First Look At The EPL Talk Podcast App


Fans of the EPL Talk Podcast who are also iPhone & iPod Touch users have a chance to take advantage of the new App which was recently released in the official App Store.

The EPL Talk Podcast (which is now daily) can conveniently be accessed directly from your iPhone when new episodes are uploaded (the podcast is still available via download using iTunes from your laptop or desktop). Users simply touch the episode they want to listen to which then takes them to the main screen for that particular episode. Listeners can then read a brief synopsis of the episode they are about to enjoy. After pressing play for a particular episode, listeners only have to wait 10-15 seconds before the episode starts.

EPL screen shot

The App is easily navigated & stores episodes from all the way back in April/2006, a feature that will easily allow new listeners to the EPL Talk Podcast a chance to catch up on all the great interviews & shows from the past few years. Other functions of the App:

  • Direct link to the EPL Talk Podcast website
  • Email feature which allows you to send your favorite episodes of the EPL Talk Podcast to friends.
  • Email link to the Show – Got something to say? Got an idea for a future episode? Feel free to use this function to have your voice heard.
  • Background Play (my favorite) which allows users to listen to an episode while still being able to navigate other Apps on their phone.

As far as cost is concerned, the App comes in at a whopping $1.99, which is no more than your morning coffee. Feel free to leave a comment about your thoughts on the new App, your likes, dislikes, room for improvement & continue to enjoy the interviews & insight provided by all the contributors.


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