Galaxy wounds healed as they head for Championship

It seems hard to believe that LA Galaxy lie just two games away from another Major League Soccer Championship after the season they’ve endured.

Rewind four months and a return to the increasingly bitter feud between Landon Donovan and David Beckham, a talented axis by which much of LA’s attacking play is based, which was threatening to derail the Galaxy’s season. Eleven draws in their opening 13 games suggested all was not well in the camp.

But fuelled by an increased sense of unity, with bitter spats put to one side, the Galaxy have slowly got their act together. Not that this had everything to do with Beckham and Donovan. The Galaxy defence has tightened up considerably from last season, conceding just 31 goals – half of last year’s total  –  and seven clean sheets in their last nine regular season games gave a solid platform for success.

If you are solid at the back, simple logic tells you that it only takes one flash of inspiration at the other end to earn you the victory, hence David Beckham’s pinpoint cross for Donovan in the build-up to the winning penalty conversion against Chivas USA last week.

Credit has to go to Beckham; he still hasn’t been forgiven by many Galaxy fans for his extended loan to AC Milan and his apparent lack of loyalty to the cause. But he has ridden the wave of abuse he initially received upon his return from Italy to concentrate on what he is good at: playing football. And don’t forget his appearance against Houston Dynamo this weekend will be at the expense of his beloved English national team. However, credit also to the rest of the squad for ignoring the Beckham circus that accompanies their star player and focusing on the task in hand.

There is still plenty of work to be done. The Dynamo are seeking their third title in four years and often save their best performances for this time of year. Even if Galaxy fall just short, it seems a safe football bet that if you asked their fans back in the July chaos whether this would have been seen as a successful season, they would have said yes.

12 thoughts on “Galaxy wounds healed as they head for Championship”

  1. ok i feel like houston got cheated. does anyone else feel that way. i mean houston scored the game winning goal and it gets called back on a phantom call. Was the MLS so Desparate to have a Beckham vs Blanco MLS CUP that the league would influence the game. That would explain some of the wierd calls called against Columbus in the REAL SALT LAKE game.
    i hope its not me just looking for a conspircy theory.

  2. Dan, you are not the only one who thinks the MLS has gone above and beyond in doing whatever it takes to put the Galaxy in the final. From basically creating rules, DP comes to mind, to altering those rules, the Landon exception to the salary cap comes to mind, and finally tonight we see how far the MLS and Don Garber will sink to deliver the Galaxy to the MLS cup. I haven’t talked to anyone yet even Galaxy fans who don’t believe the Hainalt goal should have stood, but then the Dynamo would have won in regulation and the MLS couldn’t have that.

    If the MLS really wanted to grow the league they wouldn’t have sunk to this level. I have been telling everyone in Houston this week to watch the game because it is the best chance the city has of winning another championship. This I did to try and help the team and the league grow, because I love soccer and want to see the game grow. But after tonight’s MLS performance I don’t know if I will be able to get any of them to watch another MLS Game.

    And the fact that ESPN didn’t say a word about how absurd this was, simply proved my point. MLS wanted Beckham in the final, and they got him, but they lost at least one viewer.

    So, Thank you MLS, Thank you Don Garber, Thank you ESPN, For discrediting any shred of credibility and relevance soccer had in America.

  3. Stop crying. LA Galaxy deserved the win. It is the best team and has the best US player (10) and the best foreign player (23) in the League. Check how Houston played the last part of the season. They should have been eliminated by Seattle. Go LA Galaxy.

  4. you know what else i just notice the late time the game started. When i first saw this i was like why would the MLS want to put a Big mls all or nothing 2 of the best teams in the MLS game on at 11pm eastern time.

    Its because the League did not want all of America to see how low the league would go to get the Galaxy to the MLS CUP.

    and if you notice everytime the Dynamo started getting hot the lights would go off.

  5. The LA Galaxy plays the home games at that time so changing the time would not make sense. Besides, It was a Friday and most of us could barely make it because of work. That is the reason why the stadium was not at full capacity. Another thing, I do not see Beckham coming to th e MLS and playing in another city so I think that coming to Hollywood was part of his incentive to leave Europe.

  6. There was something shifty about the Galaxy winning this game and that goal scored by Canadian Hainault being disallowed. I think it’s just further proof of corruption in the entire region of CONCACAF…

    And once again, Canadians are screwed over by poor refereeing. We can’t catch a break at the club or national level…

    At least the ratings will be good for MLS I suppose…

  7. will this make the LA GALAXY the most hated team outside of Galaxy fans. I mean ever League has that one or two teams that every one resents that isnt a fan of that team. NFL the Cowboys and Patroits, NBA Celtice and Lakers, MLB Yankees and Braves, MLS Galaxy and DC United.

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