1991-92 English First Division Season In Review: Video

In previous weeks, we shared with you the video highlights of the 1990-91 English First Division season (the precursor to the Premier League). Today, we have the next season, 1991-92, which was the final season of the First Division before the Premier League debuted. In 1991-92, Leeds United won the title with Manchester United coming in second, and Sheffield Wednesday — then a feared team — finishing in third place.

Here are the video highlights. Feel free to share any interesting observations about the videos by clicking the comments link below.

3 thoughts on “1991-92 English First Division Season In Review: Video”

  1. Really nice to see the old ones playing. Good of you people to make this compilation.

    One thing is for sure that the game has changed. Not just with the amount of money involved or the viewership but also with the quality and SPEED of the game.

  2. wow. who would have guessed that there was a temporal loop for the 91-92 season and that it was a repeat, exactly of the “supposed” 90-91 season. you might want to check your posts, bub, you have the same video for the two seasons … you already posted this one incorrectly as the review show for the 90-91 season … for the record, since the last post was just idiotically wrong … the Up The Arsenals won the 90-91 league title …

    but hey, thanks for re-posting this video series … this time correctly

    1. Hi Jacopo, sorry for the mix-up. The videos for 1990-91 on the other post originally appeared, but the person who had the videos on YouTube changed them so they showed the 91-92 season instead. And the ones for the 91-92 season above are now displayed correctly.

      Thanks for catching that and bringing it to my attention.

      The Gaffer

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