms…nobody likes the clippers!!!

  95. ArsenalFan says:

    People, its a freakn tribute to the 1950s World Cup Team, that some how beat England 1-0. Give it a freakn rest it only matters how they play and how our defense shuts down Wayne Rooney.

  96. Christian says:

    This looks horrendous. I’ve been waiting to see this for 3 months so I could buy a new jersey to support the USMNT. I can’t believe Nike can’t come up with something timeless and intimidating. It makes our players look like Mayor McCheese.

  97. I hope this is just a mistake. I think Nike could come up with something way cooler. The tribute to the miracle on grass team of the 50′s is cool but they could have done it better…

  98. sdda says:

    When do they come out??

  99. Taylor says:

    horrible. the last ones that came out are so much better. but are not longer available in any size above small. ridiculous. Hope they do good during the world cup though.

  100. JT says:

    We will see the new kits vs Netherlands on Mar 3

  101. Disgusted says:

    I agree with the post about the crest. The crest needs to change!!!! When compared to other nations’ crests, the US Crest looks like it was designed by a child.

    The uniforms are dreadful. Only the 94 cup away jerseys are worse.

  102. chickenshack says:

    We need to show up in the carbon fiber gray like F-117s over Bagdad!!! I don’t remember seeing any diagonal stripe in the U.S. flag… I thought we jumped ship from Great Britain uhhhh a little over 250 years ago.

  103. Anthony Carrasco says:

    these crackers have no sense of tradition and nostalgia. That throwback jersey is when the US had they’re best showing. The kit is brilliant, the “Stars and Stripes” will look good in it. Good Luck Lads! We love you! Make us proud!

    Anthony in Boca Raton!

  104. UptheChels says:

    The jersey is ok I just can’t stand our logo. I wish our logo had the bald eagle on it.

  105. VAN says:


  106. dalton says:

    the release date is set for march 3rd in a friendly against the netherlands

  107. tmwarz says:

    those kits are a disgrace. someone should take a sh*t on the US soccer official who approved that garbage. they would look better wearing the filthy nightshirt from some arab lowlife.

  108. PISST OF AMERICAN says:


  109. The_Philistine says:

    OK, there seems to be consensus that this uniform looks like a left-over from the 1970 Little Ms. Sunshine Pageant – sportswear round. I am in South Africa and should the new jersey to my colleagues. Guess what? It looks like the ‘uniform’ that a local church wears. Oh what until that hits the press. Here are some pics…

    Personally, I would have favored something outrageous like a pattern based on Captain America’s uniform. Something memorable that folks would snatch off the shelves. But of course, I’m a philistine.

  110. The Three Lions says:

    These shirts look like shit, no style, no tradition, no three lions (lol) and what are you doing wearing white? we wear white. You can have some shite blue and red one with stars all over it and a big burger on the gut.

    Come on England

  111. Brad says:

    The kit looks great, and I love the idea that the are supposed to resemble the 1950 squad who thumped England. Nice work

  112. Bryan says:

    Yeah they are a throw back… but that doesn’t mean they don’t look terrible. Nike could have thought of something more modern and pleasing to the eye while incorporating the traditional. These just do look like a beauty pageant gone wrong. I’ve been waiting too to get a new jersey but looks like I’m waiting till 2012 or so. And in the end when the team play’s I’ll support them, just not financially but purchasing something so hideous.

  113. travis says:

    first this is 2010 not 1950, i dig a little retro but lets be creative its the WORLD CUP not friendlies i like the current style better the have an look of class to them not like a last minute decision to convert a current universal kit to a cup jersey. we should look different than any other team on the pitch not the same just different colors. i have never really liked the nike representation for our jersey

  114. Reinez says:

    Love them! All three are nice. You guys are a tough crowd, and crude. Not that many national teams use the slash. Why not go with the 1950 heritage? What’s with the beauty pageant allusions? Must be young fans? The “slash” has been a soccer shirt design element for generations. The slash will stand out well on the field and give instant recognition to the team and country. The current uniform is nice, too, but this is a step up, drawing on the past and making the shirt stand out. The white strip is still subtle for those that like the current white shirt. Three Lions needs to show some respect. England has a proud tradition, and I support them-just not on 12 June 2010. The USA has a long tradition of soccer, too. Yeah, the US beat England in 1950. Why not again in 2010? England has no claim on wearing white any more than the rest of the world.

  115. Jack mcDouchebag says:

    WTF. R we this gay. I think the new Celtic fc bumblebee kits r better

  116. Real US Football Fan says:

    Im with you Reinez. I like them a lot. Simple, classy and throwback to 1950. I actually thought about getting a 1950 jersey. Now I’ll probably be getting one of these as soon as they come out.
    and what’s up with all the haters? who cares if y’all don’t like them? they wouldn’t be wearing them if the players didn’t like them and i’m pretty sure that’s all that matters.

  117. ryan says:

    not bad once you add the number to the front and name on the back.

  118. Were going to do better than people expect…inch’allah.

    The shirt shouldnt make a difference. The game is bigger than our petty little criticism of the design. Its a throwback, so what.
    The sache have been used by many countries : )…why should’nt we share the heavy burden. The Peruvians love the “Slache” and the Trinidadians look dashin in theirs. Nevertheless, The US will be fine, with a little luck they beat or tie England to make it out of the group.

    May our boys find strengh in him..praise allah.

  119. Mc says:

    Love the white/white/white. Goes back a hundred years for the US national team. Thank you Nike!

    Now about that US Soccer badge… maybe I’ll just sew the old Federation logo over it.

  120. Sean says:

    Finally! The first red shirt since 1998! Red!

  121. May the ghost of Joe Gaetjens inspire our modern Haitian hero in this kit to victory in SA.

    I am a retro guy and love it.

  122. TimN says:

    According to, the new jerseys are to be unveiled tonight against El Salvador…we’ll see. Someone above had said the unveiling would be the Netherlands match. I wonder if these are exactly what we’ll see, or a “prototype” that got leaked.

  123. Brt says:

    Couldn’t disagree more!!! The new kit is top notch and will look fantastic on the pitch as team USA surprise the world (in a good way)!!!!

  124. MT says:

    anyone notice the blue shirt looks a lot like the continental army uniform?
    maybe england will wear their red kit so the sides can resemble the look of the revolutionary war.

  125. Colin says:

    Well I think think it’s unofficially official. If you go to the eurosport magazine website ( in the background they have the blue jersey but no actual item in their store. Check it out, it looks a little better than the fan mock-up above!

  126. C says:

    well they are brutal shirts and it just doesn’t make dempsey look so great, but as long as they play well then i guess its the best thing to dislike

  127. PhiChitown says:

    Why is Nike making the worst jerseys in sports. They finally struck gold with the last home white jersey, and they go and throw this crap together. Did anyone see the new France away jersey? That is what the USA jersey should look like, I wish the US used adidas or Umbro. England’s white and red a sick. I wonder if they’ll think about wearing blue :)

  128. TimN says:


    Though I disagree with you about how “ugly” the new kits are, I do agree that Adidas or Umbro would make better kits. I’d prefer Umbro. I still just can’t forgive Adidas for those 94′ jerseys…

  129. Jason says:

    The home kit looks good, and if you look at the old photos of the 1950 jersey, it’s basically the same design. That’s probably why they went for it. The away jersey needs a change in coloring because the bright pastel type look is terrible.

  130. Adam says:

    Horrible. We have GREAT looking kit now – why the change? It’s obvious that USSoccer and Nike are just out to make a buck. By changing kit so often, there’s little cohesion amongst fans that show up for a game. USA uniforms should be considered different than league uniforms in that they shouldn’t change every “season”.

    Evoking memory of the 1950 jersey’s fine and well, but these are a step back in more than one way.

  131. Jorge says:

    Does the Women’s national Team have better looking uniforms? Or is it just me who thinks that?

  132. Chris says:

    The new jersey looks like the jersey from 1950 when the USA beat England. So it a flash to back retro jersey. so everyone should relax

  133. wdpinkston says:

    TRASH Hire someone who knows what they are doing These jerseys look like ass! Fire nike and get addidas or someone who can design a decent uni!

  134. Justin says:

    The dark kit is terrible… the home kit is okay at best…The current uniforms are awesome!

  135. Chris says:

    The jerseys are sick. The white one looks good and the blue one is different. We have definitely had worse World Cup jerseys (late 80′s and early 90′s). Does anybody else think our red jersey looks like spain’s jersey?

  136. Althea Lundquist says:

    Those are hideous. Too bad since the last jerseys they had were probably the best they’ve ever had. A sash? Seriously? Why?

  137. boo says:

    This jersey sucks so much I am desperate to find the 08/09 version.

  138. Daniel says:

    Ugh. A jersey ugly enough to match our hideous, cartoony badge. A complete redesign is necessary. Our badge reminds of a retro Houston Astros logo. Eeesh

  139. Your badge looks like shit. As do these shirts.Why don’t you have a bald eagle on it or something. This badge looks like something a cartoon superhero would have.
    Also, why are you wearing white kits? We wear white, you should dress up like Captain America or something and give the rest of the world something other than your football to laugh at.

    • Jon says:

      And what badge will you be going with? Maybe a logo of John Terry fuckin’ a catcher’s mitt? Stiff-upper lip, my ass……classless captain. I like Rooney though.

  140. JMA says:

    this jersey’s remond me of the USA jersey’s wore in the 1950 world cup and when they beat ENGLAND 1-0. yes the logo needs a change. it should show the symbol of the U.S.A. the eagle is over rated. the rattlesnake would be better, because it has more meaning.

  141. yeah, the logo is weak. The uniform might not be what you want it to look like but if you’re going to match up against the usa, you better bring your best side in any uniform (kit) bring it, lets see what you got…remember, you’re going to have to score to win and beat the Americans. wouldn’t it be embarrasing to lose the the Amerikans?, you better not lose, because you’ll be discussing more that the uniforms.

  142. JMA says:

    will the first game for the USA against England be like the 1950 world cup win?

  143. Cory says:

    Awesome – I’m gettin one!

  144. Nathan Harris says:

    I’m still disappointed about how lame these kits are. I really hope some of this feedback makes it’s way back to Nike. Whether these are throwback jerseys or not, they’re just plain ugly.

  145. wow, i see how traumatized you are…we’ll i hope for your sake that they change the kits so you don’t have to go through all this unnecessary trauma. I’ll say a prayer for you. are you going to be ok? really, i can get you some zanex for your nerves.

  146. P Rice says:

    To all you naysayers out there, do a little research. There is alot of history behind this kit. US v ENG June 12th and its parallels with US v ENG 1950.

  147. JBUSAFAN says:

    Who ever said these look good obviously had something to do with the design or is married to someone who had something to do with the design. A little over the top on how “awesome” you think they are.

    @ charles “Here she is, Miss America”. Definitely said what everyone is thinking.

    Why can’t we get excited about the same Jersey when it comes out every four years?

  148. Jozy says:

    These arent right, the blue is much darker on the real one and the trim is different. The real ones look much better.

    • Todd says:

      I would like to know what number Clint Dempsey will wear this summer. I’m trying to order one of these…. jerseys.. yuck.

  149. James says:

    They’re pretty cool, actually, although they do kind of make them look like bike messengers.

    I also like how Nike didn’t do a “one design fits all” theme for all the teams they outfit like they have done in past World Cups.

  150. Jeremy says:

    I kinda dig the away (blue) jersey but man are the home (white) jerseys are ugly. The US hasn’t had a good looking home jersey since the 2002 World Cup. The red ones arent too shabby.

  151. DanteUS says:

    The jersey’s a joke, right? If not, probably the most hideous design imaginable. At least keep it symmetrical for god’s sake….wow!

  152. EDOWN says:

    This is seriously what Nike designs? Who else has input into these?

    We should stage a massive boycott of Nike products (or at the very least make a ruckus on facebook to scare their marketing team) unless they redesign the kits.

  153. julian says:

    So is the third shirt for the Goalie only? When are these getting released to gen public?

  154. Ryan says:

    It would look better with a navy stripe bordered by thin red stripes. I hate the all white combo with the shorts and socks, go with navy shorts.

  155. matt maccani says:

    what are the made out of cotton or polyester

  156. rick says:

    I hate the fact that Nicke/US Soccer keeps switching up the colors. We need to have one dominate color (Red) and make sure all the fans are wearing the same color just like the fans of Brazil, Mexico, Italy, etc.

    I hate it that USA fans show up in three different colors. It takes away the effect in the stadium.

  157. xavy says:

    this is the best country in the world. who is in charge designing this ugly jersy doesn’t any body care in the american futball or soccer federation that they settle with this ugly design we can do better.

  158. WiFootyFan says:

    You guys are missing the point. The sash is used to remember the team that got USA the right to even PLAY with the rest of the world. It’s not the first time a team has done a mild “throwback” to remember another legacy. Manchester has Chevrons on their kits this year for the same reason. Don’t worry about how they kits look, worry about how the team looks on the pitch, we have a tough first game on the 12th against England. I doubt the kit is going to make a difference.

  159. Che says:

    I love it. The usa usually has shitty jerseys. this one is a classic.

  160. George says:

    Hey, if there is a star above it next year, who cares how it looks.

  161. Andy says:

    How racist. all white. smh

  162. olivia says:

    white- boring
    blue- okay, would be better if the sash was more subtle like the white one
    red- looks more like trinidad & tabago
    also..the crests look like the AYSO logo

    But..who cares as long as we win. Hope including the legendary sash before we happened to draw C is a sign!

  163. gfmcfly says:

    Cmon what the hell are the designers thinking, this isn’t a beuty pageant, it’s a sport. Man I been waiting for this crap? Might as well get the Mexico black jersey (very cool). Even though I go for the USA, but man this jersey sucks big time. I sure hope they make another design or something. I wish they would make like a captain america design or something like that because this one plainly stinks!!!!!!!!

  164. Bo says:

    The all white jersey is solid. Simple design yet classy. I am not digging the colored ones. I will buy one, if this is the design

  165. J-Hova says:

    The blue ones are being sold now. Any word on the white or red ones’ releases?

  166. bierut says:

    makes me want to root for another country

  167. Kristopher says:

    I think the US needs to change their crest. I like the direction our jersey’s are going in as far as the design, but the crest needs to be updated. The whole US with a soaring soccer ball in between seems just childish.

    • James says:

      I’d have to agree.the strip looks great, i didn’t like it much at first but coming back to look at it a few months later it looks really nice and very ‘classic’. But the crest is just so big and lumping and indeed childish. Does not match the classic look of our jerseys. The 2006 world cup strip had a similar problem. it had great lines and designs but the crest was too big. I play in it as well at training and the like and it just seems to get in the way…

  168. jon says:

    I think these jerseys are dull, boring, and lacking any flair.

    For many years I’ve been wishing that someone could design a jersey that would be worn in every tournament for many, many years. These jerseys are generic, and most Americans would never guess that these are supposed to represent the USA.

    After reading thru a number of posts, finding one (thx, Vnice), and thinking about it, perhaps the one style of jersey that every american would immediately identify as meaning the USA would be a tie-dye jersey. I’m serious!

    They would only need to make sure that Red, White and Blue are the primary colors. And that Blue is the dominant color for their dark jersey, and White the major color for their light jersey.

    I’ve gotta keep thinking about this, but what else on this early would Americans identify as more American than tie-dye?

  169. Will R says:

    The home jersey’s come out on 4/29/10.

    Does anyone have the release date for the red/third jersey’s?

  170. Kim says:

    does anyone know where you can buy these jerseys at?

  171. Travis Miller says:

    Awesome, has to be the retro 1950′s jersey. US beat England at its best.

  172. kyven says:

    what do you ppl wnt it is a USA kit show some pride in the team and stop crying about how they look , i mean are we going to high school or playing in the wrold cup ?

  173. USA Jerseys says:

    The new design is really great.
    Unlike the older one, this one is best seller on the official website and do carry over the free scarf

  174. Doug says:

    I like the home and third kits, but the away blue is too light. it should be navy like our actual colors. They are a little bland, but I like the throwback idea. However, seeing the kits for the other teams that nike has put together, I think they slacked off on their home country.

  175. Dan says:


  176. Mr. Wisdom says:

    The uniforms are nice!!!!!!!!!! I really like the red one the best. I like that fact that is has a history connection and adds to the US soccer tradition.

  177. Paul says:

    I really hope Donovan picks up the CUP. I for one like the white one and the story behind it. US whoop them Brits please. I will be cheering for you all the way from URUGUAY. A US NAVY Deported veteran.

  178. Dave says:

    While we are at it, why hasn’t anyone commented on the sh**tty design of the colors of this website. It makes my eyes sore switching between the grren and white backgrounds!

  179. croden says:

    the jersey is not awesome.

  180. The Region says:

    The new jerseys are okay but the 08-09 jerseys were better specailly the US 3rd blue jersey. I’ve been looking for that one to buy but can’t find it anywhere.

  181. F2010 says:

    Well, it looks good. The German “Mannschaft” will have dark black jersey’s, which looks kinda “kreepy” :P

  182. wolfman says:

    i love the U.S. team but they have got to quite with these lame jerseys. to often are we trying to give the jersey some sort of retro look.why don’t we try to create new looks all together, ones that will become the future retro looks that we try to imitate. this in mind we need to give the national jerseys a little bit more of a modern sexy look, something simple. something that says we are team U.S.A.

  183. Anthony Carrasco says:

    wolfman, I’m feeling your femin side…if we’re going for sexy maybe we could slap some lipstick on Landon and Onyewu. What about some shoulder pads for Beasley and Bocanegra…what if we make the shorts spandex tight for the keeper.

    We can always obligate them to rip off their jerseys and dance to the “Rockettes” at halftime…that would be something, huh?

  184. Nick says:

    This is what I think the USA crest should look like. It is the actual crest of our country. The flying soccer ball is so lame.

  185. HercGomez says:


  186. Rick says:

    So, what do the 3 stars stand for?

  187. arnold says:

    anyone who doesnt like this uniform is radiating pure stupidity…seriously?

  188. jendry says:

    brasiil campeon

  189. TC says:

    Actually thought some genius from Nike wanted to pay tribute to the storied Minute Men of years gone by – but this look is a frigging farce. Can we just create a clean, no nonsense jersey, that says we are better than you? For F’s sake.

  190. JR says:

    the new jerseys look sweet, home and away…also, it’s kinda ridiculous that some people won’t support their nations soccer team because of their jerseys tho…nice one.

  191. Anthony Carrasco says:

    Brilliant…Well put Sally.

  192. JK says:

    Well it is drastically different than the other World Cup teams, and it does make a bold statement at least the contrasting sash ones… I don’t think it’s pretty but it doesn’t look half bad on the field, and it make the US player EASILY distinguishable…

  193. sexybanana says:

    create my jersey for me

  194. Kuma says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that this uniform was made to be based on the uniforms from the American Revolutionary War? It looks pretty awesome to me.

  195. TheDude says:

    whoever voted for these needs to step down immediately and give the job to someone who doesn’t have ‘judge for little miss sunshine pageant’ on their resume…

  196. CVH says:

    When I first saw this kit, I thought, “wow, Miss Congeniality.” Why a sash? Today, I still think it is terrible. Like the US team, it lacks creativity. Even though Im American, I hate Nike. Who keep in mind I did not realize made the jersey when I first saw it. Nike is a joke company. I think its funny the commercial with Ronaldinho. Did they fail to realize he is not even on the squad? That in fact Fabiano took his place. Apparently, only after the Cup began did it dawn on them, hence the new Robinho commercials. What a joke. Image is everything, haha.

    Favorite Uniforms: Spain, hands down. Germany (similar to Spain). Uruguay (love those socks).

    But, seriously, no wonder American fashion is a laughing stock.

  197. Anthony Carrasco says:

    Hey watch it ! ! !
    I liked that movie. (Little Miss Sunshine)

  198. alex says:

    awesome but it looks like a beauty pageant sash its cool

  199. Cale Coelho says:

    I firmly believe that the United States flag is one of the most beautiful flags in the entire world, but have been disappointed on the recent designs by Nike. I believe that if the USSF changed sponsorships to ADIDAS, they could design a shirt that vibrantly reflects our starts and stripes or even include a symbol of our nations bird…the golden eagle. A shash across the chest and having the entire uniform in all white, just doesn’t sell me as a national symbol shirt reflecting our flag. If NIKE can come up with a totally different design, then now is the time to do it. If not, move over to ADIDAS.

  200. Cesar says:

    Anyone know how the new kits will look that will debut against Argentina?

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