EPL Talk Podcast: Martin Chivers

Chivers with Bill Nicholson/From BBC Sport

Chivers with Bill Nicholson/From BBC Sport

Spurs and Southampton legend Martin Chivers joins us on the podcast. Among the topics discussed are:

  • His new autobiography
  • His current hospitality work with Spurs
  • His thoughts on Spurs potential new stadium
  • What it took get noticed by Southampton
  • Did the move to White Hart Lane help his prospects for making Alf  Ramsey’s England squad?
  • The pride of wearing the England shirt
  • His amazing comeback from injury in the 1969-70 season.
  • The many facets of his relationship with Bill Nicholson
  • The shame of Spurs fans on that black UEFA Cup day in the Netherlands
  • His time playing in the Swiss League
  • Much much more!


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