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Many of the regular readers of EPL Talk will know that I’m a massive fan of retro football computer games, so I was pleased to come across a video showing what the original Football Manager game, made in 1982, looked like when played on a Sinclair Spectrum computer.

The video painstakingly goes through step-by-step of how to play Football Manager, which was the classic computer game that started the football management game craze. Designed and programmed by Kevin Toms, you can see how simplistic but addictive the game is. And, if you’re feeling up to it, you can play an online version of Football Manager thanks to an emulator from World of Spectrum.

Including Football Manager, here are 7 videos and links to classic football computer games that you can watch and play online:

Football Manager

Play the online version of Football Manager.

Football Manager 2

Play the online version of Football Manager 2.

Football Manager 3

Play the online version of Football Manager 3.

Soccer Supremo

Play the online version of Soccer Supremo.

Tracksuit Manager

Play the online version of Tracksuit Manager.

Euro Boss

Play the online version of Euro Boss.

Football Director

Play the online version of Football Director.

15 thoughts on “Play 7 Classic Football Management Computer Games Online”

  1. I posted a comment that did not show anyway Gaffer you should do a post about the soccer games we could actuly play, on the C64 Emlyn Hughes International soccer and Microprose were excellent games in the 80’s and of course let’s not forget our Subbuteo.

  2. anyone remember spectrum football game. that you could write your own team in 1-11 then you could simulate the game or watch the game. cant remember the name of it!!!!HELP

  3. Football Manager was the reason I BOUGHT a Spectrum (or my parents did) Absolutely brilliant at the time. before this, we had subbuteo and that game where you battered their heads and they kicked the ball, that was it.

    Best of all though was a game that came out soon after simply called “The Boss” (not the one you have there) as this was Football Manager with European Competition too!

    As for playing – Emlyn Hughes International soccer was unbeatable. Reason I bought a commodore!! Spectrum’s effort was called Match Day.

    Thanks for the memories.

  4. The sierra games one was that called “the double” that was an amazing game wish i could still play it.

  5. I also played and enjoyed the game called “The Double”. It was indeed an enjoyable and very addictive soccer game. Simple, with very rudamentary graphics which featured and ability with certain restaints to trade players in order to try and improve your team. I too wish it was still available!

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