EPL Talk Podcast: Chris Bascombe


Longtime Liverpool Echo and current News of the World football writer Chris Bascombe joins Kartik Krishnaiyer to discuss the latest from Liverpool as well as some history of the club. Additionally, we discuss topics pertinent to News of the World and football journalism in general.

Bascombe is renowned in England for being one of the most well-respected football writers from a new generation. In the past, he ghost-wrote Jamie Carragher’s biography, and was sports writer of the year in the the north west for five successive years.

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4 thoughts on “EPL Talk Podcast: Chris Bascombe”

  1. Have enjoyed reading Chris over many years and followed his writing at the News of the World. It has always been clear to me that he is the “one” national journalist who has “inside knowledge” of Liverpool Football Club. The Jamie Carragher autobiography is also the best players book I have ever read which some hilarious moments.

  2. istanbul was worth 10 titles and a million tuppence halfpenny scribblers like bascombe, nonentities like purslow are what is wrong with lfc.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Just read Mr Bascombe’s report on Liverpool’s mauling yesterday. Keep sucking on those lemons pal. Seriously do yourself a favour and have a word with your wobbly face. You got stuffed, accept it and move on. Surely it can’t have come as a massive surprise because in all honesty Liverpool are PONY. The most feeble team to turn out at Stoke since we got promoted into this corrupt league. Gutless overpaid over-rated excuse for footballers. Honestly think you should be happy you didn’t get more stuck past you.

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