MLS Talk Podcast # 119: Houston-Seattle Postgame, TOA/USL Situation, Miami FC Update


A busy show as Brian Zygo brings us a locker room report from Robertson Stadium after Houston’s 1-0 win over Seattle in the MLS Playoffs.

Aaron Davidson, the President of Miami FC joins us to answer questions about today’s press release from the TOA declaring the intent to form a new professional league in the US and Canada. We discuss the prospects for the new league to get on TV and to begin play in 2010. Also discussed are the Miami FC contingent in the U-20 World Cup and the Academy teams of Miami FC’s involvement in the USSF Development Academy program.

4 thoughts on “MLS Talk Podcast # 119: Houston-Seattle Postgame, TOA/USL Situation, Miami FC Update”

  1. Davidson again claims that FIFA has statues that mandate an owner controlled league, yet no one in the TOA has ever pointed to this and it rides against common sense. If it was a mandate, why has USL been around for 25 years?

    Point to it and if you can’t, quit propagating it.

  2. Aaron Davidson was brilliant. He is saying exactly what needs to be said about the growth of the game in this country, and about USL’s continued failure to adhere to FIFA statutes requiring owner controlled leagues.

  3. Soccer Guru:

    Show me the statue. TOA: Show me the statute.

    They’ve had two months to present this “statute” they seem to forget that FIFA recognized USL for 25 years under the current structure.

    The “statute” is BS. Quit repeating it.

  4. Thanks for the interview with Aaron Davidson. He made an interesting statement on where Miami FC was going to play next year: Broward has the wealthier demographic. As a former resident of South Florida, I advocate a team for both Miami and FTL. Now that would be awesome. The fans in either city would love that (or maybe I’ve been gone too long and have fond childhood memories of huge crowds at Lockhart).
    I’m in Austin now and support my local team, the Aztexs, but it’s nice to see Miami’s interest/devlopemnt in some of the young talent in the US. Good luck to them in their new league. I think they should mention those young players rather then some mouldering corpses from the 1994 World Cup in their press releases.

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