Guidolin Guides Parma to Europe

GuidolinGuidolin has revolutionized Parma, with young Italian players like Paloschi and Galloppa, mixing with older players that share their experience like Panucci and Zaccardo, Parma has turned into a team that is ready to shine. With an experienced coach like Francesco Guidolin, Parma look to be a consistent side that won’t die out after a few more games.

Having just been promoted from the Serie B, Parma looked to take another crack at staying in the Serie A. Statistically, Parma are doing wonderfully, in Italy, the usual point minimum to not be relegated is 40, when at 40 points, a team celebrates and knows that they will remain in Italy’s top teir. At the eleventh game week out of 38, with five wins, two draws, and only four losses, Parma are already at 17 points, almost half of what their goal is. Parma look to be one of this seasons revelations, like Hull City was in the English Premiership last year, and hopefully they can re-establish themselves in Italian football with Guidolin at the helm.

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