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Daniel Feuerstein Joins Major League Soccer Talk

Daniel F Daniel Feuerstein Joins Major League Soccer TalkWe’re proud to announce that Daniel Feuerstein has left CSRN and will now be writing exclusively for Major League Soccer Talk.

The passionate blogger and soccer pundit from the north east has been a guest writer for MLS Talk during the past year as well as a refreshingly honest critic of Red Bull New York as well as Major League Soccer. Feuerstein was also the former assistant producer to the successful Around The League in 90 Minutes on CSRN.

Please keep an eye out for Daniel’s opinionated blog posts and appearances on future MLS Talk Podcasts.

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13 Responses to Daniel Feuerstein Joins Major League Soccer Talk

  1. Lars says:

    Are you at least hiring an editor? I do not want to read run on sentences all the time.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Hi Lars, thanks for the feedback. If this was The Guardian or The New York Times where we could afford to hire an editor, we’d do it. But we’re still in the incubation phase in terms of the growth of this blog. I can personally edit the articles myself, but it would mean that I would act as a gatekeeper and that would mean that the articles would take much longer before they’re posted — and they would sometimes lose their importance due to a timeliness factor.

      Right now, I would prefer to have the articles posted sooner (with some mistakes, yes) than to have them be perfect but posted 2-3 days later.

      The Gaffer

      • Lars says:

        Fair enough. I would offer to write myself, but between a part time job and full time university, I simply don’t have time. The reason why I knock his writing is simple. I feel that with minimal improvement in grammar, the articles could be taken much seriously and it would improve the credibility of this site.

        I understand it is difficult to put oneself out there. But a sign of improvement is the ability to acknowledge and address one’s shortcomings.

        It is hard to take one seriously if they cannot master their run on sentences. And all I am intending to do here is offer constructive criticism…could it have been nicer? Probably.

        • The Gaffer says:

          Hi Lars, constructive criticism is welcome and I agree with you. No worries. It’s definitely something we need to improve. Hopefully the bloggers reading this will take it into consideration.

          The Gaffer

  2. Adam Serrano says:

    as a new writer for MLSTalk I want to say your input is much appreciated. I agree that as writers that we all must constantly strive to improve


  3. eplnfl says:

    Glad to have you even if you root for New York!

  4. Daniel Feuerstein says:

    Lars I try to edit my own articles as much as I can. I have tried to cut everything down. But I am passionate about the game & this league as well as our National Team & my club MetroStars/Red Bull NY.

    But I always welcome your opinion Lars. You are a good person.

  5. grabber says:

    what does CSRN stand for?

  6. Jammer says:

    I’ve seen Feuerstein’s articles flamed enough times that I never felt it necessary to add anything. But I will take this article as an opportunity to say that the comments are warranted and if Feuerstein wants to succeed as a journalist I think it would be worthwhile to take some kind of writing instruction. Besides grammar errors, the writing isn’t clear, and it distracts from the message. Editors can’t be expected to fix it. That said, I appreciate the emotion and content of his articles and wish him and mlstalk the best.

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