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Poll: Who Will Win Sunday, Chelsea or Man United?

Without a doubt, Sunday’s game between Chelsea and Manchester United is the biggest of the season between the two clubs who have the best chance to win the Premier League title this season (sorry Arsenal fans). So, it’s no wonder that so much importance is being placed on this game. Not that who wins will decide anything, but it will be a massive psychological boost for the winning team and will show which club has what it takes to win the title.

But who will win? Vote below.

What will be the result of Sunday’s game between Chelsea and Man United?(polling)

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9 Responses to Poll: Who Will Win Sunday, Chelsea or Man United?

  1. bluefanmd says:

    3-1 Chelsea. I am seeing a Drogba brace, a Lampard penalty and a classic goal from Rooney. Chelsea starts putting distance betwixt themselves and the rest of the league.

  2. epl-reporter says:

    A Chelsea win and a clear indication of them lifting the trophy this season! That’s what i see.

  3. iib says:

    Even without the inherent bias of an Arsenal fan, I think it is too early to crown Chelsea champions. Let’s not forget that , if it wasn’t for last-minute victory-clinching goals scored during (very generous) injury time minutes, they would have drawn at home to Hull and away at Stoke. This would have left them with 23 points – and, at most, in second place behind a sub-par United team…

    I am all too familiar with the “mark of a true champion” line, but there is a lot of football to be played yet… and so far the Gunners are winning their fixtures with authority, energy to spare, and no need for last-minute heroics.

    • oliver says:

      “and so far the Gunners are winning their fixtures with authority, energy to spare, and no need for last-minute heroics. ”

      you’re saying it’s better to draw than win with a last minute goal? I’m sure you’d have been disgusted if Van Persie had scored in the last minute versus West Ham

      • Sam Davis says:

        No, I think he’s saying that needing a last-minute goal to avoid a draw might not be the mark of a team firing on all cylinders and ready to run roughshod over the league.

        As strong as Chelsea have looked in a few of their games, I wouldn’t crown them yet. They’ve had more than a few missteps during the season already, missteps that any team can have. For all the last ditch wins that we (United) have pulled out as well as losses to teams that we probably shouldnt’ve, Chelsea has about the same amount.

        Our defense is looking a bit shaky but aside from Drogba (who’ll be missing for some time at the ACoN along with Kalou/Essien/Mikel), unless Lamps stays on this little streak he’s on, Chelsea aren’t as dangerous as some would like to believe.

        I’m pretty sure that in the past two seasons anyway, every match between Chelsea and United saw everyone picking Chelsea to win and usually the games end in draws.

        A midfield trio of Fletch, Ando, and Carrick should go some way to helping us control things in there with Giggs playing right behind Rooney and Berbs. Hopefully Obertan and Valencia get in the game at some point but unless we’re bossing the game I don’t see Fergie abandoning either that setup or the typical 4-5-1 that he always plays in big matches.

        • oliver says:

          well, the quote I picked out said that “the Gunners are winning their fixtures with authority, energy to spare, and no need for last-minute heroics” yet they’ve won 2 fewer games than Chelsea :-/ (I realise they’ve played 1 less too hence the remark about winning the one they drew)

      • Rizwan says:

        Well. iib well said, last minute goals does not proves the strength of a champion.
        Dont forget Drogba, Essian and Obi will be on int’l duty for african cup early next year. And if u exclude them from chelsea squad, chelsea will struggle at home against mid table teams.

  4. Tyson says:

    With the Ferdinand- Vidic partnership broken up Chelsea have the edge.

    Depends on how United show up though when United have shown up the last few years they’ve won every important match against Chelsea.

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