Will Barcelona Swoop for Wayne Rooney?

The rumour mills, as always, have been in full swing in the last couple of weeks with the latest one being that Barcelona are set to launch a swoop next summer to make Wayne Rooney the most expensive player in the world with an £85 million bid which would beat the current record held by Cristiano Ronaldo, but is there any truth in the rumour and would he move to Barcelona?

There is no doubt that Wayne Rooney is a top class player and, since Ronaldo left, is the main man in the Manchester United team, and any player of his quality we would love to see puling on a Barcelona shirt. Would this however effectively end the career of the likes of Thierry Henry at the Nou Camp? He has been linked with a move away for a while now but is still a key player for the team. The prospect of Ibrahimovic and Rooney lining up together in the same team is just mouth watering, however Rooney may not be convinced to leave United.

Barca are apparently confident that a bid would be accepted for the England international due to the amount of debt that the Old Trafford club has, but Rooney himself has been quoted as saying that he would like to try and beat Ryan Giggs’ appearance record at United so it sounds like the player has his heart set on staying at Manchester United plus with his first child just being born it is unlikely he will want to move his family. However if a bid does appear from Barcelona he could be tempted by the money on offer or feel some pressure from the cub to leave due to the huge financial sums involved.

Whether there is truth in the rumour that Barcelona are interested in Rooney is true or not, it looks to be an uphill struggle to pull the player away from the Premiership but the prospect of Ibrahimovic and Rooney playing together is a very exciting one.

Written by Danny Watson, a sports editor who blogs about football shirts

22 thoughts on “Will Barcelona Swoop for Wayne Rooney?”

  1. Rooney going to Barca is crazy talk. Would Barca profit from him? Oh, you bet. You’re talking Messi, Ibra, and Rooney on one team? Who would want to try to defend against that?

    But it will never happen –

    (1) Sir Alex won’t let it happen, not with Rooney not only being such a talent but being the loyal well behaved soldier he is. The Man Utd backroom would have to let the gaffer go first, and the fans would not stand for that.

    (2) Rooney is probably worth $50M in jersey sales alone. He is a Man Utd icon. No club could afford him.

    (3) Barca is financially stretched at this point and wouldn’t be able to swing such a big buy.

    (4) Wayne Rooney, as much as he is a #10, is also an Englishman; an Englishman with a newborn baby. He won’t be uprooted his family for Spain.

    In fact, Rooney hardly cares about money, he just wants to beat the socks off all those other football clubs, win the league, Champions League, and, oh yes, the World Cup. No time to mess around with Messi

    1. u are badmind of course rooney want to come to barcelona dont u see that barca is the best an messi is a legend from rooney see that goal against man u rooney eye start bling for barca cause him see trophy

  2. Well I’d have to totally agree with the above comment. It’s an absolutely perposterous thought. The difference between Rooney and Ronaldo (yes, he’s relevant to this discussion) is that Rooney actually wants to be at United and nowhere else. He supports Everton, as opposed to Ronaldo’s support of Madrid, and it doesn’t take a genius to see why that won’t be happening for a long time.

    Sir Alex has everything under control and even if Barcelona were to pull a rabbit out of the hat it will ultimately be Wazza’s choice and I honestly don’t see him going for it, especially since he doesn’t need his pockets lining anymore; he gets approximately 100k as it is.

  3. Let’s not get too excited here, I could start a rumour tomorrow how I fathered Kai – where’s the credibility in this story?

    Good luck to him whatever he does, he’s already proven himself to be a stalwart Red and deserves our appreciation for as long as we’re lucky to have him.

    That better be forever by the way or I’ll f*cking kill him…. 😉

  4. Twice you mention the prospect of Rooney lining up with Ibrahimovic. What about Messi?
    Have you forgotten about him?

  5. Complete rubbish! You Brits are the only one who think Rooney is this great player, yet the rest of the world see him as a good player, nothing more, nothing less. Messi will be crown the worlds best player this year, so until Rooney gets the same award, than and only than could you start comparing how great Rooney is amongst the best. Stop all this hype with Rooney cause it only does a disservice to him, and the rest of the decent players in the UK.

    1. Perhaps Britons are the only ones who appreciate him because we’re the ones who are watching him attentively enough to do so. He’s not the world’s best but he’s a fine player and far above many in the Premier League. I think your ruling that makes him average only goes to show you don’t watch him play very often.

    2. its not tat only brits think tat hes the best in the world!!! the fact it tat hes jus not a goal scorer but he also makes them n very unselfishly too!!! he is witout a doubt the best there is n cmon he is so better then ibramovic!!! its not imp to do well for 2-3 years but to be consistent n no one beats his consistency

  6. Rooney is a real briton and truly red devil player for life.will advise barcelona to cast their net somewhere else cos wayne rooney is another name for manchester united.

  7. when ronaldo goes to real madrid people thinks that he is best player in the world .which is totaly wrong .messi and rooney is far better than him.ronaldo is selfish most hated person and his ego ‘oh my GOD he is made by manunited

  8. I hate hearing or reading hateful comments from people about Super Rooney but, it’s their views and they are entitled to theirs. The trurh about Rooney is that he is not the best player in the world but, I believe every objective football critic will accept that he is one of the best hard working strikers a determined team like Barcelona would need. If you want to believe ask CR9 of Real Madrid. With his present form he worths $200 million. I don’t want him to leave Man Utd for Barce because it will be like arming your enemy with a weapon that you will never recover, and when he defeats you in time of battle, you start to regret. Man Utd fans would not want their ” Power house” to go.

  9. The comment from Ramon Santana is completely ridiculous. It typifies the snobby Spanish attitude towards English football and English players. Rooney IS one of the world’s best players at this moment in time. His technique and work rate are second to none. He has an extremely rare combination of pace, power, determination and technical ability, as well as superb reading of the game. He was instrumental in Manchester United’s 2008 Champions League win along with Ronaldo. He also scored 9 goals for England in World Cup qualifying, more than any Spanish player and second in Europe overall.

  10. Rooney is the a good player alright but that does not make him the best player in the world. Players are ranked based on their input to the team’s success and we have people whose input has been very great but because they are not strikers and are not scoring goals regularly they are not recognised.
    Rooney cannot be the most expensive player in the world.

  11. i think if there is a 85m offer from barcelona even gigs wont pass up a chance like that and youre talkin about rooney
    if he says yes he could play in the same league as his buddy,be in the best team of the world and the most expensive player too
    if there is such an offer he would be crazy to say no

  12. Wayne Rooney will never ever go to Barcelona, have you read the newspaper it said Wayne Rooney is never leaving United and that is true. It would be a real hassle for Rooney to go from England to Spain every week and he wouldn’t move his family from England to Spain because he will have to spend a lot more money to buy a house. From my point of view I think Wayne is 1 of the best players in the world and he always will be one. Please Wayne don’t go to Barcelona Man u need you because you are so amazing.

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