Philadelphia Union: Are You Spinal Tap In Disguise?

Is it me or does Philadelphia Union’s soccer jersey looks very similar to the Shrewsbury Town jersey worn by Derek Smalls in the cult classic movie, This Is Spinal Tap?

In the 1984 film, there’s a hysterical scene where Harry Shearer who plays the fictional character Derek Smalls tries to get through airport security. In that scene, Shearer is wearing the Shrews shirt.

You decide. Here’s the picture of Philadelphia Union’s inaugural jersey:


And here’s a still from This Is Spinal Tap with Shearer wearing the Shrewsbury jersey:


The color scheme is certainly the same. While the Shrewsbury Town shirt features more stripes, you have to admit that the similarities are uncanny.

In hindsight, maybe Friday the 13th was not the best time to announce the launch of the inaugural Philadelphia Union soccer jersey?

9 thoughts on “Philadelphia Union: Are You Spinal Tap In Disguise?”

  1. I think it is awesome – especially since it is so different from the MLS clubs. Thank God its not a solid navy jersey like the Revs or Chivas’ 3rd.
    As much as I despise white jerseys, I hope their away is not that gold though… Maybe something similar with their lighter blue as the main color would work.

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